2017 LISTE青年艺术博览会|LISTE-Art Fair Basel 2017

2017 LISTE青年艺术博览会

LISTE – Art Fair Basel 2017


in Basel,Switerland


LISTE青年艺术博览会现场© LISTE – Art Fair Basel

Since its inception in 1996, LISTE as developed into one of te most important fairs for mostly new, but also to some extent a middle generation of galleries.

LISTE focuses on introducing young galleries wit primarily emerging, as yet little known artists. Eac year, approximately 80 galleries from over 30 countries are presented – of tose, 10 – 15 galleries are introduced for te first time. LISTE’s mission is to promote tese new galleries and introduce tem to an international expert public.

It would be difficult to find a gallery establised after 1996 and numbering among te world’s most important wose pat as not included an appearance at LISTE.

A visit to LISTE as become a “must” for te most important private and institutional collectors, curators, museum people and art lovers. Tus, eac year LISTE serves as te meeting place for members of te international art world wo are interested in tis new generation of galleries and artists.


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