第24届国际现代与当代艺术博览会 MIART 2019发布

Miart 2019 announces its 24th edition 

miart, the international modern and contemporary art fair announces its 24th edition, organised by Fiera Milano and held from April 5 to 7 in Milan. Alessandro Rabottini announced that 186 galleries from 19 countries, divided into seven sections will exhibit works by modern masters, established contemporary artists, emerging talents, and designers.
miart 2019 welcomes a number of leading galleries exhibiting in Milan for the first time, including CabinetCorvi-MoraMarian Goodman GalleryHauser & WirthHerald StGalerie Thaddaeus Ropac, and Tucci Russo.
由米兰国际艺术博览会(Fiera Milano)主办的第24届国际现代与当代艺术博览会 MIART 2019 将于4月5日至7日在米兰举行。Alessandro Rabottini宣布,来自19个国家的186个画廊将分为七个部分,将展出现代大师、当代知名艺术家、新兴人才和设计师的作品。
MIART 2019欢迎在米兰首次展出的一些主要画廊,包括橱柜、Corvi Mora、Marian Goodman画廊、Hauser&Wirth、Herald St、Galerie Thaddaes Ropac和Tucci Russo。

With returning international galleries, including, A Arte InvernizziAlfonso Artiaco,BortolamiIsabella Bortolozzi, Campoli PrestiChertLüdde, ClearingGalleria ContinuaRaffaella CorteseThomas Dane GalleryMassimo De CarloDvirKalfayanGladstone GalleryKaufmann RepettoPeter KilchmannAndrew Kreps GalleryLelong & Co, MagazzinoMai 36Giò Marconi,Massimo Minini, P420Gregor PodnarAlmine RechLia RummaSprovieri, and Zero.
返回的国际画廊部分,包括阿泰因维尼兹阿尔方索阿蒂亚科、博尔托拉米伊莎贝拉博尔托洛兹坎波利普雷斯蒂切尔特DD国际画廊,包括阿泰因维尼兹阿泰因维尼兹阿泰因维尼兹;安德鲁·克雷普斯画廊,莱尔Ong&Co、Magazzino、Mai 36、Gi_Marconi、Massimo Minini、P420、Gregor Podnar、Almine Rech、Lia Rumma、Sprovieri和Zero。

Alongside a strong selection of galleries specialising in postwar and modern art: Cardi,Casoli De LucaCortesiGalleria dello ScudoMaggiore G.A.M.MazzoleniMontrasio ArteRepetto GalleryRobilant + VoenaRichard SaltounGian Enzo SperoneStudio Marconi ‘65Tega, andTornabuoni Arte.

miart 2019 will feature various curated sections:
Generations: Eight separate dialogues between works by two artists hailing from different generations. Curated by Anthony Reynolds and Chris Sharp.
Decades: The 20th century divided into decades. Curated by Alberto Salvadori.
Emergent: Focusing on the most recent generation of artists. Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini.
On Demand: A cross/cutting section devoted to context/based art. Curated by Oda Albera.
Object: Galleries who promote the decorative arts and limited editions.
Curated by Hugo Macdonald.

MIART 2019将以不同的策展部分为特色:
点播:一个交叉/切割部分,专门用于上下文/基础艺术。由Oda Albera策划。

miart will be the main focus of Milan Art Week, a rich calendar of openings and events organised by major public institutions and private foundations elsewhere in the city, including Sheela Gowda and Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Pirelli HangarBicocca), Lizzie Fitch / Ryan Trecartin (Fondazione Prada Milano), Anna Maria Maiolino (PAC), Broken Nature. Design Takes on Human Survival (La Triennale), Lygia Pape (Fondazione Carriero), Antonello da Messina and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (Palazzo Reale), Renata Boero and Marinella Pirelli (Museo del Novecento), The Unexpected Subject: 1978 Art and Feminism in Italy (FM – Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea), Sophia Al Maria (Fondazione Pomodoro), Hans Josephsohn (ICA Milano), Carlos Amorales (Fondazione Pini), Anj Smith (Museo Poldi Pezzoli), and a newly commissioned exhibition at Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, amongst others.
Miart将成为米兰艺术周的主要焦点,米兰其他地方的主要公共机构和私人基金会,包括Sheela Gowda和Giorgio Andreotta Cal_(Pirelli Hangarbicca)、Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin(Fondazione Prada Milano)、Anna Maria Maiolino(PAC)、_Break Nature,组织了丰富的开幕式和活动日历。设计以人类生存为主题(La Triennale)、Lygia Pape(Fondazione Carriero)、Antonello da Messina和Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres(Palazzo Reale)、Renata Boero和Marinella Pirelli(Museo del Novecento)、意料之外的主题:1978年意大利艺术和女权主义(FM–Centro per l'Arte当代)、Sophia al Maria(Fondazione Pomodo)Ro)、Hans Josephson(ica Milano)、Carlos Amories(Fondazione Pini)、Anj Smith(Museo Poldi Pezzoli)以及在Fondazione Nicola Trussardi举办的新平行展览等。

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Miart 2019 announces its 24th edition - MIART 2019发布第24版
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