US Galleries Mobilize in Support of Democrats Ahead of Today’s Midterm Elections – 美国美术馆在今天中期选举前动员民主党人支持

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06 Nov 2018

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US Galleries Mobilize in Support of Democrats Ahead of Today’s Midterm Elections

6 Nov 2018

In further news: a long-lost tapestry owned by Henry VIII re-emerges; Kerry James Marshall’s Chicago Public Library mural withdrawn from auction


US Galleries Mobilize in Support of Democrats Ahead of Today’s Midterm Elections - 美国美术馆在今天中期选举前动员民主党人支持

Trump Rat greets visitors to dealer Jeffrey Deitch's Protest Factory. Courtesy: Deitch Projects, New York

Ahead of today’s US midterm elections, some of the country’s leading art galleries have mobilized in support of the Democrats. Organized by left-wing grassroots organization Swing Left, yesterday several busloads of people departed from galleries in New York and Los Angeles and headed for swing districts, The Art Newspaper reports. The initiative is a part of larger scheme to use the left-leaning sentiments of the art world to encourage people to vote for the Democrats. Karma Gallery in New York’s East Village rounded up 50 volunteers of artists, art professionals and friends and headed to Staten Island to canvas for the Democratic candidate for Congress Max Rose. Other participating galleries included Canada, Blum & Poe and Night gallery.

In New York, Jeffrey Deitch gave over his Soho gallery space to Downtown for Democracy, which organized an activist-artist bonanza titled ‘Protest Factory’, including BravinLee program's giant inflatable Trump Rat balloon and the sale of a limited-edition t-shirt produced by artist Richard Prince and clothing brand Supreme featuring a composite face of all the women that have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct. ‘This is not a normal time,’ said Deitch, ‘it’s not a time for complacency. Every gallery, business, workplace where there are people who are concerned about the challenges to democracy that are happening right now should be doing something like this […] This is how democracy functions.’

Kerry James Marshall’s Chicago Public Library mural Knowledge and Wonder (1995) has been withdrawn from a Christie’s sale by mutual agreement. As confirmed by the auction house in a statement, and first reported by the Chicago Tribune and Bloomberg, the work which was due to be sold at Christies will now remain at Chicago’s Legler Library. It had been announced earlier this month that the work would be going to auction, expecting to sell for an estimated USD$10–15 million, but many, including Marshall, criticized the sale. ‘I am certain they could get more money if they sold the Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza.’ The artist told ArtNews. Funds from the sale were due to go toward an expansion project at the Legler branch of the Chicago Public Library. Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the Tribune ‘I reached out to him and said, ‘Look, I don’t want this. If you’re not happy, I don’t want to go forward.’ The artwork will now be remounted in its original location as soon as possible.

A long-lost Tudor tapestry has re-emerged after mysteriously vanishing from the British royal collection in the early 19thcentury. The Burning of the Heathen Books, a 20ft-long tapestry commissioned by Henry VIII for Hampton Court Palace in 1536 had not been seen in London since 1970. Last month, it travelled from Spain to the UK for conservation work at the S. Franses Gallery, a leading textile specialist, where its discovery was announced. Thomas Campbell of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art said: ‘This is the most important work of art that Henry VIII commissioned during the key years of the time of the English Reformation that has survived to this day.’ The work may now be blocked from leaving the UK and attempts made to save it for the nation.

The Jean Nouvel-designed National Museum of Qatar will open 28 March 2019. The museum, located on Qatar’s restored historic palace, will be inaugurated by the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Archaeological and heritage objects that will go on view include the Pearl Carpet of Baroda in addition to various manuscripts, documents, photographs, jewellery and costumes. Nouvel, who also designed the Louvre Abu Dhabi, drew his inspiration from crystalline forms in the desert as a foundation for the museum design which features an array of curved discs and cantilevered angles.

An Irish-American mob boss gave stolen Rembrandts and Vermeers to the IRA, according to a Metropolitan Police detective. Former Scotland Yard detective Charles Hill has claimed that James ‘Whitey’ Bulger gave artworks worth half a billion US dollars to the Irish Republican Army. In total, 13 works including Rembrandt's Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee (1633), and Vermeer's The Concert (1664) were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990. The Museum has offered a USD$10 million reward for the return of the masterpieces but the Irish-American crime boss never revealed the whereabouts of the works before his death in jail last week where he had been serving two life sentences for eleven murders. Hill previously led the recovery of Edvard Munch’s The Scream (1893), stolen from the National Museum of Norway in 1994. 

In grants and awards: The Imperial War Museum has received a major donation from Russian billionaire and collector Roman Abramovich. The funds will go toward new Holocaust Galleries; The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation have announced a USD$20 million investment to support the Detroit art scene; Laia Abril, Susan Meiselas, Arwed Messmer, and Mark Ruwedel have been shortlisted for 2019 Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize; and, David Hockney is to receive a special lifetime achievement award from Queen Sonja of Norway. 

In appointments: Liverpool Biennial director, Sally Tallant, has been named as the new director of the Queens Museum in New York; and President Trump has picked Mary Anne Carter, the former policy adviser for Rick Scott, to lead the National Endowment for the Arts. As widely reported, Carter’s arts credentials are negligible. 

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新闻/2018年11月6日另辟蹊径:亨利八世遗失已久的挂毯重现,克里·詹姆斯·马歇尔在芝加哥公共图书馆拍卖的壁画被撤回,特朗普·拉姆向参观者致意。出卖Jeffrey Deitch的抗议工厂。礼仪:Deitch Projects,纽约——在今天的美国中期选举之前,一些全国领先的艺术画廊已经动员起来支持民主党。由左翼草根组织Swing Left组织,昨天几辆大巴载人离开加拉。在纽约和洛杉矶的LeRice,前往摇摆区,《艺术报》报道。这项倡议是利用艺术界的左倾情绪鼓励人们投票支持民主党的更大计划的一部分。纽约东村的卡玛美术馆聚集了50名艺术家、艺术专业人士和朋友的志愿者,前往斯塔登岛为民主党国会候选人马克斯·罗斯画布。其他参与画廊包括加拿大,布鲁姆和Poe和夜间画廊。在纽约,杰弗里·德伊奇把他的索霍画廊让给了市中心的民主画廊,该画廊组织了一次名为“抗议工厂”的活动家-艺术家盛宴,包括布拉文利计划的巨型充气王牌老鼠气球和艺术家理查德·普林生产的限量版T恤的销售。Ce和服装品牌的最高特征是所有指责特朗普总统性行为不当的女性的复合面孔。“这不是一个正常的时间,”Deitch说,“现在不是自满的时候。每一个画廊、商业、工作场所,只要有人关心现在正在发生的对民主的挑战,就应该采取这样的行动[……]这就是民主的作用。'克里·詹姆斯·马歇尔(KerryJamesMar.)的《芝加哥公共图书馆壁画知识和奇迹》(1995)如拍卖行在一份声明中确认的,并且首先由芝加哥论坛报和彭博社报道,原定在克里斯蒂拍卖行出售的作品现在将保留在芝加哥Legler图书馆。本月早些时候曾宣布,这幅画将拍卖,预计售价为1000万至1500万美元,但包括马歇尔在内的许多人批评拍卖。新闻报道。这笔出售的资金将流向芝加哥公共图书馆Legler分部的扩建项目。市长拉姆·伊曼纽尔对《论坛报》说:“我伸手向他说,‘瞧,我不想要这个。”如果你不开心,我就不想再往前走了。”这件艺术品现在会尽快搬回原来的位置。在19世纪初英国皇家收藏品神秘消失后,久违的都铎王朝挂毯又重新出现了。亨利八世委托于1536年为汉普顿宫殿创作的20英尺长的挂毯《焚烧异教徒的书》自1970年以来在伦敦一直未曾出现。上个月,它从西班牙前往英国,在著名的纺织品专家S.Franses美术馆进行保护工作,并在那里宣布了它的发现。纽约大都会艺术博物馆的托马斯·坎贝尔说:“这是亨利八世在英国改革时期的关键岁月里委托创作的最重要的艺术品,直到今天仍然存在。”把它留给国家。让·诺维尔设计的卡塔尔国家博物馆将于2019年3月28日开放。该博物馆位于卡塔尔修复的历史宫殿上,将由埃米尔·谢赫·塔米姆·本·哈马德·本·哈利法·阿勒萨尼开馆。除了各种手稿、文件、照片、珠宝和服装外,还将展出的考古文物和遗产还包括巴罗达的珍珠地毯。努维尔也设计了卢浮宫阿布扎比,他从沙漠中的水晶形态中汲取灵感,作为博物馆设计的基础,它设计了一系列弯曲的圆盘和悬臂角。据伦敦警察局的一名侦探说,一名爱尔兰裔美国暴徒头目将失窃的伦勃朗和弗米尔斯交给爱尔兰共和军。前苏格兰场侦探查尔斯·希尔声称,詹姆斯·布尔格将价值5亿美元的艺术品交给爱尔兰共和军。1990年,包括伦勃朗的《加利利海风暴中的基督》(1633)和弗米尔的《音乐会》(1664)在内的13部作品在波士顿的伊莎贝拉·斯图尔特·加德纳博物馆被盗。博物馆为归还这些杰作提供了1000万美元的奖励,但是这位爱尔兰裔美国犯罪头目在上周因11起谋杀案被判处了两次无期徒刑的监狱中死前从未透露这些作品的下落。希尔之前曾领导追回1994年从挪威国家博物馆偷走的爱德华·芒奇的《尖叫》(1893)。这些资金将流向新的大屠杀画廊;John S.和杰姆斯·L.奈特基金会宣布出资2000万美元支持底特律艺术界;Laia Abril、苏珊·梅塞拉斯、Arwed Messmer和Mark Ruwedel已入选德国德意志2019摄影基金会。获奖;大卫·霍克尼将获得挪威女王索尼娅颁发的终身成就奖。在任命中:利物浦两年一度的主任萨利·塔伦特被任命为纽约女王博物馆的新馆长;特朗普总统挑选了前任玛丽·安妮·卡特。Rick Scott的政策顾问,领导国家艺术基金会。正如广泛报道的那样,卡特的艺术资历微不足道。《新闻报》/《克里·詹姆斯·马歇尔·美国选举》伦勃朗·大卫·霍克尼左旋新闻《艺术与政治》


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