在芝加哥试图卖掉他的壁画后,Kerry James Marshall结束了他的公共艺术创作

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09 Nov 2018
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Kerry James Marshall is Done with Public Art After Chicago Attempted to Sell his Mural

9 Nov 2018

In further news: Italian government cracks down on art crime; and screening live arts performances fails to diversify audiences

Kerry James Marshall is Done with Public Art After Chicago Attempted to Sell his Mural - 芝加哥试图卖掉壁画后,Kerry James Marshall完成了公共艺术。

Felix Clay, Portrait of Kerry James Marshall, 2018. Courtesy: © the artist and David Zwirner, London。

Kerry James Marshall has said that he ‘would never do another public work’ after the city of Chicago attempted to sell a mural he made for the city’s Leger public library.‘It just seemed like a way of exploiting the work of artists in the city for short-term gain in a really short-sighted kind of way,’ he told the Chicago Tribune. After a backlash, the city of Chicago cancelled the sale of Knowledge and Wonder (1995), which portrays black children and adults looking up at monumentally-sized books and magazines. But Marshall – the highest placed artist in 2nd place on Art Review magazine’s annual Power 100 list published today – is adamant he won’t touch public commissions again. ‘There’s too many contingencies that go with public art, and there are more compromises than I think I’m going to be willing to make from here on out.’

Screened performances of live arts is not reaching new audiences, new findings suggest. As reported by ArtsProfessional, a study for the Arts Council England (ACE) by MTM consulting and a review of an 18-month project by digital distribution service Cinegi, has assessed the overall state of ‘live to digital’ arts across England and has found that such screenings attract similar audiences to those that attend similar events in person. While there is a desire for organizations to use technology to reach more people, there are still significant barriers affecting engagement such as lack of funds and staff time, with screenings mainly hosted by large arts institutions.

The Italian government is implementing new strict laws on art crime. The country’s populist government is introducing tough penalties for art and antiquities crime after a string of high-profile art and antiques were put up for sale in London and New York before being recovered. The government intends to ratify the Nicosia convention, an international agreement detailing the penalties for offences such as illegal excavation, importation and exportation and illegal acquisition and sale of cultural artefacts.  Speaking to The Telegraph, during a repatriation ceremony for ancient antiquities in Washington, DC, culture minister Alberto Bonisoli said: ‘We want to introduce laws on specific crimes so there are stiffer penalties applied to crimes against our cultural heritage, which is a fundamental part of our identity.’

Costs of Manchester’s arts hub The Factory have risen by GBP£20 million.The revised budget stands at GBP£130.6 million for the 145,000 square feet complex for art, theatre, dance and music events and the permanent home for the biennial Manchester International Festival. Manchester city council have contributed GBP£40.5 million in addition to GBP£20 million which will come from the sale of council-owned land. The increased budget is due to ‘construction inflation’ as well as improving acoustics which amounts to GBP£4.5 million. Construction for the building is due to be completed in 2020. ‘The Factory will bring a £1.1bn boost to the city's economy in its first decade alone," said Sir Richard Leese, the leader of Manchester City Council.’

Hong Kong art space Tai Kwun has cancelled two events with exiled Chinese writer Ma Jian.The director of the space Timothy Calnin has said in a statement that they did not want the venue to ‘promote the political interests of any individual’ after the author announced on Twitter that his two speaking events as part of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival had been cancelled. The writer who now lives in London and whose books are banned in China writes dark contemporary satires about life in China. However, the author told The Guardian that he never intended to use the space as a platform to promote his politics. ‘When you write about China, it is impossible to separate politics from literature. Indeed, it is the duty of every writer to take a stand. But I am not trying to start a revolution,’ said Ma. Many, including literary group PEN Hong Kong, have accused the venue of self-censorship.

Movements: following his abbreviated tenure as Director of the Volksbühne Theatre in Berlin, Chris Dercon takes the helm at Paris’ Grand Palais as president of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux; Glasgow School of Art chief Tom Inns has resigned, amid persisting questions over the college’s stewardship of the Mackintosh building; Winners of 2018 Hyundai Blue Prize have been announced: Wei Ying and Long Xingru have each been granted RMB¥600,000.

In gallery news: Los Angeles’s Regen Projects now represents Kader Attia; PPOW now represents Sanam Khatibi; Berlin's Galerie Bastian will open a London space in 2019; Ropac now represents the Donald Judd Foundation in Europe; David Kordansky Gallery represents Huma Bhabha and Lauren Hei Hahn.

Kerry James Marshall is Done with Public Art After Chicago Attempted to Sell his Mural - 芝加哥试图卖掉壁画后,Kerry James Marshall完成了公共艺术。 Felix Clay, PortrKerry James Marshall的AIT,2018。礼貌:艺术家和伦敦的戴维·兹维纳(David Zwirner)
意大利政府正在实施关于艺术犯罪的新的严格法律。在恢复之前在伦敦和纽约出售了一系列知名艺术品和古董之后,该国民粹主义政府正在对艺术品和古董犯罪实行严厉的惩罚。政府打算批准《尼科西亚公约》,这是一项详细规定对非法挖掘、进口和出口以及非法获取和销售文化文物等罪行的处罚的国际协定。华盛顿特区文化部长阿尔贝托·博尼索利(Alberto Bonisoli)说:“我们想要出台关于特定罪行的法律,以便对侵犯我们文化遗产的罪行进行更严厉的惩罚,这是我们身份的一个基本组成部分。”
新预算为14500平方英尺,用于艺术、戏剧、舞蹈和音乐活动的综合大楼,以及两年一度的曼彻斯特国际艺术节的永久住所,总预算为1.306亿英镑。除了2000万英镑外,曼彻斯特市议会还捐赠了4,050万英镑,这笔款项将由议会所有的土地出售。增加的预算是由于“建筑通货膨胀”,以及改善声学,相当于英镑450万英镑。这座建筑将于2020竣工。“工厂将在第一个十年内为曼彻斯特经济带来110亿英镑的增援,”香港市艺术委员会主席Richard Leese爵士说。
“中国艺术空间Tai Kwun已经取消了两件流亡的中国文书。Timothy Calnin马健在一份声明中说,他们不希望这个地点“促进任何个人的政治利益”,因为作者在推特上宣布他的两个演讲活动是香港国际文学节的一部分。n被取消。作家现在住在伦敦,他的书被禁止在中国写了关于中国生活的当代讽刺。然而,作者告诉《卫报》,他从来没有打算利用太空作为一个平台来促进他的政治。当你写关于中国的文章时,不可能把政治和文学分开。事实上,每个作家的责任都是站在立场上。但我不想开始一场革命,马说。许多人,包括文学团体笔下的香港,谴责了自我审查的场所。
运动:Chris Dercon在柏林的沃尔斯布鲁恩剧院担任导演之后,在巴黎的“大宫殿”掌舵,成为美国工会主席,格拉斯哥。艺术学院院长汤姆·因斯因对麦金托什大楼的管理一直存在疑问而辞职;2018年现代蓝奖得主已宣布:“魏英和龙星如各获60万元人民币。”Roobe现在代表Kaer-Atina;Popw现在代表Sanam Khatibi;柏林的Galeei Bas天宇将在2019打开伦敦空间;RoPAC现在代表欧洲的唐纳德贾德基金会;David Kordansky画廊代表Hua BabHA和Lauren Hei Hahn。新闻/克里·詹姆斯·马歇尔意大利太观艺术现场简报会

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