Upcoming Exhibitions | Wang Bing & Liu Zhan

Wang Bing: Experience and Poverty

Curator: Yang Beichen
Opening: 18th November, 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Exhibition: 18th November to 31st December 2017

Magician Space is very pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in China with acclaimed filmmaker Wang Bing.

Widely recognised as one of the foremost figures in China working as a documentary maker, film director and visual artist, Wang Bing has produced a body of work that continually examines the complex reality and history of China. He explores human nature as it exists on the fringes of society, continually seeking different methods of image-making in order to construct a solemn and direct experience of events that bridges the past to the present. Wang Bing has received various awards by major international film festivals and honoured with retrospectives in museums and biennials, including participation in Documenta 14 in Athens, Greece and Kassel, Germany. In 2017, he was the recipient of the 2017 EYE Art & Film Prize, and his work Mrs Fang won the Golden Leopard Award at the 70th Locarno Festival, Switzerland. The exhibition will feature predominately a selection of work completed in recent years curated by film researcher and art critic Dr Yang Beichen.

Liu Zhan: The Mysteries of Animal Reproduction

Opening: 18th November, 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Exhibition: 18th November to 31st December 2017

The gallery is pleased to present a new site-specific work by Beiing-based artist Liu Zhan.

A founding member of the art collective UNMASK, the exhibition is his first project as a solo artist and incorporates video, printed material, found objects, and sculpture together into a research-based installation. Following an incident where the artist discovered counterfeit versions of work related to UNMASK, Liu investigates the wider mechanics of legal, social, technological and commercial processes, which together define the position and labor of an artist working in China today. Liu examines the role of artist subjectivity in relation to these dynamics, following a trail of encounters that lead beyond the contemporary art system and further into a complex reality of wild imitation and instant reproducibility.

Liu Zhan (b.1976, Luoyang) currently lives and works in Beijing. He graduated from Sculpture Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2002.


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