Natural History Museum Under Fire Over Saudi ‘Blood Money’ – 沙特血腥大火下的自然历史博物馆

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15 Nov 2018

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Natural History Museum Under Fire Over Saudi ‘Blood Money’

15 Nov 2018

The museum received tens of thousands of pounds to host the Saudi embassy just days after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi 


Natural History Museum Under Fire Over Saudi ‘Blood Money’ - 沙特血腥大火下的自然历史博物馆

Hintze Hall, Natural History Museum, London, 2017. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The Natural History Museum, London, has been accused of accepting ‘blood money’ from Saudi Arabia after they received tens of thousands of pounds to host an event for the Saudi embassy.

The event took place just nine days after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on 2 October in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. The museum, which is publicly funded, initially courted criticism for holding the controversial reception, which celebrated Saudi Arabia Day.

Now it has been reported in the Guardian that the museum made a profit from the event. According to a Freedom of Information request made by the newspaper, the Saudi embassy paid GBP£23,700 to hire the Hintze Hall, home to the famous 25-metre skeleton of a blue whale.

The museum defended their decision to host the event for a fee and issued a statement which said: ‘Enabling commercial events to take place outside of public opening hours in our iconic spaces brings the museum an important source of external funding, which allows us to maintain our position as a world-class scientific research centre and visitor attraction.’

‘We hold a wide variety of commercial events and it is made clear to any host that doing so is not an endorsement of their product, service or views.’

However, members of parliament, including Labour’s Ann Clwyd, have criticised the decision. She said: ‘Contractual obligations and commercial necessity do not let organisations, such as the National History Museum, off the hook.’

Maya Foa, director at human rights NGO Reprieve also denounced the decision. She said: ‘It is a cruel irony that the Saudi government paid to host an event at a British institution so beloved by children, when they are simultaneously trying to execute young men who were children at the time of their arrest.’

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新闻/2018年11月15日新闻/新闻/沙特“血钱”大火下的自然历史博物馆贾马尔·哈肖吉 贾马勒·哈肖吉·nbsp;蓝鲸-巴莱诺佩塔_肌肉-nhm-2017-png-001.jpg历史博物馆,伦敦,2017。礼貌:维基媒体下议院伦敦自然历史博物馆被指控接受来自沙特阿拉伯的“血钱”,因为他们收到数万英镑为沙特大使馆举办的活动。这起事件发生在10月2日在沙特驻伊斯坦布尔大使馆谋杀记者Jamal Khashoggi之后的九天。这个由公共资助的博物馆最初因举办了庆祝沙特阿拉伯日的有争议的招待会而招致批评。现在,《卫报》已经报道说,博物馆从这次活动中获利。根据报纸提出的信息自由要求,沙特大使馆支付了23700英镑,租用了著名的蓝鲸25米骨骼所在的欣茨大厅。博物馆为他们以收费的方式举办这次活动的决定进行了辩护,并发表了一份声明:“让商业活动能够在我们的标志性空间内的公共开放时间之外举行,这给博物馆带来了外部资金的重要来源,这让我们能够保持世界一流的科研中心和旅游景点。“我们举办了各种各样的商业活动,任何主办方都清楚地知道,这样做并不意味着他们的产品、服务或观点得到认可。”然而,国会议员,包括工党的安·克劳伊德,也有批评。决定了。她说:“合同义务和商业上的必要性不会让诸如国家历史博物馆这样的机构脱离困境。”人权非政府组织Reprieve的主任玛雅·福亚(Maya Foa)也谴责了这一决定。她说:“沙特政府花钱在英国一家深受儿童喜爱的机构举办了一场活动,同时又试图处决被捕时还是孩子的年轻人,这真是一个残酷的讽刺。”自然历史博物馆新闻沙特阿拉伯艺术与政治


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