Announcing Rebecca Ann Siegel as Publisher of Frieze – 宣布丽贝卡·安·西格尔为《弗里斯》的出版商

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03 Dec 2018

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Announcing Rebecca Ann Siegel as Publisher of Frieze

3 Dec 2018

Siegel will divide her time between New York, Berlin and London, leading on frieze’s print and digital publishing


Announcing Rebecca Ann Siegel as Publisher of Frieze - 宣布丽贝卡·安·西格尔为《弗里斯》的出版商

Rebecca Ann Siegel

Rebecca Ann Siegel has been announced as the Publisher of frieze magazine.

Siegel is the co-founder of Even, an arts magazine focused on global culture and politics. Prior to joining frieze, she served as Even's publisher and the co-host of Hidden Noise, a podcast on arts exhibitions and institutions in New York City.

Siegel will divide her time between New York, Berlin and London, working alongside Editorial Director Jennifer Higgie to lead frieze’s print and digital publishing.

‘Rebecca is a brilliant publisher with a unique understanding of how print and digital can work together in a fresh, modern way, while championing critical thinking,’ commented Nick Chapin, frieze Director of Publishing. ‘We are particularly pleased to have Rebecca joining our team in New York with a global remit. Rapid growth in our US readership shows the appetite for frieze’s global perspective on contemporary art and culture in the current climate. With Rebecca on board, we are excited to continue challenging the way publishing can serve the art community in the 21st century.’

‘I am thrilled to join Frieze, a media company with more than 25 years of experience that is poised to lead today’s cultural conversation,’ said Siegel. ‘Matthew Slotover and Amanda Sharp have developed an enviable community of contributors and readers, and I'm looking forward to bringing some New York spirit to expand those ambitions in the coming years.’

Prior to publishing Even magazine, Siegel was an associate at Ruth Catone, a New York-based art advisory firm, and at Pace Gallery, where she worked in the president's office. Siegel holds a BA from Yale University and an MA from Columbia University, both in art history. She currently chairs the board of the Friends of Mount Sinai, New York's largest health system, and serves on the council of the Yale School of Art.

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Rebecca Ann Siegel
frieze magazine

新闻/新闻2018年12月3日关于frieze的印刷和数字出版,Rebecca Ann Siegel,Rebecca Ann Siegel被宣布为frieze杂志的出版商。Siegel是关注全球文化和政治的艺术杂志《甚至》的联合创始人。在加入弗里兹之前,她曾担任“偶尔”的出版商和“隐藏噪音”节目的共同主持人,该节目是关于纽约市艺术展览和机构的播客。Siegel将在纽约、柏林和伦敦之间分配时间,与编辑总监Jennifer Higgie一起领导frieze的印刷和数字出版。“丽贝卡是一个杰出的出版商,对印刷和数字技术如何以一种全新的、现代的方式一起工作有着独特的理解,同时又支持批判性思维,”弗里兹出版总监Nick Chapin评论道。“我们特别高兴丽贝卡以全球性的职权加入我们在纽约的团队。我们美国读者的迅速增长表明了弗里兹在当前环境下对当代艺术和文化的全球视野的兴趣。有了Rebecca的加入,我们对继续挑战出版业在21世纪为艺术界服务的方式感到兴奋。“我很高兴加入Frieze,一家拥有25年以上经验的媒体公司,准备领导今天的文化对话,”Siegel说。“马修·斯洛托弗和阿曼达·夏普建立了令人羡慕的投稿人和读者群体,我期待着在今后几年里能带来一些纽约精神来扩展这些雄心。”“在出版《偶像》杂志之前,西格尔是纽约艺术咨询公司露丝·卡通和佩斯美术馆的联系人,佩斯美术馆位于纽约。她在总统办公室工作。西格尔拥有耶鲁大学的学士学位和哥伦比亚大学的艺术史硕士学位。她目前担任纽约最大的医疗系统西奈山之友委员会的主席,在耶鲁艺术学院理事会工作。新闻


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