Frieze Donates to Children & the Arts – 弗里泽捐赠给儿童和艺术

We are pleased to announce that Frieze has been able to donate £19,000 to Children & the Arts, the Charity Partner for Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2018 through proceeds from the cloakrooms onsite at the fairs.

Children & the Arts is a national educational charity that works with arts venues across the UK to reach children in communities and hospices who are in danger of missing out on creative and cultural experiences. The ambition of all of its programmes is to give those children a more fulfilled, creative and exciting education, whilst raising their confidence and aspiration.

Children & the Arts also campaigns for the provision of arts in the school curriculum. They are currently raising awareness about the decrease in arts education – 20% decrease in art teachers, 25% reduction in GCSEs art entries and 25% reduction in design and tech GCSEs – and hosted a high-profile round table event in London last September. The event included senior government ministers and HRH The Prince of Wales alongside actors, artists and writers in support of arts curricula in schools. Our support for Children & the Arts was announced as part of the event. 

Jo Stella-Sawicka, Artistic Director, Frieze London: “We were delighted to be able to work with Children & The Arts as our charity partner for Frieze Masters and Frieze London 2018. The donation we have been able to make from our cloakroom proceeds will hopefully contribute to the continuation of the charity providing access to creative and cultural education experiences to children who might not otherwise have such access. In addition, we were thrilled to be able to welcome 150 teachers with complimentary access to the fairs as part of our collaboration with Children & The Arts.”

Rosie Millard CEO of Children & the Arts said: “Across the UK, we enable thousands of children to engage with great art at concert halls, galleries or theatres. For many it is their first time. We encourage children and young people to work with their local arts institutions and use their own creativity in a way that can be truly life changing. The generosity of the patrons and guests at this year’s Frieze has meant we can reach out to more children and young people and strengthen our work in a profound and meaningful way. Thank you so much for letting us be your charity partner for 2018.”

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我们很高兴地宣布,通过博览会现场的衣帽间的收入,弗莱兹已经向儿童与艺术公司、弗莱兹伦敦慈善合作伙伴和弗莱兹大师2018捐赠了19000英镑。“儿童与艺术”是一个全国性的教育慈善机构,与英国各地的艺术场所合作,为社区和收容所中的儿童提供服务,这些儿童有失去创造性和文化体验的危险。它的所有项目的雄心壮志是给这些儿童提供更充实、创造性和令人兴奋的教育,同时提高他们的信心和愿望。儿童和艺术也为学校课程提供艺术活动。他们目前正在提高人们对艺术教育减少的认识——艺术教师减少20%,GCSE艺术作品减少25%,设计和技术GCSE减少25%——并于去年9月在伦敦举办了一次引人注目的圆桌会议。这次活动包括政府高级部长和威尔士亲王HRH,以及演员、艺术家和作家,以支持学校的艺术课程。我们对儿童与艺术的支持被宣布为活动的一部分。“Jo Stella-Sawicka,艺术总监,Frieze.”:“我们很高兴能够作为Frieze Masters和Frieze.2018的慈善伙伴与儿童与艺术一起工作。我们从衣帽间所得到的捐款将有望继续为慈善事业作出贡献,为那些本来可能无法获得创造性和文化教育经验的儿童提供机会。此外,作为我们与儿童艺术公司合作的一部分,我们非常高兴能够欢迎150名教师免费参观展览会。ERT大厅、画廊或剧院。对许多人来说,这是他们的第一次。我们鼓励儿童和年轻人与他们当地的艺术机构合作,以真正改变生活的方式运用自己的创造力。今年Frieze的嘉宾和嘉宾们的慷慨解囊,意味着我们能够接触更多的儿童和年轻人,以深刻和有意义的方式加强我们的工作。非常感谢您让我们成为您2018年的慈善伙伴。


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