Frieze Sculpture App – 装饰雕塑应用

03 Jul 2018

Frieze Sculpture App

Your essential guide to Frieze Sculpture 2018, produced in partnership with Artimbarc

Visit to find out more about the works in Frieze Sculpture 2018 and listen to an audio tour by curator Clare Lilley (Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park).

Frieze Sculpture is London's largest display of outdoor artwork and is open to the public in Regent's Park from 4 July to 7 October 2018.

The Frieze Sculpture App is supported by Artimbarc.


Frieze Sculpture App - 装饰雕塑应用

Frieze Sculpture
Clare Lilley

03 JYL 2018 FRIEZE雕塑应用程序你的FrieZe雕塑2018的基本指南,与ARTIMBARC合作访问FRIEZ.COM/雕塑,以了解更多关于Free雕塑2018的作品和听奥迪参观馆长Clare Lilley(约克郡雕塑公园项目总监)。FRIEZE雕塑是伦敦最大的户外艺术品展览,并于7月4日至2018年10月7日在摄政公园向公众开放。FrieZe雕塑应用程序由ARTIMARC支持。FreZeZeCuultu2012.8Si-SHTTH-BACK-BLY.JPG Frieze Sculpture App - 装饰雕塑应用 Frie雕塑雕塑AtimBARC克莱尔Lyle


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