Frieze Week: Thursday Preview

Frieze Los Angeles opens today for its invitation-only Preview Day. As well as showcasing the finest works from the world’s leading galleries, don’t miss the extensive program of performances, talks and film screenings taking place across the fair.

For opening times and how to navigate the fair, head over to the visitor information page for Frieze Los Angeles.

Frieze Week: Thursday Preview - 中楣周:周四预览

Allen Ruppersberg. Photo: Ryan Lowry

Don’t miss Mike Kelley’s landmark installation Unisex Love Nest (1999) shown in LA two decades since its inception, in the city where it was conceived, as well as Allen Ruppersberg among others at Marc Selwyn Fine Art, timed with the artist’s major Frieze Week show at the Hammer Museum, and seminal American painter Wayne Thiebaud’s solo presentation with Acquavella Galleries.

Frieze Week: Thursday Preview - 中楣周:周四预览

Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Questions 3), 2019, 20 stickers, adhesive vinyl, approx. 4.5 x 13 in. © the artist

As part of Frieze Projects’s program, head from the fair tent to the New York Street backlot film set of Paramount Pictures Studios. Here, artists have created installations which exist in a disorienting atmosphere: you find yourself in two places at one – an artificial New York City within Los Angeles. Leading the path, stickers designed by Barbara Kruger prompt visitors with philosophical and ethical questions such as ‘Who will write the history of tears?’ and ‘Are there animals in heaven?’.

Frieze Week: Thursday Preview - 中楣周:周四预览

Shahryar Nashat, Mother on Wheels (Oro Grigio), 2018  Marble, powder-coated steel, and castor wheels 88 x 58 x 48 cm. © the artist and David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles

Look out for Shahryar Nashat’s marble sculpture, inspired by the pedestals the artist encountered at New York’s Frick Collection. Nashat reimagines them as an autonomous matriarchal presence. Inside a classic brownstone, Sarah Cain fills a generic domestic interior with an extensive painting installation alongside a new stained-glass piece. In addition to this, a custom chocolate created in collaboration with LA’s andSons will be offered to visitors each afternoon – a nod to one of the artist’s vices while at work.

Frieze Week: Thursday Preview - 中楣周:周四预览

Cayetano Ferrer, End Credits on Hollywood, 2012, billboard on Hollywood Boulevard, installation view from Made in L.A. 2012, organized by the Hammer Museum and LAXART. Photo: C.F.

Meanwhile, Cayetano Ferrer’s site-specific animated neon evokes the language of New York architecture and signage, playfully reimagining a diagram originally drafted by Sigmund Freud of his ‘psychical apparatus’.

Finally, head to the Paramount Theatre for screenings of films by Cécile B. Evans – the artist’s multidisciplinary practice addresses the intersection of human emotions and technological structures.

Check back during the week for more day-by-day guides to Frieze Los Angeles.

Sarah Cain, Mountain Song, 2017, installation view, the Elk Lodge, Snowmass Mountain, organized by the Aspen Art Museum, 2017-2019. © the artist

WPAP6021602洛杉矶Frieze酒店今天开业,仅限邀请预览日。除了展示来自世界顶尖画廊的最优秀的作品外,不要错过展会上广泛的表演、演讲和电影放映节目。关于开幕时间和如何在展会上导航,请前往洛杉矶Frieze的游客信息页面。WPAP6022602毫克艾伦·鲁珀斯伯格。照片:Ryan Lowry不怀念Mike Kelley的标志性装置“中性爱巢”(1999),该装置自成立20年后在洛杉矶展出,在构思该装置的城市展出,以及在Marc Selwyn美术馆展出的Allen Ruppersberg等作品,该作品与艺术家在Hammer博物馆举办的大型饰带周展以及开创性的美国展览同步。画家韦恩·蒂巴乌在Acquavella画廊的独奏。 Barbara Kruger,无标题(问题3),2019年,20个贴纸,乙烯基粘合剂,约4.5 x 13英寸。礼貌:艺术家作为Frieze项目的一部分,从展览会帐篷出发,前往派拉蒙电影制片厂的纽约街外景拍摄场地。在这里,艺术家们创造了一种存在于迷茫的氛围中的装置:你发现自己在两个地方,一个是洛杉矶的人工纽约市。芭芭拉·克鲁格设计的贴纸引领着这条道路,它向游客们提出了哲学和伦理问题,比如“谁会写下眼泪的历史?”“天堂里有动物吗?”'的。 Shahryar Nashat,车轮母亲(Oro Grigio),2018大理石,粉末涂层钢和脚轮88 x 58 x 48 cm。礼貌:艺术家和洛杉矶大卫科尔丹斯基画廊期待沙赫里亚尔纳沙特的大理石雕塑,灵感来自艺术家在纽约弗里克收藏遇到的基座。纳沙特将他们重新塑造成一个自主的母系存在。在一个经典的褐砂石,莎拉凯恩填补了一个普通的家庭内部广泛的绘画安装旁边的一个新的彩色玻璃片。除此之外,每天下午还将向参观者提供一种与洛杉矶父子公司合作制作的定制巧克力——这是对艺术家工作时的一种恶习的一种致敬。 Cayetano Ferrer,好莱坞的最终学分,2012年,好莱坞大道上的广告牌,2012年洛杉矶制造的安装视图,由Hammer博物馆和Laxart组织。照片:同时,卡耶塔诺·费雷尔的现场动画霓虹灯唤起了纽约建筑和标志的语言,顽皮地重新想象了西格蒙德·弗洛伊德最初起草的一张关于他的“心理仪器”的图表。最后,前往派拉蒙剧院观看C_cile B.Evans的电影——艺术家的多学科实践解决了人类情感和技术结构的交叉点。在这一周里,你可以查看更多的到洛杉矶的导游。 Sarah Cain,Mountain Song,2017年,安装视图,Elk Lodge,Snowmass Mountain,阿斯彭艺术博物馆组织,2017-2019年。礼遇:艺术家礼拜/礼拜向导礼拜-洛杉矶礼拜

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