ACT UP Protest Whitney Museum’s Wojnarowicz Retrospective; Says ‘AIDS Is Not History’ – 抗议惠特尼博物馆的Wojnordoiz回顾说“艾滋病不是历史”

News - 31 Jul 2018

ACT UP Protest Whitney Museum’s Wojnarowicz Retrospective; Says ‘AIDS Is Not History’

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In further news: Angela Gulbenkian sued over Kusama pumpkin; and Pussy Riot re-arrested immediately after release from Russian detention 

ACT UP protest at New York’s Whitney Museum, 2018. Courtesy: ACT UP

ACT UP Protest Whitney Museum’s Wojnarowicz Retrospective; Says ‘AIDS Is Not History’ - 抗议惠特尼博物馆的Wojnordoiz回顾说“艾滋病不是历史”

ACT UP protest at New York’s Whitney Museum, 2018. Courtesy: ACT UP

Members of the New York chapter of ACT UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, have staged a protest at the Whitney Museum of American Art over its retrospective of the late artist David Wojnarowicz. Activists say the exhibition, titled ‘History Keeps Me Awake at Night’, fails to properly link the legacy of Wojnarowicz’s AIDS activism to contemporary struggles. The artist was not only a prominent campaigner on AIDS issues, but also used his artworks to explore social stigma around those infected with HIV. Protesters held up posters and flyers in the gallery, one of which read: ‘AIDS is not history. The AIDS crisis did not die with David Wojnarowicz … We are here tonight to honour David’s art and activism by explicitly connecting them to the present day.’ The Whitney commented: ‘We completely agree that the AIDS crisis is not history. Part of our mission in mounting this exhibition is to make sure the history of the AIDS crisis figures centrally in American (and international) history so that it might inform present and future action.’

A Hong Kong art advisor is suing Angela Gulbenkian for failing to deliver a Yayoi Kusama pumpkin she had taken payment for. Married to the oil tycoon and collector Calouste Gulbenkian’s great-grandnephew, Angela Gulbenkian is at the centre of a lawsuit in which art advisor Mathieu Ticolat claims his firm paid USD$1.3 million for a Kusama sculpture that never materialized, Bloomberg reports. A motion to freeze Gulbenkian’s assets has been granted. ‘I got fooled by the name,’ Ticolat said. Angela Gulbenkian reportedly claimed that she was an agent of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Calouste Gulbenkian Museum – the Foundation denied any connection.

A Robert Indiana legal dispute rolls on, triggered by a case against publishing firm American Image Art filed the day before the pop artist’s death in May. The case was originally filed by the Morgan Art Foundation and accuses the publishing firm and its founder Michael McKenzie of exploiting Indiana’s work by flooding the market with at least USD$30 million worth of forgeries, which are said to have damaged the artist’s reputation. However, the defendant has alleged that it is Morgan who exploited Indiana, claiming the foundation never paid the artist in full and wanted to keep him in ‘economic servitude.’ Morgan Art Foundation had a contract with Indiana which gave them copyright and trademark rights on all work produced by Indiana between 1960 and 2004 and the exclusive rights to reproduce and sell the images for 50 percent net income. Indiana worked with American Image Art on works not covered by Morgan’s contracts – they are seeking a declaration that they did not violate copyright and damages for defamation.

Members of Pussy Riot have been arrested immediately after being released from detention following their much-publicized on-pitch World Cup Final protest. According to Pussy Riot’s Twitter account, the four members were brought to the police station again and charged with ‘the organization and holding of public events without prior written notice’. The four members could face a further 10 days of jail time or a fine of up to 30,000 rubles (USD$480). Performance artist Marina Abramović recently donned a red balaclava and condemned the group’s imprisonment. ‘I am for free Pussy Riot,’ she said in a film posted by the punk-feminist collective on Twitter.

The legal battle over Picasso’s The Actor (1904-05) held at the Met has reopened as an appeal is brought in federal court in New York by the estate of Alice Leffmann. The appeal has challenged a lower court’s dismissal of claims that the piece of art was sold under duress during the Nazi era. The German Jewish collector Paul Leffmann originally sold the work in Italy in 1938 for USD$13,200, as he fled the country alongside his wife Alice. The work ended up in the Met’s collection in 1952 after passing through several collectors. Now the estate of Alice Leffmann says that the Leffmanns faced significant duress in 1938: ‘You either sell or face an unspeakable fate,’ their filing states. An attorney for the Met said: ‘The Museum respectfully stands by its conclusion that it is the rightful owner of this painting, which was never in the hands of the Nazis and never sold or transferred in any unlawful way.’

In gallery news: New York’s Peter Freeman, Inc. now represents Brazilian artist Fernanda Gomes; Los Angeles gallery Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, which has operated for 37 years, has announced that it may temporarily have to close while it searches for a new home in the city following its building coming under new management; Hollis Taggart gallery in New York is moving from the seventh floor of its current 521 West 26th address to the first floor this September; and artist-run gallery Hello Studio in San Antonio, Texas, is permanently closing after seven years in operation.

And finally, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is teaming up with Vans for a new collection. The collaboration will see the artist’s work printed on various garments including hats, bomber jackets and shoes – with proceeds dedicated to ‘the preservation of Vincent van Gogh’s legacy and collection of art; keeping it accessible for future generations’, the skate shoe brand said.

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新闻- 31 JUL 2018行动起来抗议惠特尼博物馆的Wojnouviz回顾,说“艾滋病不是历史”2分钟的进一步新闻:Angela Gulbenkian起诉库萨马南瓜;Pussy Riot立即被捕后俄罗斯拘留所释放,2018纽约惠特尼博物馆抗议。礼貌:行动起来在纽约惠特尼博物馆2018起抗议。礼貌:行动的纽约章的成员,艾滋病联盟释放权力,已经举行了抗议惠特尼博物馆美国艺术在回顾其后期艺术家David Wojnarowicz。活动人士说,名为“历史让我在夜间醒来”的展览未能恰当地把Wojnarowicz的艾滋病行动的遗产与当代斗争联系在一起。这位艺术家不仅是艾滋病问题的杰出倡导者,而且还利用他的作品来探索感染艾滋病病毒的社会污名。抗议者在画廊里张贴海报和传单,其中一则写道:“艾滋病不是历史。“艾滋病危机并没有因为David Wojnarowicz而死亡……我们今晚在这里是为了将戴维的艺术和行动明确地与他们联系在一起。”惠特尼评论说:“我们完全同意艾滋病危机不是历史。我们这次展览的一部分任务是确保艾滋病危机的历史在美国(和国际)历史上集中体现,以便它能告知当前和将来的行动。“香港艺术顾问起诉Angela Gulbenkian未能交付草间弥生PUM。她已经付款了。与石油大亨和收藏家卡洛斯特·古本江的侄孙结婚,Angela Gulbenkian是诉讼的中心,艺术顾问Mathieu Ticolat声称他的公司花了130万美元买了一个从未实现的库萨马雕塑,布隆伯格报道。一项冻结古尔本基安资产的议案已经获得批准。“我被这个名字愚弄了,”Ticolat说。据报道,Angela Gulbenkian声称她是卡卢斯特格尔本基基金会和古尔班基安博物馆的代理人,该基金会否认有任何联系。一场罗伯特-印第安娜法律纠纷的展开,是在5月份波普艺术家去世前一天,一家反对出版公司美国形象艺术的案件引发的。这起案件最初是由摩根艺术基金会提起的,控告出版公司及其创始人Michael McKenzie利用印第安娜的作品至少3000万美元的赝品充斥市场,据说这损害了艺术家的声誉。然而,被告声称是摩根剥削了印第安娜,声称该基金会从来没有付给这位艺术家足够的钱,而是想把他留在“经济奴役”中。摩根艺术基金会与印第安娜签订了一份合同,授予他们所有作品的版权和商标权。由印第安娜在1960和2004之间的独家版权复制和销售50%净收入的形象。印第安娜与美国的图像艺术合作,在摩根合同中未涉及的作品中,他们正在寻求一份声明,说明他们没有侵犯名誉权和损害名誉的损害。Pussy Riot的成员在他们在球场世界杯最后一次抗议中被公开后立即被捕。根据Pussy Riot的推特账号,这四名成员再次被带到了警察局,并被指控“没有事先通知就组织和持有公共事件”。这四名成员将面临10天的监禁或罚款30000卢布(480美元)。表演艺术家玛丽娜•阿巴莫维奇最近穿了一件红色的巴拉克拉瓦,并谴责了该组织的监禁。她在一个由朋克女权主义者在Twitter上发表的电影中说:“我是为了自由的暴动。”在Picasso的演员(1904-05)在美联社举行的法律战重新开放,上诉是在纽约联邦法院由Alice Leffmann的财产。这一呼吁对一个下级法院驳回的指控提出质疑,认为这件艺术品是纳粹时代胁迫下出售的。德国犹太人收藏家Paul Leffmann最初在意大利出售的作品1938美元13200美元,因为他逃离了他的妻子爱丽丝的国家。这项工作于1952年底在MET的收藏中通过了几个收藏家。现在,Alice Leffmann的财产说利夫曼人在1938面临重大的威胁:他们要么出售要么面临无法言说的命运。MET的一位律师说:“博物馆尊重它的结论,它是这幅画的合法拥有者,它从来没有掌握在纳粹手中,而且从来没有以任何非法方式出售或转让。”在画廊新闻:纽约的Peter Freeman公司现在代表巴西。N艺术家Fernanda Gomes,洛杉矶画廊杰克鲁特伯格美术,已经经营了37年,已经宣布,它可能暂时关闭,而它在寻找新的家在城市后,其建筑在新的管理;霍利斯TGART画廊在纽约正在移动FR。OM的第七层目前的521西部第二十六地址今年九月的一楼;艺术家Rung画廊Hello工作室在德克萨斯圣安东尼奥,是永久关闭后七年的运作。最后,阿姆斯特丹的梵高美术馆正在与一批新的货车合作。该合作将看到艺术家的作品印刷在各种服装,包括帽子,轰炸机夹克和鞋-与收入致力于“保存文森特的遗产和收藏的艺术;保持它可以为后代”,溜冰鞋品牌说。新闻发布会行动惠特尼博物馆戴维沃伊纳诺维茨罗伯特印第安娜猫暴乱巴勃罗毕加索

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