‘I Am Not the Problem’: Warren B. Kanders Responds to Whitney Staff Open Letter – “我不是问题”:沃伦·B·坎德斯回复惠特尼员工的公开信

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04 Dec 2018

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‘I Am Not the Problem’: Warren B. Kanders Responds to Whitney Staff Open Letter

4 Dec 2018

In further news: Paris museums close after Gilets Jaunes protests; Candice Breitz demands release of aid worker


‘I Am Not the Problem’: Warren B. Kanders Responds to Whitney Staff Open Letter - “我不是问题”:沃伦·B·坎德斯回复惠特尼员工的公开信

The Whitney Museum. Courtesy: Wikimedia

Vice chair of the Whitney museum's board, Warren B. Kanders, has responded to an open letter penned by staff calling on the museum to take action against him.  Kanders was criticized by almost 100 staff members for his connection to Safariland, a company that manufactures tear gas canisters which were used against asylum seekers along the US-Mexico border. ‘To remain silent is to be complicit’, the staff wrote in their open letter, published in Hyperallergic. In his response, Kanders said that he is ‘not the problem the authors seek to solve’ and that Safariland’s role in manufacturing is to ensure that the products ‘work as expected when needed and not to determine when or how they are employed.’ He added: ‘The staff letter implies that I am responsible for the decision to use these products. I am not. That is not an abdication of responsibility, it is an acknowledgement of reality’. The museum’s director Adam Weinberg also responded to the open letter, writing: ‘Even as we contend with often profound contradictions within our culture, we must live within the laws of society and observe the ‘rules’ of our Museum – mutual respect, fairness, tolerance and freedom of expression and, speaking personally, a commitment to kindness. It is so easy to tear down but so much more difficult to build and sustain.’ Kanders is named as a ‘significant contributor’ to the museum’s current Andy Warhol retrospective.

After weeks of delays, two art works have finally been blasted into space in a Falcon 9 rocket from California’s Vandebberg Air Force Base. Orbital Reflector, by Berlin-based artist Trevor Paglen, is a diamond-shaped balloon made of polyethylene coated in titanium dioxide which will reflect sunlight back to Earth and appear as a point of light in the sky. New York-based artist Tavares Strachan’s work, Enoch, is a bust depicting the first African American selected for the US space programme, Robert Henry Lawrence Jr, atop a 24-carat gold Egyptian-inspired jar. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, who sponsored Strachan’s work, estimate the satellite will revolve around the Earth for seven years.

French museums and auction houses were forced to close over the weekend after Gilets Jaunes protests in Paris turned violent. The Jeu de Paume photography gallery next to the Place de la Concorde closed after its windows were smashed and cars were set alight outside of the venue on Saturday. Rioters wearing hi-vis jackets also graffitied the Arc de Triomphe and smashed several monuments including a sculpture by François Rude depicting the national symbol of the French Republic, Marianne. The nationwide protest, which began on 17 November, is aimed at a rise in fuel taxes and frustrations with French President Emmanuel Macron’s economic reforms.

Candice Breitz has called for the release of an aid worker who has spent 100 days imprisoned in Greece. The Berlin-based South African artist, who participated in the 2017 Venice Biennale, has demanded the release of humanitarian aid worker Sarah Mardini who was detained and charged by Greek officials for ‘assisting illegally refugees to enter Greece, being a member of a criminal organization and espionage’. Mardini had been volunteering on the island of Lesbos for the Emergency Response Centre International when she was arrested in August alongside two others. Writing on Facebook, Breitz said: ‘In criminalizing the efforts of humanitarians like Sarah, the Greek government – in cahoots with other European governments – sends out a message that is loud and clear: on the European coastline, saving lives is to be treated as a punishable crime’. An online petition started by the Free Humanitarians organization calling for Mardini’s immediate release has so far received more than 8,000 signatures. 

The Mauritshuis museum in The Hague has teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to build a virtual museum app dedicated to the work of Johannes Vermeer. For the augmented-reality downloadable app, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has contributed images of five Vermeer masterpieces while the National Gallery in Washington and Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum have each contributed four photographs from their collections. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston has shared an image of The Concert (1664) that had previously disappeared after being stolen from the museum’s collection in 1990. Director of Google’s Arts and Culture Lab, Laurent Gaveau, said they were interested in experimenting with new ways to make art and culture accessible to the public. ‘We want to first see how people will react to this, and we want to see, from a technological standpoint and a user standpoint, if it’s right and how it can be improved.’ The free app will be accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

In awards and grants news: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has awarded grants totalling USD$725,000 dedicated to supporting critical writing on contemporary art. The 21 grantees include Malik Gaines, Jessica Horton, Lucy Ives, Rahel Aima and Wendy Vogel. The City of Jackson in Mississippi has receives a USD$1M grant for public art funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

In gallery news and movements: Anna Coliva has been reinstated as Director of the Galleria Borghese in Rome after being accused of ‘absenteeism’ and given a six month suspension without pay. In a formal settlement a labour judge established that there were no grounds for the charges; Adam Chinn is to step down as Sotheby’s Chief Operating Officer; Pace Gallery will open a new flagship space in Chelsea in 2019; and Stephen Friedman Gallery now represents Denzil Forrester.

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新闻/2018年12月4日新闻/新闻/我不是问题ets Jaunes抗议;Candice Breitz要求释放援助工作者,17170931438_e793afbf30_b.jpg ‘I Am Not the Problem’: Warren B. Kanders Responds to Whitney Staff Open Letter - “我不是问题”:沃伦·B·坎德斯回复惠特尼员工的公开信 Whitney博物馆。礼貌:维基媒体惠特尼博物馆董事会副主席沃伦·B·坎德斯回复了一封由工作人员撰写的公开信,信中呼吁博物馆对他采取行动。坎德斯因与Safar.d公司有联系而受到近100名员工的批评,Safar.d是一家生产使用ag的催泪瓦斯罐的公司。沿美墨边境的寻求庇护者。“保持沉默就是共犯”,工作人员在他们的公开信中写道,公开信刊登在《过敏》杂志上。在答复中,坎德斯说,他“不是作者试图解决的问题”,Safar.d在制造业中的作用是确保产品“在需要时按预期工作,而不是确定何时或如何使用这些产品。”我不是。这不是放弃责任,而是承认现实。博物馆馆长亚当·温伯格也回复了公开信,写道:“即使我们经常要面对我们文化中深刻的矛盾,我们也必须生活在社会的法律之下,遵守博物馆的‘规则’——相互尊重、公平、宽容和言论自由,并且亲自发言,致力于仁慈。它很容易拆除,但是建造和维护起来却困难得多。坎德斯被评为博物馆当前安迪·沃霍尔回顾展的“重要贡献者”。经过数周的拖延,两件艺术品终于被一枚来自加利福尼亚范德堡空军基地的猎鹰9号火箭发射到太空。轨道反射器是由柏林艺术家特雷弗·帕格伦设计的,由涂有二氧化钛的聚乙烯制成的钻石形气球,它将太阳光反射回地球,看起来像一个光点。在天空中。位于纽约的艺术家塔瓦雷斯·斯特拉坎的作品《以诺》是一幅半身像,描绘了第一位被选入美国航天计划的非洲裔美国人,小罗伯特·亨利·劳伦斯,在一只24克拉的金色埃及灵感罐子顶上。洛杉矶县艺术博物馆,谁赞助斯特拉坎的工作,估计卫星将围绕地球旋转七年。法国博物馆和拍卖行周末被迫关闭,因为Gilets Jaunes在巴黎的抗议活动演变成暴力。星期六,协和广场旁边的Jeu de Paume摄影馆的窗户被砸碎,汽车在会场外点燃,馆门关闭。身穿高维斯夹克的暴徒还在凯旋门广场上涂鸦,并砸毁了几座纪念碑,其中包括弗朗索瓦·鲁德的雕塑,该雕塑描绘了法兰西共和国的国家象征——玛丽安。这场全国性的抗议活动始于11月17日,旨在提高燃油税,并挫败法国总统埃曼纽尔·麦克伦的经济改革。坎迪斯·布莱茨呼吁释放一名在希腊被监禁了100天的救援人员。这位驻柏林的南非艺术家参加了2017年的威尼斯双年展,要求释放人道主义援助工作者萨拉·马尔蒂尼,她被希腊官员拘留并指控“协助非法难民进入希腊,成为犯罪组织和间谍活动的成员”。马尔蒂尼在莱斯博斯岛为国际紧急反应中心做志愿者时,她与另外两人于8月份被捕。布莱茨在Facebook上写道:“在将像萨拉这样的人道主义者的努力定为犯罪时,希腊政府——与其他欧洲政府合谋——发出了一个响亮而明确的信息:在欧洲海岸线上,拯救生命将被视为应受惩罚的罪行。”自由人道主义组织发起的在线请愿书呼吁立即释放马尔蒂尼,迄今已收到8000多个签名。海牙的毛里求斯博物馆与谷歌艺术和文化公司合作,建立了一个虚拟博物馆应用程序,专门用于约翰内斯·弗米尔的作品。对于增强现实可下载的应用程序,大都会艺术博物馆贡献了五幅维米尔杰作的图片,而华盛顿国家美术馆和阿姆斯特丹国立博物馆则各自贡献了四幅他们收藏的照片。波士顿的伊莎贝拉·斯图尔特·加德纳博物馆(Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)分享了一幅《音乐会》(1664)的画像,该画像在1990年被博物馆收藏品偷走后就消失了。谷歌艺术文化实验室主任劳伦特·加沃(Laurent Gaveau)说,他们感兴趣的是尝试新的方法来让公众接触艺术和文化。“我们首先想看看人们对此会有什么反应,我们希望从技术角度和用户角度来看,看看它是否正确以及如何改进。”这个免费应用程序对于任何拥有智能手机的人来说都是可以访问的。在奖项和赠款新闻:安迪沃霍尔的视觉艺术基金已授予总额725000美元,致力于支持批评当代艺术写作。这21位获奖者包括马利克·盖恩斯、杰西卡·霍顿、露西·艾夫、拉赫尔·艾玛和温迪·沃格尔。在美术馆的新闻和动作中:安娜·科利瓦被指控“旷工”,并被停职6个月,无薪停职,之后她被重新任命为罗马博格斯美术馆馆长。在一项正式和解中,一名劳工法官确定指控没有根据;亚当·金将辞去苏富比首席运营官的职务;佩斯画廊将在2019年在切尔西开辟一个新的旗舰空间;斯蒂芬·弗里德曼画廊现在代表丹齐尔·弗雷斯特。新闻/简报惠特尼美国艺术与政治博物馆公开信特雷弗·帕格伦·巴黎坎迪斯·布莱茨毛里求斯博物馆


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