Weekend Reading List: The Class Divide that Plagues the Arts – 周末阅读排行榜:艺术的阶级分化

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23 Nov 2018

Culture Digest /

Weekend Reading List: The Class Divide that Plagues the Arts

23 Nov 2018

Rereading Mark Fisher with the publication of his collected writings; Olivia Laing’s Crudo makes the NYT’s ‘100 Notable Books’


Weekend Reading List: The Class Divide that Plagues the Arts - 周末阅读排行榜:艺术的阶级分化

Brook, O’Brien and Taylor, Panic! Social Class, Taste and Inequalities in the Creative Industries, 2018

New evidence emerged this week that further highlights arts funding’s class bias in the UK. We look back at Tom Jeffrey’s analysis of a report from April this year revealing the extent of the class divide in Creative Industries: ‘What emerges is an account of ‘a “creative class” quite distinct from the rest of society’, he writes.

k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (20042016) is out now with Repeater books (read Paul Rekret’s review here). We revisit the late academic and author’s essay on ‘Anglo-Saxon common sense’ versus continental theory: ‘If only persons and physical things are real, what do buffoon empiricists think just happened in the global economy? Understanding the credit crunch and the recession demands the acknowledgement that abstractions are real.’ 

We reported on how Zoe Leonard released a new edition of her famous ‘I Want a President’ poem in aid of an HIV activist group earlier this week. Here’s a 2008 piece on the artist’s photographs and sculptures: ‘With her blunt imagery Leonard makes us feel a heightened awareness that all creatures, great and small, fight like hell to live.’

Representatives from Easter Island met with officials at the British Museum this week in a bid to restitute ‘Hoa Hakananai’a’, a spiritually important stone figure that was taken from the remote Pacific island in 1868. Read Paul Cartledge’s piece on why now is the time for the British Museum to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.

Olivia Laing’s Crudo (2018) was included in The New York Times’s ‘100 Notable Books’ list this week. Read an exclusive extract from the frieze columnist's first novel: ‘Kathy, by which I mean I, was getting married. Kathy, by which I mean I, had just got off a plane from New York. It was 19:45 on 13 May 2017.

Finally, with Amsterdam Art Weekend running until Sunday (read our guide to the best shows over here), we revisit a feature on Gabriel Lester, whose show is on now at Galerie Fons Welter; and with a presentation of Shezad Dawood’s Leviathan, a longterm project investigating the links between mass migration and climate change, on view at HE.RO, here’s Kaelen Wilson-Goldie’s feature on the artist as anthropologist: ‘Dawood today locates “the salient edge of anthropology in documentary films that are taking a bold step back into the ring to make anthropology radical again.”’

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《文化文摘》/《文化文摘》/《文化文摘》/《周末阅读清单:困扰艺术的班级划分》2018年11月23日重新阅读马克·费希尔,出版他收集的著作;奥利维亚·莱因的《鲁多》出版了纽约时报的“100本名著”._body_4_0.png,Weekend Reading List: The Class Divide that Plagues the Arts - 周末阅读排行榜:艺术的阶级分化 Brook,O'Brien和Taylor,Pan集成电路!创意产业中的社会阶层、品味和不平等,2018——本周出现了新的证据,进一步凸显了英国艺术资助的阶级偏见。我们回顾一下汤姆·杰弗里(Tom Jeffrey)对今年4月份的一份报告的分析,该报告揭示了创意产业中阶级分化的程度。k-punk:马克·费希尔的《收藏和未出版的作品》(2004-2016)现在已随《重复者》一书出版(请阅读保罗·雷克雷特的评论)。我们重温了已故学者和作者关于“盎格鲁-撒克逊常识”与大陆理论的文章:“如果只有人和物质是真实的,那么小丑经验主义者认为全球经济刚刚发生了什么?”了解信贷紧缩和经济衰退需要承认抽象是真实的。’我们报道了佐伊·伦纳德本周早些时候如何为艾滋病毒活动家组织发行她著名的《我想要总统》诗的新版本。2008年,莱昂纳德在照片和雕塑上发表了一篇文章:“凭借她直截了当的形象,莱昂纳德让我们更加意识到,所有生物,无论大小,都拼命地活下去。”本周,复活节岛的代表们在大英博物馆会见了官员,竞标。为了修复“Hoa Hakananai”a,一个精神上很重要的石雕像,它于1868年从遥远的太平洋岛屿上被带走。阅读保罗·卡特利奇的文章,了解为什么现在是大英博物馆将帕台农神庙的大理石归还希腊的时候了。《纽约时报》本周的“100本名著排行榜”中包括了奥利维亚·莱因(Olivia Laing's Crudo)(2018)。读一读这位流浪汉专栏作家的第一部小说的独家摘录:“凯西,我是说我,要结婚了。凯茜,我的意思是,刚从纽约起飞的飞机。2017年5月13日19时45分。最后,随着阿姆斯特丹艺术周末一直持续到周日(阅读我们这里最佳表演指南),我们再次访问Gabriel Lester上的一个专题,该专题目前在Galerie Fons Welter上映;以及Shezad Dawood的《利维坦》的演讲,这是一个调查马英九之间联系的长期项目。从HE.RO的观点来看,这里是Kaelen Wilson-Goldie关于作为人类学家的艺术家的专题:“Dawood今天定位于”纪录片中人类学的突出边缘,这些纪录片正大胆地退回到这个圈子里,再次使人类学激进。”《文化文摘》/《周末读物清单》艺术和马克·费希尔·佐伊·伦纳德·大英博物馆归还奥利维亚·莱因·阿姆斯特丹艺术周末


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