Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee Dies Aged 95 – 奇迹漫画《斯坦李逝世》95岁

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13 Nov 2018

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Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee Dies Aged 95

13 Nov 2018

In further news: Berlin cultural institutions rally against far-right; Tate Liverpool to stage first UK show dedicated to Keith Haring


Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee Dies Aged 95 - 奇迹漫画《斯坦李逝世》95岁

Stan Lee, 2014: Courtesy: Gage Skidmore

Stan Lee, the former editor-in-chief, publisher and chairman of Marcel Comics has died in Los Angeles aged 95. Best known for co-creating Marvel’s superheroes such as Spider Man, The Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Black Panther, a family attorney confirmed that the comic book author passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre early on Monday morning. Born Stanley Martin Lieber on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 1922, Lee working his way up the ranks of the newly formed Marvel Comics in the 1960s to become publisher in 1972. He collaborated with artists such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, developing what became known as ‘the Marvel Method’: brainstorming a story with an artist, writing a synopsis, then filling in the word balloons and captions once the artist had drawn the panels.

Cultural institutions in Berlin have united against far-right nationalists in Germany. More than 140 figures representing cultural institutions including art galleries, theatres and cultural spaces have formed in solidarity to denounce ‘illegitimate attempts made by right-wing nationalists to exploit art and cultural events for their own purposes,’ in a declaration launched 9 November. Representatives from The Berliner Festspiele, KW Institute, the Berlin Biennale, and Haus der Kulturen der Welt gathered near the Brandenburg Gate in the centre of the German capital to share the document. The declaration declares that ‘by attacking cultural institutions as agents of this societal vision, right-wing populism stands in hostile opposition to the art of the many.’ Raul Walch, founding member of Die Vielen, the non-profit association who organized the declaration, said: ‘This is about protecting each other from right-wing propaganda’. 

Neil Young has criticised Donald Trump for not acting on climate change after California wildfires destroy his home.The songwriter responded to the US president’s claim that the fire was down to ‘gross mismanagement of the forests’ with a post on his website stating that ‘California is vulnerable – not because of poor forest management as DT (our so-called president) would have us think. We are vulnerable because of climate change; the extreme weather events and our extended drought is part of it.’ Los Angeles fire chief Daryl Osby told The Guardian, that climate change played a big role in why the fires were more destructive than in previous years. Forty-four people have died in the wildfires while more than 200 people have been unaccounted for, according to the latest figures. Cultural sites have also been affected by the blaze, with movie compound Paramount Ranch – onetime home to the Paramount Ranch art fair founded by LA gallery Freedman Fitzpatrick – destroyed, while the state of Modernist homes by architects Frank Gehry and John Lautner are currently unknown. 

Do Ho Suh’s Korean childhood house replica and surrounding bamboo garden is to remain in the City of London for another 16 months. The sculpture installed on the footbridge at Wormwood Street near Liverpool Street Station in London and curated by the director of Draf, Fatos Ustek, has had its planning permission extended until March 2020 after Art Night and Sculpture in the City submitted an application to keep the sculpture in situ. ‘It is hugely rewarding to create a public work in London, my adopted home,’ said Suh in a statement. ‘In my work I want to draw out these intangible qualities of energy, history, life and memory.’  

The Pérez Art Museum Miami is to launch new fund focusing on Latinx and Latin American Art. The museum is aiming to become a leader in the study and presentation of work by Latinx and Latin American artists through new initiative PAMM which will launch today on 13 November. The announcement of the fund, which will be sustained through dues from participating board members, comes after museums across the country have begun to explore the underrepresented areas of art history and follows the museums launching of affiliate groups dedicated to the acquisitions of work by African American artists and also to female artists. According to PAMM’s director, Franklin Sirman, a dedicated endowment will allow the museum to produce exhibitions and a scholarship regardless of who is heading the institution.

Tate Liverpool is to stage the first UK show dedicated to Keith Haring. The gallery is planning on showing 85 works by the American artist who died in 1990, many of which will be on display for the first time in the UK. Best known for his motifs and politically-charged messages, works featured in the show will include printed flyers, posters and videos. Darren Pih, the show’s curator said: ‘We are really aiming to bring to life the cultural energy and edginess of 1980s New York City.’ Helen Legg, Director of the gallery said of Liverpool and the artist: ‘They’re both politically engaged with a history of activism, a strong sense of social justice and a love of music and fashion.’ The show will open 14 June 2019 and remain on view until 10 November. 

Louvre Abu Dhabi has drawn more than a million visitors in its first year. With more than 60% of visitors from countries such as India, Germany, China and England, foreign tourists make up the majority of the figures according the museum’s report. Although small in comparison to the Louvre in Paris, which attracted 8.1 million visitors in 2017, the figure is higher than the predicted 800,000 visitors the museum had initially hoped to achieve. Local residents from the United Arab Emirates account for 40% of the attendees according to museum director Manuel Rabaté. The Middle Eastern museum will be teaming up with the flagship Paris museum in February for a ‘Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age’exhibition which will be open to the public from February 14 and will include 17thcentury works on loan from Paris and the private, New York-based Leiden collection. 

In movements and gallery news: New York’s Paula Cooper Gallery now represents the estate of Bernd and Hilla BecherSondra Perry has won the biennial 2018 Nam June Paik award, receiving EUR€25,000; David Zwirner Gallery now represents Njideka Akunyili Crosby; and Klaus Bisenbach has recruited Hong Kong-based art-patron and heir to the Cheng family fortune, Adrian Cheng, to join the LA MOCA board, along with German collector Julia Stoschek, Marina Kellen French, Simon Mordant, and Napster’s Sean Parker

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新闻/2018年11月13日新闻/奇迹漫画“斯坦·李逝世”95岁,2018年11月13日进一步新闻:柏林文化研究所反极右势力集会;塔特利物浦为基思·哈林(Keith Haring)举办英国首场演出,献给基思·哈林(14201944210_d450e91d37_o.jpg)伊,前任总编辑、出版商和马赛尔漫画公司主席在洛杉矶逝世,享年95岁。一位家庭律师证实,马赛尔漫画的作者是马赛尔漫画家的超级英雄,如蜘蛛侠、神奇四侠、神奇绿巨人、铁人和黑豹。星期一早上在雪松西奈医疗中心去世。1922年生于曼哈顿上西区的斯坦利·马丁·利伯,20世纪60年代,他努力提升了新形成的奇迹漫画的排名,于1972年成为出版商。他与杰克·柯比和史蒂夫·迪特科等艺术家合作,开发出了后来被称作“奇迹方法”:与艺术家头脑风暴一个故事,写一个提纲,然后一旦画好画板,就填写气球和字幕。柏林的文化机构联合起来反对德国的极右民族主义者。代表包括美术馆、剧院和文化空间在内的文化机构的140多个人物团结起来谴责右翼民族主义者对前任领导人的非法企图。文化艺术和文化活动为他们自己的目的,在11月9日发表了一份宣言。来自柏林艺术节、KW研究所、柏林双年展和Haus der Kulturen der Welt的代表聚集在德国首都中心的勃兰登堡门附近分享该文件。宣言宣称,通过攻击文化机构作为这种社会愿景的代理人,右翼民粹主义对许多人的艺术怀有敌意。尼尔·杨批评唐纳德·特朗普在加利福尼亚州野火毁坏了他的家之后,没有对气候变化采取行动。这位作曲家回应了美国总统关于大火归咎于“森林严重管理不善”的言论。在他的网站上发表了一篇帖子,说“加利福尼亚州很脆弱——不是因为森林管理不善,正如我们所谓的总统DT(DT)所要我们思考的那样。”由于气候变化,我们很脆弱;极端的天气事件和持续的干旱也是其中的一部分。”洛杉矶消防局长达里尔·奥斯比告诉《卫报》,气候变化在火灾比往年更具破坏性的原因中起了重要作用。根据最新数据,有44人死于野火,200多人下落不明。文化遗址也受到了大火的影响,电影院派拉蒙牧场——洛杉矶画廊弗里德曼·菲茨帕特里克(Freedman Fitzpatrick)创办的派拉蒙牧场艺术博览会的旧址——被摧毁,而建筑师弗兰克·盖里(Frank Gehry)和约翰·洛特纳(John Lautner)的现代主义住宅现状目前还不清楚。何秀的韩国儿童住宅复制品和周围的竹园将在伦敦市再保留16个月。雕塑安装在伦敦利物浦街站附近的沃姆伍德街人行天桥上,由Draf导演Fatos Ustek策划。苏在一份声明中说,伦敦艺术之夜和雕塑城提交了保留雕塑原址的申请后,规划许可延长至2020年3月。在伦敦,我收养的家,创作公共作品是非常值得的。迈阿密佩雷斯艺术博物馆将推出新的基金,重点放在拉丁和拉丁美洲艺术上。该博物馆的目标是成为拉丁和拉丁美洲艺术研究和作品展示的领导者。RICAN艺术家通过新倡议PAMM,它将于11月13日推出。该基金的宣布将通过参与董事会成员的会费来维持,此前,全国各地的博物馆已经开始探索艺术史上代表性不足的领域,并随后,博物馆推出了专门从事非裔美术家和女性艺术家。根据PAMM的主任Franklin Sirman的说法,一个专门的捐赠将允许博物馆举办展览和奖学金,而不管谁领导这个机构。泰特利物浦将上演首个献给凯斯·哈林的英国展。画廊计划展出这位1990年去世的美国艺术家的85幅作品,其中许多将在英国首次展出。最著名的是他的主题和政治煽动信息,作品的特色在展览将包括印刷的传单,海报和视频。展览馆长Darren Pih说:“我们的目的是使80年代纽约的文化活力和活力焕发活力。”利物浦美术馆馆长Helen Legg说:“他们在政治上都有积极主义的历史,有强烈的社会意识。”“正义和热爱音乐和时尚”节目将于2019年6月14日开幕,一直持续到11月10日。阿布扎比卢浮宫第一年吸引了超过一百万名游客,其中超过60%的游客来自印度、德国、中国和英国,外国游客。根据博物馆的报告来弥补大部分的数字。虽然与巴黎的卢浮宫相比小,但在2017吸引了810万游客,这个数字比博物馆最初希望达到的预计的800000游客还要高。据博物馆馆长曼努埃尔拉伯特报道,来自阿拉伯联合酋长国的当地居民占参加者的40%。中东博物馆将于二月与巴黎旗舰博物馆合作,举办一次“伦布兰特和荷兰黄金展”展览,展览将于2月14日向公众开放,将包括17世纪从巴黎借来的作品和纽约私人的莱顿收藏。在运动和画廊新闻:纽约的保拉·库珀画廊现在代表伯恩德和希拉·贝谢尔的庄园;桑德拉·佩里赢得了2018年度南·琼·派克奖,获得25000欧元;大卫·茨维纳画廊现在代表恩吉德卡·阿昆尼利·克罗斯比;克劳斯·宾巴赫招募香港的艺术赞助人和继承人程家族财富,Adrian Cheng,加入洛杉矶MOCA董事会,连同德国收藏家Julia Stoschek,玛丽娜凯伦法国,Simon Mordant,和Napster的肖恩·帕克新闻。斯坦·李·泰特·利物浦·唐纳德·特朗普·胡素基·哈林·卢浮宫·阿布扎比惊奇新闻


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