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27 Nov 2018

Gallery Applications Now Open

27 Nov 2018

International galleries are invited to apply for Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture 2019 until 24 January


Gallery Applications Now Open - 图库应用程序现在打开

Eykyn Maclean, Frieze Masters 2018

Applications for Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture 2019 are now open until Thursday, 24 January 2019.

The fairs will take place in Regent's Park from Friday 4 - Sunday 6 October, with Previews on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 October. We welcome proposals for the main and curated sections of both fairs.

At Frieze London, the Focus section features younger galleries up to 15 years from their date of origination, and the opportunity to apply with solo or group presentations.

At Frieze Masters, we are pleased to welcome Laura Hoptman, Executive Director of The Drawing Center, as curator of Spotlight, a section dedicated to solo presentations of 20th-century art.

Also at Frieze Masters, Collections is curated jointly by Sir Norman Rosenthal and Dr Amin Jaffer, and will feature remarkable thematic presentations of historical art and objects.

Frieze Sculpture, the ambitious outdoor presentation curated by Clare Lilley (Director of Programme at Yorkshire Sculpture Park) will return in 2019 with a summer opening; artworks will remain on view until the fairs close in October.

Apply for Frieze London here

Apply for Frieze Masters here

2018年11月27日美术馆申请现在开放3345948360_1805cc1e75_k.jpg Gallery Applications Now Open - 图库应用程序现在打开 Eykyn Maclean,Frieze Masters 2018用于Frieze.,Frieze Masters和Frieze雕塑2019的申请现在开放到2019年1月24日星期四。博览会将在10月6日星期五-星期五在摄政公园举行,10月2日星期三和10月3日星期四有预告。我们欢迎对博览会的主要部分和策划部分的建议。在弗雷兹伦敦,焦点部分的特点是年轻的画廊,最多从他们的起源之日起15年,有机会申请与个人或团体介绍。在Frieze Masters,我们很高兴地欢迎劳拉·霍普特曼,绘画中心执行主任,担任“聚光灯”的策展人。聚光灯是一个专门为20世纪艺术进行个人展示的区域。同样在Frieze Masters,藏品由诺曼·罗森塔尔爵士和阿明·贾弗博士共同策划,并将以历史艺术和物品的非凡主题展示为特色。油炸雕塑,由克莱尔·莉莉(约克郡雕塑公园项目总监)策划的雄心勃勃的户外展示将在2019年夏季开幕,艺术品将继续展出,直到10月份展览会结束。申请在这里申请Frieze Masters应用程序


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