Spotlight at Frieze New York 2019 – 2019年纽约弗里泽的聚光灯

20 Feb 2019

Spotlight at Frieze New York 2019

20 Feb 2019

From Alex Katz to Elvira Bach to Paul Nash, read about highlights from the celebrated section for 20th-century pioneers

As part of a new year-round collaboration between Frieze New York and The Drawing Center, Laura Hoptman will serve as the new curatorial advisor for the Spotlight section, with 33 galleries presenting solo presentations of significant work by overlooked figures and rarely seen practices of modern masters.

Spotlight at Frieze New York 2019 - 2019年纽约弗里泽的聚光灯

László Lakner, Exit, New York, 1982, oil on canvas, 160 ×  × 220 cm, Courtesy of Trapéz

Hoptman said: This year’s section will showcase remarkable artworks by artists with fascinating histories and urgent stories to tell – from pioneering New Yorkers such as Louise Fishman, Mary Ann Unger, Knox Martin, Charles Hinman and Red Grooms to international Modern Masters who are renowned in their own countries but lesser known in the U.S., like Elvira Bach from Germany and Paul Nash from the UK. 

Spotlight at Frieze New York 2019 - 2019年纽约弗里泽的聚光灯

Elvira Bach, Nachteule , 1982, Resin Paint on Paper , 165 ×  × 130 cm, Courtesy of Galerie Kornfeld & Elvira Bach

This year, Spotlight will have a special emphasis on the radical potential of drawing, revealing the Renaissance techniques behind Alex Katz’s seminal paintings and the influences of architecture and sensuality in the drawings of Turkish artist Susan Hefuna.

Spotlight at Frieze New York 2019 - 2019年纽约弗里泽的聚光灯

Joan Brown, Homage to Sathya Sai Baba, 1983, Oil enamel on canvas, 182.5 ×  × 304.5 cm, Courtesy of George Adams Gallery

As always, the section will celebrate non-conformity and radical thinking in many forms and across geographical divides, from feminist pioneers like Leonor Fini, Greta Schödl and Kazuko Miyamoto, to ground-breaking figures inspired by spirituality and ancient cultures, such as Joan Brown, Rachid Koraïchi and Yüksel Arslan.

Explore Spotlight galleries here

Frieze New York will take place May 2 through 5, 2019, in Randall's Island Park. 

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2019年2月20日在纽约弗里泽的聚光灯2019年2月20日从亚历克斯·卡茨到艾薇拉·巴赫到保罗·纳什,阅读20世纪先驱者的著名章节的亮点作为第O部分。作为纽约弗里泽和绘画中心之间的一次新年合作,劳拉·霍普特曼将担任聚光灯部分的新策展顾问,33个画廊单独展示被忽视人物的重要作品,很少看到现代大师的实践。 L_Szl_Lakner,Exit,New York,1982,油画,160_×220 cm,由Trap_z Hoptman提供。他说:今年的版块将展示具有迷人历史和紧急故事的艺术家的杰出艺术作品,这些作品来自于路易丝·费什曼(Louise Fishman)、玛丽·安·昂格尔(Mary Ann Unger)等纽约先驱。诺克斯·马丁、查尔斯·希曼和红衣新郎为国际现代大师,他们在本国享有盛名,但在美国却鲜为人知,比如德国的埃尔维拉·巴赫和英国的保罗·纳什。 Elvira Bach,Nachtule,1982年,纸上树脂涂料,165×160;×130厘米,由Galerie Kornfel提供。D&Elvira Bach今年,聚光灯将特别强调绘画的激进潜力,揭示亚历克斯·卡茨开创性绘画背后的文艺复兴技术,以及土耳其艺术家Susan Hefuna绘画中建筑和感官的影响。 Joan Brown,《向Sathya Sai Baba致敬》,1983年,油画《画布上的珐琅》,182.5××304.5厘米,一如既往地受到乔治亚当斯画廊的礼遇,该节将以多种形式和跨地域的分歧庆祝不符合和激进思想,从莱昂诺菲尼、葛丽塔sch_dl等女权主义先驱开始。以及宫本和子,以精神和古代文化为灵感的开创性人物,如琼·布朗、拉希德·柯拉·奇和Y·凯塞尔·阿尔斯兰。在这里探索聚光灯画廊Frieze New York将于2019年5月2日至5日在Randall的Island Park举行。要了解最新的展会新闻,请关注Instagram、Twitter和Facebook上的@FriezartFair。


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