Women in the Arts: Touria El Glaoui – 艺术中的女人

For our series celebrating the achievements of women in the arts, the founder of 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair speaks about the importance of attitude in her journey through the arts as an entrepreneur.

As you were starting out in the arts, what were the possibilities for mentorship, collaboration and cross-generational engagement among women?

I came into the arts as an entrepreneur, which is quite unusual, so my thoughts on the above come from a different perspective. The first step I took for getting 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair off the ground was to pitch the idea to peers and professionals I knew; this support came from both men and women.

As an entrepreneur, you can often feel lonely as you take on the monumental task of starting a business. It is so important to surround yourself with a driven and committed team, no matter what their gender. At the moment the full-time 1-54 team is all women, which was not intentional: I have hired people who are ambitious and work hard.

What, if any, were the difficulties of embarking on a career in the arts as a woman?

I started out in the arts with a mass of experience from brokerage, wealth management and telecoms. I learned to be unapologetically confident and decisive, which has proved vital not just in the arts, but everywhere. This attitude is something I have seen in other successful women leaders. It exudes authority and drive, and ultimately garners greater respect. That is not to say having this attitude and approach is easy, especially when so many people do not expect you to have it.

What specific experiences have you had that shaped your understanding of gender in the workplace, the media and the arts?

I am always reminded of the structural obstacles we face as women; however, in the arts I was lucky enough to start my own business, so I choose who I work with. If I feel someone's response to me is a reflection of my gender or a form of harassment, I can choose not to work with them – and that is what I do.

What has changed today?

Discussions on gender are everywhere. At times these conversations can be frustrating and without a defining result. But I remind myself that these discussions were not happening 20 years ago and that, no matter what the outcome, I have the power and agency to start them when I want to and I know other women feel the same way. Every discussion has the potential to change archaic structures and attitudes.

There is also an increasing amount of energy going towards transparency and support for whistle-blowers which has allowed for issues, often invisible, to come to light and lead to effective change.

What are your thoughts about #Metoo and other initiatives to call attention to sexual harassment?

#Metoo has opened up a space for much-needed discussion globally and I think this had led to some change. Ultimately #Metoo harnessed the scale at which sexual harassment occurs. It also created a solidarity among women across the globe. Of course, prior to #Metoo women knew the scale of sexual harassment, we are all victims of it, but this made the discussion public. The scale forced institutions, companies, governments to publicly recognize a problem that sadly all too often goes ignored.

Main image: Touria El Glaoui

Touria El Glaoui

Touria El Glaoui is the Founding Director of 1–54 Contemporary African Art Fair, which takes place annually in London, Marrakech and New York.

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Touria El Glaoui
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为了庆祝妇女在艺术上的成就,1-54非洲当代艺术博览会的创始人谈到了态度在她作为企业家在艺术之旅中的重要性。当你开始学习艺术时,女性之间有哪些可能的导师、合作和跨代参与?我作为一个企业家来到艺术界,这是非常不寻常的,所以我对上述观点的看法是不同的。为了让1-54届非洲当代艺术博览会落地而起,我采取的第一步是向我认识的同行和专业人士推销这个想法;这种支持来自男女双方。作为一个企业家,当你承担起创业的巨大任务时,你常常会感到孤独。不管是什么样的性别,围绕着一个有动力的、忠诚的团队,这是非常重要的。目前全职的1-54团队都是女性,这并不是故意的:我雇佣了一些雄心勃勃、工作努力的人。WPAP60300 3BRWPAP60300 3BR,如果有的话,作为女性从事艺术生涯的困难是什么?WPA60603BR WPAP60300 3BR我开始在艺术,从经纪,财富管理和电信的大量经验。我学会了毫无歉意地自信和果断,事实证明这不仅在艺术界,而且在任何地方都是至关重要的。这种态度是我在其他成功的女性领导中看到的。它散发着权威和动力,最终赢得更大的尊重。这并不是说拥有这样的态度和方法是容易的,尤其是当很多人不期望你拥有它的时候。你在工作场所、媒体和艺术中有什么特殊的经历塑造了你对性别的理解?我总是想起我们作为女性所面临的结构性障碍;然而,在艺术领域,我有幸开始自己的事业,所以我选择和我一起工作的人。如果我觉得某人对我的回应反映了我的性别或者一种形式的骚扰,我可以选择不和他们一起工作——这就是我所做的。WPAP60300 3BR WPA60300?3BR今天发生了什么变化?WPAP60300 3BR WPAP60300 3BR关于性别的讨论随处可见。有时这些对话会令人沮丧,没有明确的结果。但我提醒自己,这些讨论在20年前没有发生,无论结果如何,我有权力和机构在我希望的时候开始讨论,我知道其他女性也有同样的感受。每一次讨论都有可能改变古老的结构和态度。还有越来越多的能量流向透明度和对举报者的支持,这允许问题,通常是无形的,显现出来,并导致有效的改变。WPAP60300 3BR WPAP60300 3BR您对“MyoO”和其他注意性别骚扰的倡议有何看法?



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