The Secret to Being a Successful Artist Revealed! – 成为成功艺术家的秘诀显露出来了!

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13 Nov 2018

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The Secret to Being a Successful Artist Revealed!

13 Nov 2018

The most heralded artists from the last four decades share one thing in common, according to a new study


The Secret to Being a Successful Artist Revealed! - 成为成功艺术家的秘诀显露出来了!

Coexhibition network, 2018. Courtesy: Magnus and Science

Is there a secret formula to becoming a successful artist? Probably not, but a new study in the journal Science has revealed an overwhelming correlation: artists who show work in a prestigious gallery or institution early on in their career have a much greater chance of carving out a successful one.

Data scientists reconstructed the careers of almost half a million artists between 1980 and 2016 and found that those whose first five exhibitions took place in prestigious galleries and museums were more likely to enjoy long-lasting access to those institutions, a lower drop-out rate and higher valuation of their work at auction. By contrast, artists who started at the peripheries of the network (showing at smaller galleries and institutions) incurred a higher dropout rate and limited access to prominent arts institutions.

The study included a visual map of the institutional network, with prominent museums and galleries clustered at the centre. ‘The network core was a dense community of major European and North American institutions, underlying their access to a common pool of artistic talents,’ the paper reported.

At the centre of the network is a familiar selection of well-known institutions and galleries including the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, Tate, Centre Pompidou, Neue Nationalgalerie and Haus der Kunst.

‘Movement between these hubs in the core was exceptionally high: the link weight between Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Guggenheim was 33 times higher than expected if artists would move randomly between institutions, reflecting a highly concentrated movement of selected artists between a few prominent institutions.’

The study also revealed discrepancies in success based on an artist’s country of origin. ‘In many countries, artists start and end their career in low-prestige institutions; those, however, born in countries with better access to the art network have a higher chance of starting and ending their career at the top.’

The network map also shows dense and isolated regional clustering in countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia which suggests that these communities share artists mainly within their geographical region.

The paper concludes by suggesting tactics to level the playing field and mitigate the impact of an artist’s network. Suggested procedures include offering lottery-based access to high-prestige institutions as well as blind selection processes.

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Museum of Modern Art
the Guggenheim
Centre Pompidou
Neue Nationalgalerie
Haus der Kunst

新闻/2018年11月13日2018年11月13日.–根据一项新的研究,2018年,根据The Secret to Being a Successful Artist Revealed! - 成为成功艺术家的秘诀显露出来了!协展网络,过去40年来最受欢迎的艺术家共有一件事。礼貌:马格纳斯和科学是否有成为成功艺术家的秘诀?也许不是,但《科学》杂志上的一项新研究揭示了一种压倒一切的相关性:艺术家们在职业生涯的早期在著名的画廊或机构展示作品,他们创造成功的机会要大得多。数据科学家在1980年到2016年间重建了将近50万艺术家的职业生涯,发现那些在著名的美术馆和博物馆举办了前五次展览的艺术家更有可能长期进入这些机构,辍学率更低,va更高。拍卖他们的作品。相比之下,从网络外围开始的艺术家(在较小的画廊和学院展出)辍学率更高,进入知名艺术机构的机会有限。这项研究包括一个机构网络的视觉地图,在中心聚集着著名的博物馆和画廊。该报称,网络核心是欧洲和北美主要机构的密集社区,是他们获得共同艺术人才库的基础。在这个网络的中心是一个熟悉的机构选择和画廊,包括现代艺术博物馆,古根海姆,泰特,蓬皮杜中心,新国家画廊和Haus der Kunst。这些中心中心之间的移动特别高:如果艺术家们随意地在各个机构之间移动,现代艺术博物馆(MoMA)和古根海姆之间的联系权重比预期的要高33倍,这反映了一些艺术家在若干公关之间高度集中的移动。这项研究还揭示了一个艺术家的原籍国在成功方面的差异。在许多国家,艺术家是在声望较低的机构中开始和结束他们的职业生涯的;然而,那些出生在能够更好地进入艺术网络的国家的艺术家有更高的机会开始和结束他们在顶端的职业生涯。欧洲、亚洲、南美和澳大利亚等国家认为,这些社区主要共享地理区域内的艺术家。本文的结论是提出策略,以提高游戏场和减轻艺术家的网络的影响。建议的程序包括提供以抽签方式进入高声望机构以及盲目选择过程。新闻/现代艺术博物馆古根海姆泰特中心蓬皮杜新国立美术馆


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