Norman Foster’s New London Skyscraper: Tulip or Q-Tip? – 诺曼·福斯特的新伦敦摩天大楼:郁金香还是Q-Tip?

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20 Nov 2018

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Norman Foster’s New London Skyscraper: Tulip or Q-Tip?

20 Nov 2018

Twitter users have been quick to think of alternative nicknames, including ‘the cotton bud’ and ‘the tadpole’


Norman Foster’s New London Skyscraper: Tulip or Q-Tip? - 诺曼·福斯特的新伦敦摩天大楼:郁金香还是Q-Tip?

Designs for ‘The Tulip’, 2018. Courtesy: Foster + Partners

Plans for a 305.3-metre-high skyscraper named ‘The Tulip’ have been submitted to the City of London Corporation by architects Foster + Partners. If approved, the observation tower would become the tallest structure in the City, standing 50cm higher than 1 Undershaft, another skyscraper proposed in the Square Mile, but around five metres short of The Shard, the UK’s tallest building.

Designed by Norman Foster, the architect behind the nearby Gherkin, the plans submitted on behalf of the Safra Group, owned by Brazilian billionaire banker Jacob J. Safra, describe a concrete stalk with a twelve-storey glass bubble perched on top. Inside there will be bars, restaurants and an education centre, which will offer 20,000 places per year to children attending London’s state schools to ‘bring to life the city’s history and dynamism’.

Though the initial brief was to convert the top of the Gherkin into a visitor attraction, space restrictions led Foster + Partners to come up with a stand-alone proposal, the architecture firm’s website promising: ‘the viewing galleries will offer visitors an engaging experience with sky bridges, internal glass slides and gondola pod rides on the building’s façade’.

While Jacob J. Safra, the billionaire owner of ‘The Tulip’s’ big brother, The Gherkin, complimented the building’s ‘elegance and soft strength’, the public reaction to the building has been more metaphorical. Many have taken to Twitter to suggest alternative nicknames. One user dubbed the building the ‘cotton bud’ while other suggestions included the ‘asparagus spear’, ‘the tadpole’ and ‘the sperm’. Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian’s architecture and design critic compared the building to ‘a cocktail cornichon raised aloft on its own Nelson’s Column’ and a ‘Mini-Me version of the Gherkin’.

Construction on the skyscraper could begin as early as 2020, while the opening date is estimated for 2025.

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新闻/ 20月2018日新闻/诺曼·福斯特的新伦敦摩天大楼:郁金香还是Q-Tip?20 NoV 2018 Twitter用户很快就想到了别名,包括“棉芽”和“蝌蚪”2699、FP67100100.JPG WPA6021602IMG的设计。郁金香,2018。礼仪:福斯特+合作伙伴(Foster+Partners)建筑师福斯特+合作伙伴(Foster+Partners)已经向伦敦金融城提交了一座305.3米高的摩天大楼“郁金香”的计划。如果获得批准,这座观景塔将成为全市最高的建筑,高出地下铁道50厘米。地下铁道是另一座在广场里建造的摩天大楼,但距离英国最高建筑“碎片”仅5米之遥。由附近的盖尔金后面的建筑师诺曼·福斯特设计,代表巴西亿万富翁银行家雅各布·J·萨弗拉拥有的萨弗拉集团提交的计划描述了一个顶部有十二层玻璃泡的水泥秸秆。里面有酒吧、餐厅和教育中心,每年为在伦敦国立学校上学的孩子提供20000个名额,以“重现城市的历史和活力”。虽然最初的简报是想把盖尔金的顶部改造成一个旅游景点,但是空间限制使得福斯特+Partners公司提出了一个独立的建议,建筑公司的网站承诺:“观赏画廊将为游客提供天桥的迷人体验。”S,内部玻片和吊舱吊舱骑在建筑物的立面上。虽然“郁金香”大哥哥“Gherkin”的亿万富翁雅各布·J·萨弗拉(Jacob J.Safra)称赞了该建筑的“优雅和软实力”,但公众对该建筑的反应更具隐喻性。许多人在推特上提出了别名。一位用户称这栋建筑为“棉芽”,而其他建议包括芦笋矛、“蝌蚪”和“精子”。《卫报》的建筑和设计评论家奥利弗·温赖特把这座建筑比作“一架鸡尾酒玉米圆柱,高高耸立在纳尔逊的柱子上”和“迷你我版的盖尔金”。摩天大楼的建设最早可能在2020年开始,而预计开工日期为2025年。新闻/建筑新闻诺曼·福斯特伦敦


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