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  • What Kind of Platform do Young Artists Need to Jump-Start …

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    The Crest Theatre first opened on Christmas Day, 1940, and though it has changed hands – and names – several times since then, the Art Deco façade sitting on Westwood Boulevard has always been a head-turner; located near the UCLA campus, the building had continued to catch Kristy Edmunds’s eye over the years. The Executive and Artistic Director for the Center for the Art of Performance (CAP) at UCLA had been able to gain access to the 500-seat space for the occasional performance (the venue was originally a theatre for live performance built for Frances Seymour Fonda before being converted to a newsreel cinema during WWII), but felt that its potential was still left untapped. – 克雷斯特剧院于1940年圣诞节首次开张,尽管从那时起它已经易手改名了好几次,但坐落在韦斯特伍德大道上的装饰艺术总让人头晕目眩;这座建筑位于加州大学洛杉矶分校附近,多年来一直吸引着克里斯蒂·埃德蒙兹的目光。加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)表演艺术中心(CAP)的执行和艺术总监已经能够获得500个座位的临时演出空间(该场地原本是为弗朗西斯·西摩·方达建造的现场演出剧院,二战期间改为新闻片电影院),但他认为它的潜力仍然没有开发。

  • Additional Friday Tickets Released Today – 今天发布 …

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    A limited number of additional tickets for Friday Preview and Private View have just been released today due to popular demand. – 由于大众的需求,今天仅发布了少量的星期五预览和私人视图的附加门票。

  • The Frieze Week Podcast Opens Up Los Angeles – “中楣 …

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    For the first Frieze Los Angeles, men’s and women’s fashion retailer MATCHESFASHION.COM recreates 5 Carlos Place, its flagship London townhouse, on the Paramount Backlot. The retail and broadcasting hub hosts a special series of talks and events with leading creative voices.  To mark the partnership, Frieze and MATCHESFASHION.COM have produced The Frieze Week Podcast: a new, free series produced by Frieze in partnership with MATCHESFASHION.COM, dedicated to conversations about and around Frieze fairs. 
 – 作为洛杉矶的第一个中楣,男装和女装时装零售商MatchesFashion.com在派拉蒙外景地重现了其旗舰伦敦联排别墅卡洛斯广场5号。零售和广播中心以领先的创意声音举办一系列特别的谈话和活动。

  • Outdoor Art Commission Celebrates the Streets of Los Angel …

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    In celebration of Frieze Los Angeles, Frieze’s global partner LIFEWTR has commissioned L.A. artist Tofer Chin to create a public artwork. Facing West 6th Street at The Standard DTLA, Chin’s work is a mural, entitled Progression (2019). Hand painted in the artist’s signature graphic style, Progression is inspired, Chin says, by the play of light on the metallic strips in the architecture surrounding the site during L.A.’s famous ‘golden hour’. – 为了庆祝Frieze洛杉矶,Frieze的全球合作伙伴Lifewtr委托洛杉矶艺术家Tofer Chin创作了一幅公共艺术品。Chin的作品是一幅题为《进展》(2019)的壁画,正对标准DTLA的西六街。Chin说,在洛杉矶著名的“黄金时光”期间,建筑周围的金属条上的光的作用,激发了艺术家的标志性图形风格的进步。

  • Jenn Nkiru: 'Black to Techno' – Jenn Nkiru …

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    A cursory glance at the history of techno music suggests paradoxes. The product of an intersection of factors and influences resolutely local to a certain time in the urban American Midwest, it soon found a passionate audience halfway around the world, in West Berlin. Embedded in black, working and middle class experience, it became an expression of revolutionary hope and optimism.  In Black to Techno, Jenn Nkiru explores the origins and impact of the radical musical movement that originated in Detroit in precisely this complexity. – 粗略地看一眼技术音乐的历史,就会发现悖论。由于各种因素和影响的交集,在美国中西部城市的某个特定时间内,它很快在世界各地的西柏林找到了热情的听众。在黑人、工人和中产阶级的经验中,它成为了革命希望和乐观主义的一种表达。在《从黑人到技术》中,Jenn Nkiru探讨了起源于底特律的激进音乐运动的起源和影响,正是这种复杂性。

  • Dr Joy – 乔伊博士

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    A radiologist at Kaiser Permanente, V. Joy Simmons, MD has been living in Los Angeles for over 50 years and began collecting art while in medical school. A committed supporter of African-American artists (although she does have an Andy Warhol portrait of Queen Ntombi of Swaziland), she is a passionate advocate of arts patronage and civic engagement. For Frieze Week, Dr. Simmons gives a glimpse of her collection in her Ladera Heights home, and shared her years of insight. – Kaiser Permanente,V.Joy Simmons医学博士的放射科医生已经在洛杉矶生活了50多年,并在医学院开始收集艺术作品。她是非裔美国艺术家的忠实支持者(尽管她确实有斯威士兰的恩托姆比女王的安迪·沃霍尔肖像),但她是艺术赞助和公民参与的热情拥护者。对于Frieze Week,Simmons博士在Ladera Heights的家中展示了她的收藏,并分享了她多年的洞察力。

  • Frieze周:周四概况

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  • Frieze周:周五概况

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  • 创造声音的地方

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    为了第一届Frieze洛杉矶,男士和女士时装零售商MATCHESFASHION.COM在Paramount Backlot重建了其位于伦敦旗舰店的5 Carlos Place。 零售和广播中心举办一系列特别的讲座和活动,带有先锋的声音创作。 地方以先到先得的方式提供。