Frieze Week: Friday Preview

Welcome to Friday at Frieze Los Angeles. The fair opens to preview ticket-holders today, and there’s much to explore around the fair and the Paramount Pictures Stedios backlot. Start your day in the gallery tent, and spend some time browsing an eclectic mix of gallery booth. There’s something for everyone from solo presentations by emerging and established artists to curated sections.

For opening times and how to get to the fairs head over to the visitor information page for Frieze Los Angeles.

Young galleries from Los Angeles will present artists at the forefront of contemporary art making in the city. Commonwealth and Council will pay tribute to The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) with a collaborative exhibition by Beatriz Cortez and Rafa Esparza entitled ‘G.L.O.W (Greeting Land Outflowing Wormholes)’, while Park View/Paul Soto will present Mark A. Rodriguez, whose installation explores the mythical history of The Grateful Dead. At Anat Egbi, don’t miss influential feminist artist and Faith Wilding.

Frieze Week: Friday Preview - 中楣周:星期五预览

Doug Aitken, Flight Patterns (“I began to see the country itself as a projection on air, a kind of hologram, an invisible grid of image and opinion and electronic impulse” Joan Didion), 2017, chromogenic transparency on acrylic in aluminum lightbox with LEDs, 173 x 316 x 18 cm. © the artist and 303 Gallery, New York and Los Angeles

Elsewhere in the tent, get into the LA spirit with Doug Aitken. 303 Gallery present a selection of the California-native’s new works. Aitken has lived and worked in the city for many years, and his works present a vision of Los Angeles. If you’re lucky enough to have a VIP pass, you can even attend a cocktail reception in 303 gallery’s Santa Monica Boulevard space.

Meanwhile at the Paramount backlot, there are a plethora of things to explore. Constructed to resemble a city, the New York Streets backlot has been used on countless film sets and even contains rows of Brownstones and a ‘financial’ district. At Frieze Los Angeles, the set plays host to immersive artist projects and films, pop-ups from creative enterprises and non-profits. Be sure to check out Acid-Free, an art book market organised by a collective of Los Angeles-based independent book publishers, as well as the Women’s Center for Creative Work, an organisation helping to cultivate L.A.’s feminist creative communities and practices.

Frieze Week: Friday Preview - 中楣周:星期五预览

A Feminist Organisation’s Handbook, 2018, book cover. © Women’s Center for Creative Work

While you’re in the backlot, explore Frieze Projects, a section of the fair curated by Ali Subotnick. Though, unlike the main gallery section of the fair, the works on display are not necessarily for sale, Frieze Projects supports ambitious, experimental work –­ from a washing line of paintings to a Psychic Art Advisor ­­­– that otherwise would not be shown at an art fair. Be sure to check out Corazón del Sol’s revival of her mother Eugenia P. Butler’s seminal project The Kitchen Table (1993), with a new conversation over a meal which will be screened in the lobby of the Backlot’s financial district skyscraper.

In the evening, head over to the Paramount Theatre at 6.30pm for a special screening of Tom Sach’s Paradox Bullets (2018), presented by Gagosian Gallery. Starring Sachs and Ed Ruscha and narrated by Werner Herzog, the short film is about a man stranded in the Mojave Desert. Afterwards, join Herzog, film director Van Neistat and frieze magazine editorial director Jennifer Higgie for a discussion of the work.

Main image: Tom Sachs, Paradox Bullets, 2019, film still. © the artist

欢迎您周五来到洛杉矶弗里泽。展览会今天开幕,预展持票人,有很多东西可以探索周围的博览会和派拉蒙影业Stedios后院。在画廊帐篷里开始你的一天,花些时间浏览一个兼收并蓄的画廊展位。对于每个人来说都有一些东西,从新兴和成熟的艺术家的独奏到策展部分。关于开幕时间和如何到达展会,请前往洛杉矶弗里泽的游客信息页面。来自洛杉矶的年轻画廊将为艺术家们呈现在城市当代艺术制作的前沿。英联邦和议会将通过一个名为“G.L.O.W(迎宾之地离开虫洞)”的比阿特丽斯·科尔特斯和拉法·埃斯帕扎的合作展览向美丽的摔跤女士致敬,而Park View/Paul Soto将介绍马克·A·罗德里格斯,他的装置探索了感激死者的神话历史。在Anat Egbi,不要错过有影响力的女权主义者艺术家和信仰狂野。 Doug Aitken,《飞行模式》(“我开始将国家本身视为空中的投影,一种全息图,一种看不见的图像和观点网格和电子脉冲”,Joan Didion),2017年,铝光箱中丙烯酸的显色透明性,带LED,173 x 316 x 18 cm。礼貌:艺术家和303画廊,纽约和洛杉矶其他地方的帐篷,进入洛杉矶精神与道格艾特肯。303画廊展出了加州本地人的新作品。艾特肯在这座城市生活和工作多年,他的作品展现了洛杉矶的景象。如果你有幸获得VIP通行证,你甚至可以参加303画廊圣莫尼卡大道空间的鸡尾酒会。同时在派拉蒙的后场,有很多事情需要探索。纽约街道的外景地被建造成一座城市,被用于无数的电影布景,甚至包括一排褐色砂石和一个“金融”区。在洛杉矶的弗利泽,这套电视剧主持了身临其境的艺术家项目和电影,来自创意企业和非营利组织的弹出式广告。一定要去看看无酸,一个由洛杉矶独立图书出版商组织的艺术图书市场,以及妇女创意工作中心,一个帮助培养洛杉矶女权主义创意社区和实践的组织。女权主义组织手册,2018年,封面。礼遇:妇女创意工作中心,当你在后院时,探索Frieze项目,由Ali Subotnick策划的展会的一部分。不过,与展销会的主要画廊部分不同,展出的作品不一定要出售,中楣项目支持雄心勃勃的实验性作品——从一排绘画清洗线到一位灵媒艺术顾问——否则不会在展销会上展出。一定要看看Coraz_n del Sol的母亲Eugenia P.Butler的开创性项目“厨房桌子”(1993年),她将在外景地金融区摩天大楼的大厅进行一次新的用餐谈话。晚上6点30分,前往派拉蒙剧院,观看由Gagosian画廊举办的汤姆·萨奇的《悖论子弹》(2018)的特别放映。由Sachs和EdRuscha主演,由WernerHerzog讲述,这部短片讲述了一个男人被困在莫哈韦沙漠。之后,与电影导演范内斯塔特和弗里泽杂志编辑部主任珍妮弗希吉一起讨论这项工作。主要形象:汤姆·萨克斯,《悖论子弹》,2019年,电影《静止》。礼遇:艺术家礼拜

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