Novelist Tricked by Pranksters Into Discovering ‘Stolen Picasso’ in Romanian Forest – 小说家欺骗罗马尼亚森林中发现“Stolen Picasso”的小说家

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19 Nov 2018

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Novelist Tricked by Pranksters Into Discovering ‘Stolen Picasso’ in Romanian Forest

19 Nov 2018

A Picasso, snatched from Rotterdam’s Kunsthal Museum in 2012 in ‘the theft of the century’, has been revived in an elaborate hoax


Novelist Tricked by Pranksters Into Discovering ‘Stolen Picasso’ in Romanian Forest - 小说家欺骗罗马尼亚森林中发现“Stolen Picasso”的小说家

Writer Mira Feticu compares the found work with a Picasso print. Courtesy: Mira Feticu

A Dutch author who wrote a novel based on a 2012 art heist has revealed that she was the victim of a publicity stunt, after she was tricked into believing she had discovered a missing painting by Picasso, which was stolen in the incident.

Mira Feticu, whose book recounted the events surrounding the heist, received an anonymous letter on 9 November with instructions explaining where Picasso’s Tete d’Arlequin (1971) was hidden. The writer then travelled to a forest in an eastern part of Romania accompanied by journalist Frank Westerman. The pair eventually found the location described in the letter and dug into the ground beneath a tree where they found a piece resembling Picasso’s stolen work.

Feticu and Westerman handed the painting into the Dutch embassy in Bucharest where Romanian art experts examined the artwork to determine whether it was the stolen piece.

However, on 18 November Feticu received an email revealing that the hunt was a publicity stunt to promote a project by Belgian theatre directors Yves Degryse and Bart Baele. The project, entitled ‘True Copy’ is dedicated to Geert Jan Jansen, the infamous Dutch forger, whose copies of famous works were regularly sold on the market until he was caught in 1994.

The Picasso painting was among the seven works stolen in 2012 from the Kunsthal Rotterdam in a heist that lasted just three minutes. Dutch media labelled the act the ‘theft of the century’ after works by artists including Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Gaugin and Lucian Freud were stolen from the walls of the gallery after thieves burst through emergency exit doors. The artworks were on loan to the museum at the time and were estimated to be worth up to GBP£160 million.

While four Romanian people were jailed in 2014 and ordered to pay EU€18 million (GBP£16 million) none of the paintings have since been recovered. Experts believe that at least three of the works were destroyed in a fire in an attempt to burn evidence.

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新闻/新闻2018年11月19日新闻/新闻2018年11月19日被恶棍捉弄的小说家在罗马尼亚森林中发现“被盗毕加索”2012年在鹿特丹昆萨尔博物馆被“世纪盗窃案”抢走的毕加索画像在一场精心策划的恶作剧“米拉-艺术抢劫案”中被重现。用毕加索的印刷品来查找找到的作品。礼貌:米拉·菲蒂库:一位荷兰作家写了一本以2012年艺术品抢劫为题材的小说,她被骗相信自己发现了毕加索的一幅失踪的画,这幅画在事件中被偷了,之后她透露自己是一个宣传噱头的受害者。Mira Feticu的书讲述了围绕着抢劫的事件,她在11月9日收到了一封匿名信,信中解释了毕加索的泰特·德·阿勒奎恩(1971)藏在哪里。然后,记者带着记者Frank Westerman前往罗马尼亚东部的一片森林。两人最终找到了信中描述的地点,并在一棵树下挖了个坑,在那里他们找到了一幅类似毕加索被盗作品的作品。Feticu和Westerman将这幅画交给了位于布加勒斯特的荷兰大使馆,罗马尼亚艺术专家在那里检查了这幅画,以确定它是否是被盗作品。然而,11月18日,Feticu收到一封电子邮件,透露这次搜捕是比利时戏剧导演Yves Degryse和巴特Baele为了宣传一个项目而进行的宣传噱头。这个名为“真拷贝”的项目是献给臭名昭著的荷兰伪造者吉特·扬森,他的名著拷贝定期在市场上出售,直到1994年被捕。这幅毕加索画是2012年在昆士多尔鹿特丹发生的仅持续了三分钟的抢劫案中被盗的七幅作品之一。在毕加索、莫奈、马蒂斯、高更、卢西安·弗洛伊德等艺术家的作品从美术馆的墙上被盗后,荷兰媒体将这一行为称为“世纪之盗”。当时艺术品被租借到博物馆,估计价值高达1亿6000万英镑。2014年,四名罗马尼亚人被监禁,并被勒令向欧盟支付1800万欧元(1,600万英镑),但此后,这些画均未被追回。专家认为,至少有三件作品在火灾中被烧毁,企图烧毁证据。新闻/毕加索新闻罗马尼亚鹿特丹


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