Ballerinas of Colour Finally Get Shoes to Fit Darker Skin – 彩色芭蕾舞演员终于给Fit Darker Skin买鞋

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14 Nov 2018

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Ballerinas of Colour Finally Get Shoes to Fit Darker Skin

14 Nov 2018

Dancers can now wear pointe shoes that match darker complexions


Ballerinas of Colour Finally Get Shoes to Fit Darker Skin - 彩色芭蕾舞演员终于给Fit Darker Skin买鞋

Cira Robinson and Marie Astrid Mence wearing Freed of London’s Ballet Brown and Ballet Bronze pointe shoes. Courtesy: Ballet Black

Pointe shoes that match the skin tones of non-white ballet dancers are finally being made in the UK in what has been described as a ‘historic moment in British ballet history’.

Ballet Black, a dance company for ethnic minorites, has teamed up with Freed of London, a well-known designer and manufacturer of ballet shoes that has been producing shoes since 1929, to create shoes designed for black, Asian and mixed-race dancers. Two new colours, ‘Ballet Bronze’ and ‘Ballet Brown’ have been introduced to their core collection.

Cira Robinson, a ballet dancer at Ballet Black explained to NPR how she had been forced to paint her shoes in a practice called ‘pancaking’ in order to achieve the seamless line from leg to toe, which is desirable in ballet. ‘It’s tedious. It’s a bit messy because it is brown foundation. It gets everywhere,’ she explained.

Ballet shoes, traditionally produced in light ‘European pink’ in order to imitate a bare foot, have instead come to represent a symbol of ballet’s lack of diversity: ‘since the beginning [ballet] has been white’, Robinson continued.

Cassa Pancho, the founder and artistic director of Ballet Black said of the introduction of the new shoes: ‘I am beyond delighted that Freed have launched these two new colours. Although it may seem like a very small change to the outside world, I believe this is an historic moment in British ballet history and another step forward for culturally diverse dancers across the globe.’

Recent studies, however, have shown that a lack of diversity continues to plague the sector. In data released from the Arts Council England this year, diversity in ballet companies remains a mixed picture. While BME people make up 16% of the UK’s working-age population, at Birmingham Royal Ballet only 13% of employees identify as BME, while at Northern Ballet the statistics are disheartening, with only 5% BME employees. The figures at English National Ballet are more promising, with 18% of employees defining as BME, up from 15% in the previous year.

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Ballet Black
English National Ballet

新闻/新闻2018年11月14日指着与深色肤色相配的鞋子-顺-鲁宾逊-玛丽-阿斯特里德-曼斯自由女声.jpg Ballerinas of Colour Finally Get Shoes to Fit Darker Skin - 彩色芭蕾舞演员终于给Fit Darker Skin买鞋 Cira Robinson和玛丽阿斯特里德Mence穿的没有伦敦芭蕾舞团的棕色和青铜坡的鞋英式鞋礼貌:与非白人芭蕾舞演员的肤色相配的芭蕾黑点鞋终于在英国制造,这被形容为“英国芭蕾史上的历史性时刻”。芭蕾舞团Black是一家少数民族舞蹈公司,它和著名的芭蕾舞鞋设计师和制造商Freed of London合作,自1929年开始生产鞋子,为黑人、亚洲和混血舞蹈演员设计鞋子。两种新的颜色“芭蕾青铜”和“Ballet Brown”已经被引入到他们的核心收藏中。芭蕾舞团“黑色芭蕾”的芭蕾舞演员西拉·罗宾逊(Cira Robinson)向美国国家公共电台(NPR)解释说,为了达到从腿到脚趾的无缝线条,她被迫在一次名为“煎饼”的练习中粉刷鞋子。这太乏味了。有点乱,因为它是棕色的粉底。“到处都有,”她解释道。芭蕾舞鞋,传统上以浅“欧洲粉色”来制作,以模仿赤脚,却成了芭蕾舞缺乏多样性的象征:“从一开始(芭蕾舞)就是白色的”,罗宾逊继续说。芭蕾舞团“黑色”的创始人、艺术总监卡萨·潘乔(Cassa Pancho)在谈到这双新鞋的引进时说:“我很高兴Freed推出了这两种新颜色。虽然对外部世界来说,这似乎是一个很小的变化,但我相信这是英国芭蕾史上的历史性时刻,也是全球文化多样性的舞者向前迈出的又一步。在今年英国艺术理事会公布的数据中,芭蕾舞公司的多样性仍然是一个混乱的局面。虽然BME人群占英国工作年龄人口的16%,但在伯明翰皇家芭蕾舞团,只有13%的员工认同BME,而在北方芭蕾舞团,这个数据令人沮丧,只有5%的BME员工。英国国家芭蕾舞团的数据更有希望,18%的员工被定义为BME,比去年的15%有所上升。新闻/舞蹈芭蕾舞多元化代表


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