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  • As UK Parliament Prepares to Vote, this Artist is on a Mis …

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    On 9 January 2019, Leave Means Leave – a cross-party pro-Brexit pressure group with close ties to Leave.EU and Nigel Farage – sent a letter to the Charity Commission for England and Wales accusing The Photographers’ Gallery in London of ‘possibly criminal’ use of taxpayers’s money to fund ‘anti-Brexit propaganda’, and demanding that the gallery’s charitable status be withdrawn. Anticipating protest, The Photographers’ Gallery sought legal advice from the Arts Council long before artist Jonas Lund’s propaganda office Operation Earnest Voice (2019) was unveiled. In the Charity Commission guidelines, political activity is considered legitimate on the condition that it supports the delivery of an institution’s charitable purposes. The gallery affirms that Lund’s work fulfils their charitable objective to exhibit new media and technology that responds to the evolving nature of photography in the 21st century – in this case, the targeted dissemination of advertisements that played a pivotal role in the result of the EU referendum. – 2019年1月9日,休假意味着休假——一个与休假关系密切的跨党派支持脱欧的压力集团。欧盟和奈杰尔·法拉奇(Nigel Farage)向英格兰和威尔士慈善委员会(Charity Commission for England Wales)发出了一封信,指控伦敦的摄影师画廊“可能是犯罪的”利用纳税人的钱资助“反脱欧宣传”,并要求泰国政府批准该计划。画廊的慈善地位将被取消。在艺术家Jonas Lund的宣传办公室Operation Earnest Voice(2019)揭幕之前,摄影师的画廊期待着抗议,就向艺术委员会寻求法律建议。在慈善委员会的指导方针中,政治活动被认为是合法的,前提是它支持一个机构的慈善目的的实现。画廊确认,Lund的作品实现了他们的慈善目标,展示新媒体和新技术,以响应21世纪摄影的发展本质——在这种情况下,有针对性地传播广告,这在欧盟公投的结果中起到了关键作用。

  • A Different Kind of Politics at the Doclisboa Film Festiva …

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    Back in 2016, the Czech journalist Saša Uhlová rigged herself with a secret camera and ground through six inhumane months in the most precarious, low-paid, brutal jobs she could find. Before long, Uhlová’s footage was stitched into a documentary by Apolena Rychlíková, The Limits of Work (2017), one difficult moment amongst many at Doclisboa’18 Film Festival in Lisbon. While Rychlíková’s experiment in investigative journalism revealed many expected barbarities, its most surprising elucidation was that one of today’s most taxing jobs is also one of the most visible: that of the supermarket cashier, forever exchanging food for money beneath bright lights and constant pressure. – 2016年,捷克记者萨阿乌洛夫(Sa_a Uhlov)在她能找到的最不稳定、低收入、最残酷的工作中,用一台秘密相机和地面武装自己,度过了六个不人道的月。不久,乌洛夫的影片就被阿波琳娜·里奇尔·科夫(Apolena Rychl_Kov_)编成了一部纪录片,《工作的极限》(2017年),在里斯本Doclisboa的18部电影节上,这是许多人的一个艰难时刻。虽然Rychl_kov_的调查性新闻实验揭示了许多预期中的野蛮行为,但最令人惊讶的解释是,今天最繁重的工作之一也是最明显的工作之一:超市收银员,在明亮的灯光和持续的压力下永远用食物换钱。

  • Looking Back 2018: Brazil and the Body-Electric – 回 …

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    2018 was a year marked by flames. From California’s recent wildfires to the extinction of the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro in a devastating fire this past September, this was, to say the least, a gruelling year. I suspect that the Brazilian government’s slovenliness with landmark architecture and historical preservation is not far from Trump’s biased blind eye towards climate change; their actions are the outcome of neglect and greed. – 2018年是一个充满火焰的年份。从加利福尼亚最近的野火到去年9月里约热内卢国家博物馆在一场毁灭性的大火中被扑灭,至少可以说,这是一个令人生厌的一年。我怀疑,巴西政府在标志性建筑和历史保护方面的迟缓,离特朗普对气候变化的偏见视而不见不远;他们的行为是忽视和贪婪的结果。

  • 石旦真彭措 (个展)

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  • “Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New C …

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    Patrick Charpenel, Courtney J. Martin and Franklin Sirmans will join Frieze New York 2019An unprecedented number of museum leaders will collaborate on new themed sections and artist commissions at the 2019 edition of Frieze New York.  – Patrick Char.l、Courtney J. Martin和Franklin Sirmans将加入Frieze纽约2019博物馆。数量空前的博物馆领导人将在2019年版的《Frieze New.》上就新的主题部分和艺术家委员会进行合作。

  • ‘A Chance to Bring Global Communities Together‘ – “ …

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    From the LUMA Foundation in Arles, France, to the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, USA to M Woods in Beijing: some of the most significant – and exciting – art spaces in the world today are private museums – open for the benefit of the public but supported and, to some extent, directed by private individuals. – 从法国阿尔勒的LUMA基金会,到美国本顿维尔的水晶桥艺术博物馆,到北京的M Woods:当今世界上最重要和最令人兴奋的艺术空间中有一些是私人博物馆——为了公众利益而开放,但在一定程度上是由私人引导的。

  • Announcing Frieze Projects Los Angeles – 洛杉矶Friez …

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    At the launch edition of Frieze Los Angeles (February 15-17, 2019), artist projects will be encountered around the New York Street backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios, in buildings, streets, and interior spaces that have been captured countless times on screen. Frieze Projects will create a disorienting atmosphere where visitors are in two places at once: an artificial New York City within Los Angeles. – 在《弗里德斯·洛杉矶》(2019年2月15-17日)的启动版上,派拉蒙电影制片厂纽约街的背景区、无数次在银幕上被捕捉的建筑、街道和室内空间中,将会遇到艺术家项目。Frieze Projects将创造一种迷惑人心的氛围,游客同时身处两个地方:洛杉矶的人造纽约市。

  • ‘I Am Not the Problem’: Warren B. Kanders Responds to Whit …

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    In further news: Paris museums close after Gilets Jaunes protests; Candice Breitz demands release of aid worker – 进一步的消息:Gilets Jaunes抗议后巴黎博物馆关闭;Candice Breitz要求释放援助人员

  • Tania Bruguera Arrested Twice in Cuban Censorship Law Prot …

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    Bruguera was one of a number of artists protesting the controversial Decree 349 which critics say will censor and limit artistic freedom – 布吕格拉是众多抗议有争议的第349号法令的艺术家之一,批评人士说,这项法令将审查并限制艺术自由。