Picture Piece: Stuart Hall with Sleeping Child – 图片:斯图亚特·霍尔与熟睡的孩子

Picture Piece - 17 Aug 2017

Picture Piece: Stuart Hall with Sleeping Child

Decoding the image of Stuart Hall manning a crèche at the Women’s Liberation Movement conference

By Stephanie DeGooyer


Picture Piece: Stuart Hall with Sleeping Child - 图片:斯图亚特·霍尔与熟睡的孩子

A few months ago, this image of the late Stuart Hall, cultural theorist and political activist, appeared on my Twitter feed. Lying half-supine in light-coloured pants, a barely read newspaper cast to one side, Hall looks like he could be on a beach with a sleeping child slung across his chest.

‘Stuart Hall manning the crèche at the first Women’s conference at Ruskin College, Oxford, in 1970 ’ read the tweet bannering the image. The use of the noxious verb ‘manning’ and the truncation of the conference’s full name aside, the problem with this interpretation is the fist-bump emoji. Hall is conducting the basic human task of childcare: why does this appear so radical in 2017?

A friend suggested that the scene is being viewed as a utopia. It is meant to remind us of the revolutionary ideas, such as the conference crèche, which never came to pass. Indeed, I’ve never seen a crèche at a conference. One of the tricky things about claiming this image as utopian is that utopias tend to ignore infrastructural details such as childcare, meal preparation and rubbish removal. They imagine a world in which such things just happen, seamlessly, without notice or concern.

Look closer into the background of this image. There is a woman, her back to the camera, body bent over a child, reading perhaps. I wonder how many books, albums, artworks, made by men and women, have been assisted by labour such as this – invisible, unacknowledged, unpaid? Taken out of its private archive and posted for public celebration, this image centres a male scholar as a leftist hero to women, when what he is doing should be seen as merely routine. I can only imagine Hall would be horrified to be cast in such a light. Men should care for children without expecting credit. Once they do, perhaps we can finally begin to imagine a more ambitious and inspiring utopia for people of all genders. This is what the Women’s Liberation Movement conference – its full title – was all about.

Main image: Stuart Hall at the Women’s Liberation Movement Conference crèche, Ruskin College, Oxford, 1970. Courtesy: © Sally Fraser/Photofusion

Stephanie DeGooyer

Stephanie DeGooyer is assistant professor of English at Willamette University, USA. Her book, The Right To Have Rights, co-authored with Alastair Hunt, Lida Maxwell and Sam Moyn, is forthcoming from Verso Books. Follow her @Stevie_DG

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Issue 189

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September 2017

图片- 17奥格2017张:斯图亚特·霍尔与沉睡儿童在Stuart Hall manning解放运动大会上解读Stuart Hall manning的形象几个月前,斯图亚特·霍尔,文化理论家和政治活动家的形象出现在我的推特上。在一条浅颜色的裤子里躺着一半仰卧着,一张几乎看不见的报纸扔到一边,霍尔看起来像是躺在海滩上,一个睡着的孩子从胸口垂下来。WPAP60300 3BR WPA60303BR’Stuart Hall manning在牛津拉斯金学院举行的第一次妇女会议上的CR蔡澈于1970年阅读了推特图像。使用有害动词“曼宁”和会议全名的截断,这一解释的问题是拳撞表情。霍尔正在进行育儿的基本人性化任务:为什么在2017出现如此激进?WPAP60300 3BRWPAP60300 3BR一位朋友建议该场景被视为乌托邦。它的目的是要提醒我们革命性的思想,比如会议,从来没有实现过。事实上,我从来没有在会议上看到过CR。声称这种形象是乌托邦的一个棘手的问题是乌托邦倾向于忽视基础设施的细节,如儿童保育、膳食准备和垃圾清除。他们想象一个这样的世界,在没有注意或关心的情况下无缝地发生。WPAP60300 3BR WPA60303BR更接近这个图像的背景。有一个女人,她背对着相机,身上趴着一个孩子,也许在看书。我想知道有多少书,专辑,艺术品,由男人和女人,已经被这样的劳动——无形的,未被承认的,没有报酬的帮助?这张照片从其私人档案中取出并张贴在公共场合,把一位男学者作为一位左翼英雄来对待女性。我只能想象霍尔在这样的光线下会被吓坏的。男人应该关心孩子而不期望学分。一旦他们这样做了,也许我们终于可以开始想象一个更雄心勃勃和鼓舞人心的乌托邦为所有性别的人。主要形象:斯图亚特·霍尔在妇女解放运动会议上的发言,Ruskin College,牛津,1970。礼貌:Sally Fraser /摄影公司斯蒂芬妮DeGooyer-DeGooyle是威拉米特大学英语系助理教授,USA.,她的著作《权利的权利》,与Alastair Hu合著。NT,Lida Maxwell和Sam Moyn,即将从Velo书籍。跟随她@斯图亚特·斯图尔特·霍尔图片《妇女解放运动》斯蒂芬妮·德古耶性别政治问题189年首次发表在第189期2017年9月


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