Art Dealer’s Family Hire Detectives to Find Nazi-Looted Degas – 艺术品经销商家族雇佣侦探寻找纳粹掠夺的德加

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16 Nov 2018

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Art Dealer’s Family Hire Detectives to Find Nazi-Looted Degas

16 Nov 2018

In further news: UK threatens to leave UNESCO; Pace team up with Christo


Art Dealer’s Family Hire Detectives to Find Nazi-Looted Degas - 艺术品经销商家族雇佣侦探寻找纳粹掠夺的德加

Edgar Degas, Portrait of Mlle. Gabrielle Diot, 1890. Courtesy: Art Recovery International

The family of an art dealer have employed detectives to help locate a Degas looted by Nazis. The descendants of art dealer Paul Rosenberg have hired a London-based art detective to try and recover the painting, 60 years after his death. Portrait of Mlle. Gabrielle Diot (1890) by Edgar Degas was confiscated by the Nazis in 1940 from the dealer’s Paris gallery along with various other works. ‘It’s not impossible that somebody has seen it,’ said Marianne Rosenberg, Paul Rosenberg’s granddaughter. ‘We reserve the right to seek recourse to the law in all jurisdictions.’ Many of the stolen artworks were loaded on to a train that was later stopped outside of Paris in August 1944 by Paul Rosenberg’s son, Lieutenant Alexandre Rosenberg. However, the Degas was not found to be among the works and its whereabouts have been unknown since. But Marianne Rosenberg is hopeful that the public appeal could help see the return of the work, adding: ‘The quest for these pictures goes on as it has done for three generations now.’

Artist Max Siedentopf has installed binoculars on the Tate Modern observation deck allowing visitors to look into the luxury apartments opposite. Despite four residents of NEO Bankside recently filing an invasion of privacy lawsuit against the museum, the artist has installed a dozen binoculars tethered by red string atop Tate Modern’s Blavatnik Building. In a statement sent to Fast Company, Siedentopf said: ‘Thousands of visitors gather in awe to take a peek inside the apartments. No other artwork on display attracts as much fascination as these open plan apartments.’ How long the unauthorized work will remain on display is currently unknown. 

Funding to national museums in the UK has fallen to its lowest levels since 2014. As reported by ArtsProfessional quoting government figures, income to 15 museums in England – including Tate, the British Museum and the Imperial War Museum – which receive direct funding from DCMS, fell by 16% in the last year and has declined by 28% since 2013/14. Explained in part due to the completion of major capital funding, the drop also reflects the recent volatility in the market and global economy. Tate saw the largest decline in funding, falling GBP£18.1 million to GPB£51.6 million. A spokesperson for the gallery said that the higher levels of income from past years was due to large amounts of capital raised for Tate’s 2016 Switch House extension. 

The UK is the latest nation to threaten to quit UNESCO leaving the future of the UN culture and education body in doubt. International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt called for Britain to withdraw from the United Nations (UN) culture and education body and cut its funding which currently totals GBP£11.1 million. In October last year, the US and Israel announced they would be leaving UNESCO on 31 December due to what they perceived as the organization’s ‘anti-Israeli bias.’ Criticizing the move, the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, wrote in The Guardian: ‘Let us be clear what we are walking away from: the UN agency that among many things, is responsible for driving up literacy rates across the globe, promoting gender equality in education […] and preserving more than 1,000 of the world’s most important heritage sites.’ The UK has previously withdrawn from UNESCO in 1985 and 1997. 

Pace Gallery has announced a partnership with artist Christo. The gallery will present a series of five works on paper at the 2018 Art Basel Miami Beach in addition to a solo show in 2020. The new pieces relate to Christo’s 1980s project with late collaborator Jeanne-Claude Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida currently on view at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. As reported by ARTnewsa spokesperson for the gallery said that the artist hasn’t been officially added to their roster but they would continue to work with him on projects and exhibitions. In a statement, Pace’s president and CEO Marc Glimcher said: ‘Christo is a dreamer and an artist of mythic energy who has redefined the way we interact with the world around us.’

In movements: chief curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Quentin Bajac, is to head Paris’s Jeu de Paume; The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has appointed Mary Ceruti as its new executive director. Ceruti makes the move after nearly two decades at the helm of SculptureCenter, New York. 

In awards: Kapwani Kiwanga has won the CAD$100,000 Sobey Art Award for emerging contemporary artists in Canada. Cerith Wyn Evans has won the second Hepworth Prize for Sculpture recognizing a British or UK-based artist of any age, at any stage in their career. Winning GBP£30,000 in prize money the artist told The Guardian: ‘it means nothing, I’m a Buddhist you see.’

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新闻/2018年11月16日英国威胁要离开联合国教科文组织,步调与克里斯托227 4.JPG WPA6021602IMG埃德嘉·德嘉,Mlle. Gabrielle Diot肖像,1890。礼貌:艺术复兴国际:一个艺术品商人的家族雇用了侦探帮助查找被纳粹抢劫的德加斯。艺术品商人保罗·罗森博格的后代雇用了一位在伦敦的艺术侦探,在他死后60年试图找回这幅画。埃德嘉·德嘉的《Mlle. Gabrielle Diot》(1890)被纳粹1940从商人的巴黎画廊连同其他作品一起没收。Paul Rosenberg的孙女Marianne Rosenberg说:“有人看到它是不可能的。”“我们保留在所有司法管辖区寻求法律救济的权利。”许多被盗艺术品被装载到一列火车上,火车后来在1944年8月被保罗·罗森博格的儿子亚历山大·罗森博格中尉停在巴黎外面。然而,Degas并没有发现其中的作品,其下落不明。但是玛丽安·罗森博格希望公众的呼吁能够帮助看到这部作品的回归,并补充说:“对这些照片的追寻就像三代人一样。”艺术家马克斯·西登托夫在泰特现代观察台上安装了双筒望远镜,让参观者观看。尽管近地天体银行侧的四名居民最近对博物馆提起侵犯隐私的诉讼,这位艺术家还是在泰特现代的布拉瓦尼克大楼顶部安装了一打用红绳系住的双筒望远镜。Siedentopf在给Fast Company的一份声明中说:“成千上万的游客聚集在一起敬畏地窥视公寓的内部。没有其他展出的艺术品能像这些开放式公寓那样吸引这么多人的眼球。“这些未经授权的作品将展出多久目前还不清楚。英国国家博物馆的资金已经降至2014年以来的最低水平。”据ArtsProf.引述,数字显示,英国15家博物馆的收入——包括泰特、大英博物馆和帝国战争博物馆——直接接受DCMS资助,去年下降了16%,自2013/14年以来下降了28%。部分原因是由于主要资本融资的完成,这一下降也反映了最近市场和全球经济的波动。Tate看到资金的最大跌幅,英镑下跌1810万英镑,达到GPB 5160万英镑。画廊的一位发言人说,过去几年收入水平的提高是由于为泰特2016年交换所的扩建筹集了大量资金。英国是最近威胁要退出联合国教科文组织,使联合国文化和教育机构的未来受到怀疑的国家。国家发展部长佩妮·莫达恩特呼吁英国从联合国(UN)文化和教育机构中撤出,并削减目前总计1100万英镑的资金。去年10月,美国和以色列宣布,他们将于12月31日离开联合国教科文组织,因为他们认为该组织的“反以色列偏见”。影子外交大臣艾米丽·桑贝里在卫报中批评这一举动,写道:“让我们弄清楚我们是什么。远离:联合国机构负责提高全球识字率,促进教育中的两性平等,以及保护1000多处世界上最重要的文物遗址。佩斯画廊已宣布与艺术家克里斯托合作。除了2020年的个人展览外,该画廊还将在2018年巴塞尔迈阿密艺术海滩上展出一系列五幅纸质作品。这些新作品涉及克里斯多1980年代与已故合作者珍妮-克劳德环绕群岛、比斯坎湾、大迈阿密、佛罗里达州目前正在迈阿密佩雷斯艺术博物馆展出的项目。据ARTnews报道,该画廊的发言人说,该画家尚未被正式列入他们的名册,但他们将继续与他合作进行项目和展览。佩斯公司总裁兼首席执行官马克·格利姆彻在一份声明中说:“克里斯多是一位梦想家和神话般的艺术家,他重新定义了我们与周围世界的互动方式。”在行动上:纽约现代艺术博物馆首席摄影馆长昆汀·巴贾克将担任帕斯的馆长。里斯·Jeu de Paume;明尼阿波利斯沃克艺术中心任命玛丽·Curutiz为新的执行董事。Ceruti在执掌纽约雕塑中心将近二十年后做出了这一举动。在奖项中,Kapwani Kiwanga为加拿大新兴的当代艺术家赢得了CAD10万美元的Sobey艺术奖。英国艺术家的任何年龄,在任何阶段,在他们的职业生涯。获得30000英镑奖金的艺术家告诉《卫报》:“你看,这没什么意思,我是个佛教徒。”EWS


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