Why Andy Warhol is Eating a Whopper in Burger King’s Strange New Ad – 为什么安迪·沃霍尔在汉堡王的奇怪的新广告里吃了一个大餐?

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By Frieze News Desk

04 Feb 2019

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Why Andy Warhol is Eating a Whopper in Burger King’s Strange New Ad

By Frieze News Desk

4 Feb 2019

The 45-second commercial, instructing viewers to #EatLikeAndy, features vintage footage of the late pop artist


Why Andy Warhol is Eating a Whopper in Burger King’s Strange New Ad - 为什么安迪·沃霍尔在汉堡王的奇怪的新广告里吃了一个大餐?

66 Scenes From America, 1982, film still. © Instagram 

Have you ever wanted to watch an art icon gobbling a cheeseburger? Well, now you can. A new Superbowl commercial features decades-old footage of the legendary pop artist Andy Warhol peacefully unboxing and then eating Burger King’s signature ‘Whopper’.

The 45-second commercial, which ends with the hashtag #EatLikeAndy uses a segment of the 1982 film 66 Scenes From America by Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth – intended as a set of portraits of life in the US – which shows Warhol sitting down to eat the burger in near-silence for four-and-a-half minutes. In the original footage, the artist shakes a bottle of Heinz ketchup (muttering ‘it doesn’t come out’), packs the remains of his meal away, and declares: ‘My name is Andy Warhol, and I just finished eating a hamburger.’

‘The spot is meant to break through the traditional SuperBowl commercial break, filled with explosions, slapstick jokes and celebrities, with an almost silent, yet powerful work of art,’ the fast food giant claimed in a press statement.

Both The Warhol Foundation and Leth’s representatives granted Burger King permission to use the footage. Discussing their usage of the scene, the brand’s global head of brand marketing Marcelo Pascoa told AdAge: ‘One of the things that was unique about the negotiation was that we didn’t want to change or touch the film in any way that would take away from its original intent.’

In a 2014 interview, Leth revealed that Warhol had actually favoured McDonald’s instead: ‘When he saw the three hamburgers I had ordered, one from Burger King and two neutral products, he said, ‘Where’s the McDonald’s?’ I said we’d get one right away. ‘It’s the nicest design,’ he said. ‘Let’s not waste time on that. I’ll eat the Burger King.’’

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新闻/弗里泽新闻台2019年2月4日新闻/为什么安迪·沃霍尔在弗里泽新闻台2月4日发布的汉堡王奇怪的新广告中大吃一惊019这部45秒的广告,引导观众尽情享受美食,以已故流行艺术家BK U Body.JPG 66个美国场景为特色,1982年,电影《Still》。礼貌:Instagram你有没有想过看一个艺术图标大口吃奶酪汉堡包?现在你可以了。一个新的超级碗广告以几十年前传奇流行歌手安迪沃霍尔平静地拆箱,然后吃汉堡王的签名“华宝”为特色。这部45秒的广告以hashtag eatlikeandy结尾,它使用了1982年丹麦电影制片人J_rgen leth拍摄的美国66部电影中的一段场景,这是一组美国生活的写照,展示了沃霍尔在近乎无声的情况下坐下来吃汉堡4.5分钟。在最初的影片中,这位艺术家摇了摇一瓶亨氏番茄酱(咕哝着“它不出来”),把剩下的饭菜打包带走,并宣称:“我叫安迪·沃霍尔,我刚吃完一个汉堡包。”“这个地方是为了打破传统的超级碗商业突破,充满了爆炸、滑稽的玩笑。”这家快餐业巨头在一份新闻声明中称:“Es和名人们的艺术作品几乎是无声的,但很有影响力。”沃霍尔基金会和Leth的代表都同意汉堡王允许使用这段录像。在讨论他们对这一场景的使用时,该品牌的全球品牌营销负责人马塞洛·帕斯科(Marcelo Pascoa)对一句格言说:“谈判的独特之处之一是,我们不想以任何方式改变或触摸电影,这会使电影失去最初的意图。”艾德·麦克唐纳说:“当他看到我点的三个汉堡包,一个是汉堡王的,还有两个中性的,他说‘麦当劳在哪里?’我说我们马上去拿。“这是最好的设计,”他说。我们不要在这上面浪费时间。“我要吃汉堡王。”弗里泽新闻台新闻/安迪沃霍尔广告食品新闻电影汉堡王超级碗。


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