Laura Hoptman to curate Spotlight – Laura Hoptman到聚光灯下

22 Oct 2018

Laura Hoptman to curate Spotlight

22 Oct 2018

Executive Director of The Drawing Center will oversee section at Frieze New York and Frieze Masters 2019


Laura Hoptman to curate Spotlight - Laura Hoptman到聚光灯下

Laura Hoptman, Executive Director, The Drawing Center. Photo by M Seck. 

Frieze today announced a new year-round collaboration with The Drawing Center (New York), the leading museum devoted to drawing and its relationship with contemporary culture and creative thought.

As part of the partnership, The Drawing Center’s Executive Director Laura Hoptman will serve as the curatorial advisor for Spotlight at Frieze New York and Frieze Masters in London in 2019. Frieze will also make a significant annual contribution to support The Drawing Center’s mission and programs.

Building on Frieze’s history of supporting institutions through acquisition funds and non-profit spaces, the new partnership with The Drawing Center is Frieze’s first official collaboration with a museum spanning multiple fairs and with funds directly supporting the mission and programs of the partner institution.

As curatorial advisor for Spotlight, Hoptman will oversee the program dedicated to pioneers of avant-garde art from across the world, with solo presentations of significant work by overlooked figures and rarely seen practice by modern masters.

Previous curators of Spotlight include Toby Kamps (Blaffer Art Museum, Houston), Tina Kim (Tate Modern, London) and Adriano Pedrosa (MASP, São Paulo).

Loring Randolph (Artistic Director, Frieze Americas) said, “Laura Hoptman has worked at the vanguard of curatorial practice and historical criticism for three decades, and we’re thrilled to welcome her unique perspective on Spotlight. This vital new partnership with The Drawing Center, also builds on Frieze’s commitment to supporting New York’s exceptional cultural landscape, and represents a pioneering new relationship between an art fair and a museum.”

Laura Hoptman said, “I’m delighted to be working with Frieze on Spotlight, a program that I continue to find inspiring, and look forward to working with international galleries to reveal new narratives in art history. By collaborating with Frieze, I hope to extend my already in-depth research into the art of the twentieth century and also promote The Drawing Center’s mission and program to international audiences.”

Previously curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Hoptman has overseen landmark exhibitions by Yayoi Kusama, Isa Genzken, Henry Taylor, Bruce Conner, and Elizabeth Peyton, as well as the 54th Carnegie International at the Carnegie Museum (Pittsburgh). At The Drawing Center, she directs an unparalleled program centered around drawing across decades and genres.

As a partner of The Drawing Center, Frieze’s contribution will support the museum’s mission and programs year-round, including exhibitions; Open Sessions, a curated artist program encouraging community and collaboration; the Drawing Papers publication series; and education and public programs.

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22 OCT 2018劳拉Hoptman到策展聚光灯22 OCT 2018素描中心执行总监将监督FRIEZE纽约和FrIEZE大师2019节LaaaaHoptMangaPixyByMeSkkopCopy.JPG Laura Hoptman to curate Spotlight - Laura Hoptman到聚光灯下 Laura Hoptman,执行董事,素描中心。弗里泽今天宣布了与素描中心(纽约)合作的新一年合作,素描中心是绘画的主要博物馆,它与当代文化和创造性思维的关系。作为伙伴关系的一部分,素描中心执行董事Laura Hoptman将于2019在伦敦弗里泽纽约和Freez Mrand担任策展顾问。FreeZe也将为支持素描中心的使命和计划做出重要的年度贡献。在通过收购基金和非盈利空间的机构支持腰线的历史建筑,与素描中心的新伙伴关系是Frieze的首次正式合作与跨越多个展览博物馆和资金直接支持的任务和程序合作伙伴制度。在聚光灯下的策展顾问,Hoptman将监督栏目致力于前卫艺术的拓荒者来自世界各地,有被忽略的人物和罕见的做法在现代大师的重要工作独奏演示。以前的策展人聚光灯包括Toby Kamps(布莱弗艺术博物馆,休斯敦),Tina Kim(泰特现代艺术馆,伦敦)和Adriano Pedrosa(MASP,São Paulo)。Loring Randolph(艺术总监,Frieze美洲)说,“Laura Hoptman在策展实践和历史批评的先锋工作了三年,我们欢迎她独特的视角关注激动。这一重要的新的伙伴关系与素描中心,也建立在Frieze的承诺,支持纽约的特殊的文化景观,代表了艺术博览会和博物馆之间开拓新的关系。”Laura Hoptman说,“我很高兴能与楣上的工作potlight,一个程序,我继续鼓励,期待与国际画廊展示艺术史的新叙事。通过与饰带,我希望将我的研究已经深入的二十世纪艺术也促进了素描中心的使命和计划的国际观众。“以前馆长在现代艺术博物馆(MOMA),Hoptman实现了具有里程碑意义的展览NS草间弥生,Isa Genzken,Henry Taylor,Bruce Conner,Elizabeth Peyton,以及卡耐基第五十四国际在卡耐基博物馆(匹兹堡)。在素描中心,她导演了一个无与伦比的节目围绕着几十年和流派。作为素描中心的合作伙伴,Frieze的贡献将支持博物馆的使命,计划全年,包括展览;开的会议,策划艺术家计划鼓励社区和协作;绘图论文出版系列;教育和公共项目。劳拉Hoptman聚光Frieze纽约Frieze Masters素描中心馆长


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