200 MoMA Union Members Hold Protest Ahead of Contract Negotiations – 200名MOMA工会成员在合同谈判前举行抗议

News - 07 Aug 2018

200 MoMA Union Members Hold Protest Ahead of Contract Negotiations

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In further news: former Venice Biennale director calls biennial model ‘stale, if not dead’; photographer Shahidul Alam charged over ‘provocative comments’

IMAGE: MoMA Union members hold protest, 2018. Courtesy: Instagram and @momalocal2110

200 MoMA Union Members Hold Protest Ahead of Contract Negotiations - 200名MOMA工会成员在合同谈判前举行抗议

MoMA Union members hold protest, 2018. Courtesy: Instagram and @momalocal2110

Around 200 union members of MoMA Local 2110 downed tools yesterday to stage a protest in the lobby of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, ahead of expected contract negotiations. Chanting ‘Ancient Wages, Modern Art!’ and holding signs declaring ‘#WeAreMoMA’, employees called for salary step increases, improved healthcare plans and security for junior staffers. The union represents over 250 museum workers, who have been working without a contract since 20 May due to disputes over proposed contract provisions. In a statement, the museum said: ‘We continue to make progress with Local 2110 at the bargaining table. It’s been a productive process and we’re confident we’ll arrive at an amicable resolution.’ MoMA staff held a protest during the museum’s annual gala in May. ‘A wealthy institution like MoMA, long allied with the progressive values of modern and contemporary artists, should not be creating an underclass among its employees,’ the union said at the time.

Former Venice Biennale artistic director Francesco Bonami has described the biennial model as ‘stale, if not dead.’ Bonami, who directed the 2003 edition, said that the future was ‘unknown’, and that curators today were at risk of becoming compromised by commentary on social media and powerful artists. Next year’s edition of the Venice Biennale is to be directed by Hayward director Ralph Rugoff, titled ‘May You Live in Interesting Times.’

The incoming director of Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Klaus Biesenbach has revised his description of LA as ‘the new Berlin’ because so ‘many artists are moving there.’ Biesenbach’s comments were not welcomed by many of the city’s artists, who pointed to the LA art scene’s long history. Talking to the New York Times, Biesenbach admitted that the comparison had been misjudged: ‘What I wanted to say is that as a curator I follow the artists, and I have the impression that LA is the new centre for emerging artists because of affordable studios.’

Italy is scrapping its free museum Sundays. Culture minister Alberto Bonisoli announced that a country-wide free-entry scheme to various museums and cultural sites would come to an end. Since 2014, more than 480 state-run venues including the Uffizi and the Colosseum have offered free entry on the first Sunday of each month. The Domenica al museo (Sunday at the museum) policy was introduced by Bonisoli’s culture minister predecessor Dario Franceschini. Bonisoli claimed that museum directors were ‘unanimous’ in supporting his decision. But Franceschini criticized the move: ‘Don’t make culture and Italians pay for a political desire to break with the past.’

Prize-winning photographer Shahidul Alam has been arrested in Bangladesh over “provocative comments’ made in an Al Jazeera interview. Twenty plain-clothes officers removed the influential photographer from his home in the capital, Dhaka, on Sunday. The arrest came hours after the photographer posted a video to Facebook commenting on ongoing student protests over road safety, after two teenagers were killed by a speeding bus. Alam also criticized the government in comments to Al Jazeera, saying ‘the looting of the banks, the gagging of the media, mobile internet is currently switched off, the killings, the disappearances, the need to get protection on all levels, the bribery, and corruption. It’s a never ending list.’ The Dhaka protests have become increasingly violent as more than 100 people have been injured by police firing rubber bullets.

In gallery news: Edel Assanti in London now represents Oren Pinhassi – the artist’s solo exhibition at the gallery, ‘Second Nature’, is on view until 24 August; and artist Mary Webb is represented by London’s Hales Gallery, with a solo show at the gallery opening in September.

In awards: New York public art nonprofit has Creative Time has named Pedro Reyes as the honoree for its 2018 gala; artists Lindy Lee and Ramesh Mario Nithiyendrian, and curator Linda Michael have been named as recipients of the Melbourne Art Foundation’s biennial Visual Arts Awards; and the shortlist for the Nam June Paik Prize has been announced, with Andreas Angelidakis, Melanie Bonajo, Antoine Catala, Hanne Lippard and Sondra Perry in the running for the USD$29,000 biennial award.

In appointments: the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit has named Larry Ossei-Mensah as its new Susanne Feld Hilberry Senior Curator – he takes up the position in September; Gagosian have named Han-I Wang senior director in Hong Kong – Wang previously worked at Christie’s in Hong Kong and New York; Toby Kamps is leaving his directorship of the University of Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum to take up the role of director of external projects at White Cube, based in London; and David Zwirner has appointed social media ‘influencer’ Elena Soboleva in the newly created role of online sales director.

Francesco Bonami
Klaus Biesenbach
Shahidul Alam

新闻- 07八月2018日200 MOMA联盟成员在合同谈判前举行抗议2分钟的进一步新闻:前威尼斯双年展导演称双年展模式“陈旧,如果没有死”;摄影师Shahidul Alam充电D“挑衅评论”的形象:MOMA联盟成员举行抗议,2018。礼貌:Instagram和@ MaMalCal2110 200 MoMA Union Members Hold Protest Ahead of Contract Negotiations - 200名MOMA工会成员在合同谈判前举行抗议 MOMA联盟成员举行抗议,2018。礼貌:Instagram和@ MaMaLaCal2110大约有200名MOMA的工会成员昨天在纽约现代美术馆的大厅里举行了一场抗议活动,这是2110次被击落的工具,在预期的合同谈判之前。咏叹“古代工资,现代艺术!雇员们举着标示“员工福利”的标语,要求员工增加工资,改善医保计划,为初级职员提供安全保障。工会代表超过250名博物馆工作人员,自5月20日以来,由于合同条款的争议,他们一直没有签订合同。在一份声明中,博物馆说:“我们继续在谈判桌上与当地2110人取得进展。这是一个富有成效的过程,我们相信我们会达成一个友好的解决方案。MMA的工作人员在5月份的博物馆年会上举行了抗议活动。工会说,“像现代艺术和现代艺术家的进步价值观这样的富有的机构,不应该在其雇员中创造一个下层阶级。”前威尼斯双年展艺术总监Francesco Bonami描述了这两年制模式是“陈旧的,如果不是死的。”Bonami执导的2003版说,未来是“未知的”,而今天的策展人有可能被社会媒体和权力的评论所折中。艺术家们。明年的威尼斯双年展的版本将由海沃德导演Ralph Rugoff导演,标题为“愿你生活在有趣的时代”,洛杉矶现代美术馆的新导演Klaus Biesenbach将他对LA的描述修改为“新柏林”,因为“许多艺术家正在搬来。”Biesenbach的评论不受许多城市艺术家的欢迎,他们指出了LA艺术史悠久的历史。在接受纽约时报采访时,Biesenbach承认这一比较是错误的:“我想说的是,作为一名策展人,我跟随艺术家,我觉得LA是新兴的艺术家的中心,因为廉价的工作室。”意大利正在废除免费博物馆。星期天。文化部长Alberto Bonisoli宣布,全国范围内的免费进入各种博物馆和文化遗址的计划将告一段落。自2014以来,包括Uffizi和罗马斗兽场在内的480多个国营场馆在每月的第一个星期日免费入场。Domenica al museo(星期日在博物馆)的政策是由Bonisoli的文化部长前任Dario Franceschini介绍的。Bonisoli声称博物馆的主管们一致支持他的决定。但达尼埃莱·弗兰切斯基尼批评了这一举动:“不要让文化和意大利人为打破过去的政治愿望付出代价。”获奖摄影师Shahidul Alam在孟加拉半岛电视台采访时被“挑衅言论”逮捕。二十名便衣官员。星期日,他从首都达卡的家中摘下了这位有影响力的摄影师。在两名青少年被一辆超速行驶的公共汽车撞死后,摄影师在视频中发布了一段视频,几小时后,脸谱网发布了一段视频。阿拉姆还批评了政府对半岛电视台的评论,他说:“银行的抢劫,媒体的唠叨,移动互联网目前关闭,杀戮,失踪,需要得到各级保护,贿赂和腐败。这是一个永无休止的清单。达卡的抗议活动变得越来越暴力,超过100人被警察发射橡皮子弹伤害。在画廊新闻:埃德尔阿桑蒂在伦敦现在代表Oren Pinhassi -艺术家的个人展览在画廊,“第二自然”,是在查看,直到8月24日;艺术家Mary Webb是由伦敦的Hales画廊代表,在九月开幕画廊的独奏展。在颁奖典礼上:纽约公共艺术非营利组织已经将Pedro Reyes命名为2018届晚会的获奖者;艺术家Lindy Lee和Ramesh Mario Nithiyendrian和策展人Linda Michael被命名为墨尔本艺术基金会两年期视觉艺术奖的接受者;六月,Andreas Angelidakis、Melanie Bonajo、Antoine Catala、Hanne Lippard和Sondra Perry在29000美元的双年展中获奖。在任命中,底特律现代美术馆任命Larry Ossei Mensah为其新Susanne Feld Hilberry高级策展人,他于九月担任该职位;GaooSain曾在香港任命王汉毅高级董事-王曾在克里斯蒂和香港工作。Toby Kamps即将离开他在休士顿大学布莱克艺术博物馆的董事会,在伦敦的白立方担任外部项目总监的角色;David Zwirner在社交网络的新角色中任命了社交媒体“影响者”Elena Soboleva。LES主任。MOMA双年展新闻简报弗朗西斯科博纳米克劳斯BieSebbAh ShanHIUL阿拉姆


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