Weekend Reading List: Will AI Soon Be the Best Forgers? – 周末阅读清单:人工智能很快就会是最好的伪造者吗?

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30 Nov 2018

Culture Digest /

Weekend Reading List: Will AI Soon Be the Best Forgers?

30 Nov 2018

Misidentifying Van Gogh, the missing female rock stars, and misusing interns: what to read this weekend


Weekend Reading List: Will AI Soon Be the Best Forgers? - 周末阅读清单:人工智能很快就会是最好的伪造者吗?

RePaint technology reproduces an oil painting with an exceptional degree of colour accuracy. Courtesy: MIT CSAIL

‘The UK bears the dubious distinction of having produced an astonishing number of successful forgers’, writes Noah Charney. However, new artificial intelligence developed by researchers at MIT might steal the crown from the British: this week we learnt that artificial intelligence is being used to help recreate lost masterpieces. We revisit Charney’s piece on the history of art fakes, and the technology being developed to detect it.

The Met have apparently forgotten it’s 2018: an upcoming rock and roll show has only included one woman in the line-up (although the full list is yet to be announced). In response to this age-old problem in art exhibitions: ‘How is this still happening?’.

Over in Amsterdam, experts attempting the tricky task of identifying a young man in a photograph have finally solved a case of mistaken identity. A photograph of a blue-eyed boy, long thought to be Vincent van Gogh has now been named as his brother, Theo. We’re thinking about other instances of twins and doppelgangers in art. William Viney’s 2015 piece cleverly surveys a few examples: ‘Born and co-created, ancient and modern, twins are malleable guides in efforts to map bodies, identities, histories and biographies.’

Unpaid internships are ubiquitous in the arts we learnt this week – in news as surprising as night following day. Read Bedwyr Williams’ satirical short story on ‘one of those most fleeting of art beings’: ‘Intern: a word which in a busy studio or gallery can be used in lieu of a name. As in, ‘I’ll send the intern out’, or, ‘the intern could pick them up on the way in.’ Or, as on that fateful day three months ago when my heart shrank between beats, ‘the intern has fallen down the lift shaft!’

Debates around restitution continued this week, after French president Emmanuel Macron agreed to return stolen statues to Benin. We look at Cody Delistraty’s piece on why Macron’s 2017 pledge to return African artefacts ignores deeper colonial injustices. For broader context, read Aruna D’Souza’s piece on Black Panther (2018), the Brooklyn Museum’s white curator of African art and institutions facing calls to decolonize their collections.

We ran a piece on Steve McQueen’s Widows this week, which was released earlier this month. We look back to the lauded director’s first feature film, Hunger (2008) as well as his most celebrated, 12 Years a Slave (2013)

The art world mourned the death of two prominent figures this week: giant of minimalist sculpture, Robert Morris, and idiosyncratic director and cinematographer Nicholas Roeg. We look back at Mark Prince’s review of a Morris retrospective, which reveals ‘the artist was never the cut-and-dried Minimalist of legend’; and finally, we revisit a 2013 interview with Roeg on the eve of his 85th birthday: ‘I like timelessness. You know, our idea of the future and the past is quite a recent one. We’re now advancing at great speed in terms of understanding our tiny microcosm of the universe, but doors are still being opened to us the whole time.’

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《文化文摘》/《2018年11月30日文化文摘》/《周末阅读清单:人工智能很快会成为最佳伪造者吗?2018年11月30日误认失踪的女摇滚明星凡高和误用实习生:本周末读什么?颜色精确度非常高。礼貌:麻省理工CSAIL.–诺亚·查尼写道:“英国具有令人怀疑的特色,它造就了数量惊人的成功伪造者。”然而,麻省理工学院的研究人员开发的新的人工智能可能会从英国夺冠:本周我们获悉,人工智能正被用来帮助重现丢失的杰作。我们重温查尼关于艺术赝品历史的作品,以及正在开发的检测技术。大都会体育馆显然已经忘记了2018年:即将到来的摇滚秀只有一位女性入围(尽管完整的名单尚未公布)。作为对艺术展览中这个古老的问题的回应:“这怎么还发生?”'.在阿姆斯特丹,试图在照片中识别年轻人的棘手任务的专家们终于解决了一个身份错误的案例。一张蓝眼睛男孩的照片,一直被认为是文森特·梵高,现在被命名为他的兄弟西奥。我们正在考虑艺术中双胞胎和多佩尔甘格的其他例子。威廉·维尼(William Viney)在2015年发表的一篇文章巧妙地调查了一些例子:“双胞胎的出生和共同创造,古老和现代,在绘制身体、身份、历史和传记的过程中,都是具有延展性的向导。我们本周所学到的艺术领域中,无薪实习无处不在——新闻上和第二天晚上一样令人惊讶。”阅读贝德维尔·威廉姆斯(Bedwyr Williams)的讽刺短篇小说《最短暂的艺术家之一》:“实习生:一个词,在繁忙的工作室或美术馆可以用来代替名字。”比如,‘我会把实习生送出去’,或者,‘实习生可以在进来的路上接他们’,或者,就像三个月前那个决定命运的日子一样,我的心在跳动之间收缩,‘实习生从电梯井上摔下来了!’在法国总统埃曼纽尔·麦克伦同意将失窃的雕像归还贝宁之后,本周关于归还的辩论仍在继续。我们来看看科迪·德利斯特雷蒂关于麦克伦2017年承诺归还非洲文物的文章,它忽略了更深层次的殖民不公正。要了解更广泛的背景,请阅读阿鲁娜·D’Souza的《黑豹》(2018)一文,该作品是布鲁克林博物馆的白人非洲艺术馆长和面临非殖民化要求的机构。本周,我们刊登了一篇关于史蒂夫·麦奎因的遗孀的文章,该片本月早些时候发行。我们回顾这位备受赞誉的导演的第一部故事片《饥饿》(2008)和他最著名的《十二年奴隶》(2013)本周,艺术界哀悼了两位杰出人物的死亡:极简主义雕塑巨匠罗伯特·莫里斯,以及独具特色的导演和摄影师尼古拉斯·罗格。我们回顾一下马克·普林斯对莫里斯回顾的回顾,它揭示了“这位艺术家从来就不是传说中枯燥无味的极简主义者”;最后,我们在罗格85岁生日前夕再次访问了2013年对他进行的一次采访:“我喜欢永恒。”你知道,我们对未来和过去的看法是很近的。在理解宇宙的微观方面,我们现在正以极快的速度前进,但是大门始终向我们敞开。阅读清单


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