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  • Mystic Drawings and Designing for Extinction: 2019 Highlig …

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    The thoughts of design critic Alice Rawsthorn, author of Design as an Attitude (2018), curator Helen Nisbet, artistic director of Art Night, and Martin Clark, director of Camden Arts Centre, London. – 设计评论家Alice Rawsthorn,《作为一种态度的设计》(2018年),艺术之夜馆长Helen Nisbet,伦敦卡姆登艺术中心主任Martin Clark。

  • Actress Lucy Liu’s Handmade Books and Movie Monsters: the …

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    State of Motion: A Fear of Monsters National Library Building and 11 Kampong Bugis 23 January – 24 February 2019 – 运动状态:对怪物的恐惧

  • Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018: Possibilities for a Non-Alien …

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    The 4th edition of the Kochi Biennale, “Possibilities for a Non-Alienated Life” presents over 100 projects displayed in heritage properties, public spaces, and galleries across Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, and Ernakulam on India’s southwestern coast. Curator Anita Dube has invited 94 practitioners from over 30 countries, forming a dynamic set of social contexts and artistic approaches to share, to listen, and even to challenge the space in an environment of radical openness. Through the Biennale platform, independent curators and mediators have created “infra-projects” that respond to or align with Dube’s larger thematic framework: “Edible Archives” curated by Anumitra Ghosh Dastidar and Prima Kurien, “Sister Library” by Aqui Thami, “Srinagar Biennale” by Veer Munshi, and a project by Durgabai Vyam + Subhash Vyam. – 《高知双年展》第四版“非异化生活的可能性”展示了印度西南海岸高知堡、马丹克雷和厄纳库拉姆的100多个遗产、公共空间和画廊项目。馆长Anita Dube邀请了来自30多个国家的94名从业者,形成了一个王朝。在一个彻底开放的环境中,MIC提供了一套分享、倾听甚至挑战空间的社会背景和艺术方法。

  • 来自艾可画廊的王欢或中国当代生产时代

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    On the occasion of the art week in Shanghai in November 2018, Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva met with Adrian H. Wang who took over the direction of AIKE last summer. He shares his coming to the art world and what it means to him to be a gallerist. – 2018年11月,在上海举办的艺术周之际,克里斯蒂娜·桑切斯·科兹列娃会见了去年夏天接任艾可画廊的王欢。他和大家分享他来到艺术界的经历,以及成为一名画廊老板对他意味着什么。

  • 新抽象——第二回展 (群展)

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  • As UK Parliament Prepares to Vote, this Artist is on a Mis …

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    On 9 January 2019, Leave Means Leave – a cross-party pro-Brexit pressure group with close ties to Leave.EU and Nigel Farage – sent a letter to the Charity Commission for England and Wales accusing The Photographers’ Gallery in London of ‘possibly criminal’ use of taxpayers’s money to fund ‘anti-Brexit propaganda’, and demanding that the gallery’s charitable status be withdrawn. Anticipating protest, The Photographers’ Gallery sought legal advice from the Arts Council long before artist Jonas Lund’s propaganda office Operation Earnest Voice (2019) was unveiled. In the Charity Commission guidelines, political activity is considered legitimate on the condition that it supports the delivery of an institution’s charitable purposes. The gallery affirms that Lund’s work fulfils their charitable objective to exhibit new media and technology that responds to the evolving nature of photography in the 21st century – in this case, the targeted dissemination of advertisements that played a pivotal role in the result of the EU referendum. – 2019年1月9日,休假意味着休假——一个与休假关系密切的跨党派支持脱欧的压力集团。欧盟和奈杰尔·法拉奇(Nigel Farage)向英格兰和威尔士慈善委员会(Charity Commission for England Wales)发出了一封信,指控伦敦的摄影师画廊“可能是犯罪的”利用纳税人的钱资助“反脱欧宣传”,并要求泰国政府批准该计划。画廊的慈善地位将被取消。在艺术家Jonas Lund的宣传办公室Operation Earnest Voice(2019)揭幕之前,摄影师的画廊期待着抗议,就向艺术委员会寻求法律建议。在慈善委员会的指导方针中,政治活动被认为是合法的,前提是它支持一个机构的慈善目的的实现。画廊确认,Lund的作品实现了他们的慈善目标,展示新媒体和新技术,以响应21世纪摄影的发展本质——在这种情况下,有针对性地传播广告,这在欧盟公投的结果中起到了关键作用。

  • 超验剧场——文静个展 (个展)

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  • 倪越慧个展——成为 (个展)

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  • Your Guide to the Best Shows at London Gallery-Share Condo …

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    This coming weekend marks the opening of the fourth iteration of Condo, an annual gallery-sharing initiative that brings together galleries from around the world – predominantly from across the USA and Germany, as well as others from Egypt, South Africa, Chile and China. Started here in London in 2016 by Vanessa Carlos, owner of Carlos/Ishikawa, it’s a month-long ‘collaborative exhibition’, which has since spawned Condos in New York, Mexico City, Shanghai, and smaller versions last year in Athens and Sao Paulo. Other gallery cooperation models had existed before, like Amsterdam gallerist Jeanine Hofland’s one-day mini fair, A Petite Fair, or the ‘Villa’ project initiated by Raster Gallery in Warsaw in 2006. However, Condo has proved a timely spark at a time of smaller- and mid-size gallery closures and blue-chip consolidation, inspiring other similar style projects such as Okey Dokey in Dusseldorf and Cologne, Friend of a Friend in Warsaw, and Gallery Share Los Angeles. As the idea expands, Condo London has accordingly grown each year, with this year’s edition featuring 52 galleries over 18 spaces across London. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so here’s a quick guide to some of the highlights: – 即将到来的这个周末标志着第四代公寓的开幕,这是一个年度画廊分享计划,汇集了来自世界各地的画廊——主要来自美国和德国,以及来自埃及、南非、智利和中国的其他画廊。由Carlos/Ishikawa的所有者Vanessa Carlos于2016年在伦敦开始,这是一个为期一个月的“合作展览”,自那以后,它在纽约、墨西哥城、上海以及去年在雅典和圣保罗催生了一些小型公寓。其他画廊合作模式以前也存在过,如阿姆斯特丹画廊珍妮霍夫兰的一天迷你展、小型展览会或2006年华沙光栅画廊发起的“别墅”项目。然而,事实证明,在中小型画廊关闭和蓝筹股整合的时代,公寓是一个及时的火花,激励了其他类似风格的项目,如杜塞尔多夫和科隆的奥基·多基,华沙一个朋友的朋友的朋友,以及洛杉矶的画廊共享。随着这个想法的扩展,伦敦公寓每年都有相应的增长,今年的版本在伦敦有52个画廊,超过18个空间。这里有很多要介绍的地方,下面是一些要点的快速指南: