Arte Fiera 2019 意大利博洛尼亚开幕

Arte Fiera 2019 about to open in Bologna, from February 1-4

Arte Fiera 2019将于2月1日至4日在意大利博洛尼亚开幕

The 43rd edition of Arte Fiera Bologna is about to open its doors to the public from February 1-4, 2019, under the curatorship of the new artistic director Simone Menegoi.
第43届的Arte Fiera Bologna将于2019年2月1日至4日在新艺术总监Simone Menegoi的主持下向公众开放。

The 141 galleries selected this year are divided into two sections: The Main Section includes 128 galleries and spans several areas of interest, from modern and post-war to contemporary art. 18 galleries are included, on the other hand, into the section dedicated to video and photography. Named “Photography and Moving Images”, it is directed by the curatorial platform Fantom.
今年选出的141个画廊分为两部分:主要部分包括128个画廊,跨越多个感兴趣的领域,从现代和战后到当代艺术。另一方面,18个画廊被纳入视频和摄影专区。命名为“photography and moving images”,由策展平台fantom指导。

Besides the two sections, the public programme includes five substantial projects, set up within the spaces of the fair.

The collective  exhibition “Solo figura e sfondo”, hosted inside the fair and curated by Davide Ferri, opens the cycle of art displays titled Courtesy Emilia-Romagna, dedicated to the celebration of the local cultural heritage. Silvia Fanti curates “Oplà. Performing activities”, a programme of performances by five Italian artists: Alex CecchettiCristian ChironiCesare Pietroiusti and Nico Vascellari.
The third project consists of the educational workshops titled “micro//macro”, presented by Fondazione Golinelli, focused on the relation between art and science. Moreover, the magazine Flash Art is entitled of a programme of art talks, hosted inside the fair. Finally, the artist Flavio Favelli creates the last project, a space called “Hic et Nunc”, dedicated to all the visitors of Arte Fiera.
由戴维德·费里策展的“solo Figura e sfondo”集体展览在展会内举办,开启了名为“礼貌的Emilia Romagna”的艺术展览循环,以庆祝当地文化遗产。Silvia Fanti负责“opl_。表演活动”,五位意大利艺术家的表演节目:Alex Cecchetti,Cristian Chironi,Cesare Pietrouiusti和Nico Vascelli。
第三个项目包括由Fondazione Golinelli举办的名为“micro//Macro”的教育研讨会,主要讨论艺术与科学的关系。此外,该杂志还被命名为“艺术讲座计划”,在展会内举办。最后,艺术家弗拉维奥·法维利创建了最后一个项目,一个名为“hic et nuncwPAP63006qte的空间,专门为阿泰·费拉的所有游客服务。

More info and complete programme at :

Arte Fiera 2019
Quartiere Fieristico, Bologna, Italy
February 1-4, 2019
February 1-3, 2019: 11am-7pm; February 4, 2019: 11am-5pm
Arte Fiera 2019
Quartiere Fieristico,意大利博洛尼亚,

Arte Fiera 2019 about to open in Bologna, from February 1-4 - Arte Fiera 2019将于2月1日至4日在博洛尼亚开业
Arte Fiera 2019

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