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  • Actress Lucy Liu’s Handmade Books and Movie Monsters: the …

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    State of Motion: A Fear of Monsters National Library Building and 11 Kampong Bugis 23 January – 24 February 2019 – 运动状态:对怪物的恐惧

  • Miltos Manetas on his project for the Athens Biennial, nev …

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    Mara Sartore: This year you participated in the Athens Biennial, without setting foot in your hometown, can you tell us about how you managed this? – 玛拉·萨托雷:今年你参加了雅典双年展,没有踏足你的家乡,你能告诉我们你是如何管理这个项目的吗?

  • How the Instagram Egg Broke the Internet and Became a Stud …

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    A few months ago, a friend went on a technology-free retreat in rural Sweden. Run by an organization called Home, it was billed as a five-day course in ‘making sense of the mess the world is in’. The screen-free aspect of the programme was intended to bring people together and, in freeing them from distractions, stimulate a discussion about the ‘broken culture’ that we live in. Needless to say, it did not end well for this friend. – 几个月前,一位朋友在瑞典农村进行了一次无需技术的静修。它由一个名为“家”的组织管理,被称为“了解世界的混乱状况”的五天课程。该节目的无屏幕部分旨在将人们聚集在一起,并在将他们从分心中解放出来的同时,激发人们对我们所生活的“破碎文化”的讨论。不用说,这个朋友的结局并不好。

  • 新抽象——第二回展 (群展)

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  • As UK Parliament Prepares to Vote, this Artist is on a Mis …

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    On 9 January 2019, Leave Means Leave – a cross-party pro-Brexit pressure group with close ties to Leave.EU and Nigel Farage – sent a letter to the Charity Commission for England and Wales accusing The Photographers’ Gallery in London of ‘possibly criminal’ use of taxpayers’s money to fund ‘anti-Brexit propaganda’, and demanding that the gallery’s charitable status be withdrawn. Anticipating protest, The Photographers’ Gallery sought legal advice from the Arts Council long before artist Jonas Lund’s propaganda office Operation Earnest Voice (2019) was unveiled. In the Charity Commission guidelines, political activity is considered legitimate on the condition that it supports the delivery of an institution’s charitable purposes. The gallery affirms that Lund’s work fulfils their charitable objective to exhibit new media and technology that responds to the evolving nature of photography in the 21st century – in this case, the targeted dissemination of advertisements that played a pivotal role in the result of the EU referendum. – 2019年1月9日,休假意味着休假——一个与休假关系密切的跨党派支持脱欧的压力集团。欧盟和奈杰尔·法拉奇(Nigel Farage)向英格兰和威尔士慈善委员会(Charity Commission for England Wales)发出了一封信,指控伦敦的摄影师画廊“可能是犯罪的”利用纳税人的钱资助“反脱欧宣传”,并要求泰国政府批准该计划。画廊的慈善地位将被取消。在艺术家Jonas Lund的宣传办公室Operation Earnest Voice(2019)揭幕之前,摄影师的画廊期待着抗议,就向艺术委员会寻求法律建议。在慈善委员会的指导方针中,政治活动被认为是合法的,前提是它支持一个机构的慈善目的的实现。画廊确认,Lund的作品实现了他们的慈善目标,展示新媒体和新技术,以响应21世纪摄影的发展本质——在这种情况下,有针对性地传播广告,这在欧盟公投的结果中起到了关键作用。

  • Blow it to Smithereens? The Fate of Berthold Lubetkin’s Mo …

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    ‘Perhaps it’s time to blow it to smithereens’ – with this comment Sasha Lubetkin, the daughter of modernist architect Berthold, has reignited the debate over what to do with the Penguin Pool at London Zoo, which has sat abandoned for more than a decade after its little waddling inhabitants were removed. The fate of this tiny Grade I listed structure, frivolous and avant garde in equal measure, is a microcosm of the legacy of modernist architecture in the UK, which for some reason is still capable of stirring up culture war angst almost a century later. – “也许是时候把它炸成碎片了”——现代主义建筑师伯托德的女儿萨沙·鲁贝特金(Sasha Lubetkin)发表了这一评论,重新引发了关于如何处理伦敦动物园企鹅池的争论。在伦敦动物园的企鹅池被移走后,企鹅池被遗弃了十多年。这座小小的一级建筑的命运,同样是轻浮前卫的,是英国现代主义建筑遗产的缩影,出于某种原因,它在近一个世纪后仍然能够激起文化战争的焦虑。

  • 黎光顶——净土 (个展)

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  • 白夜——关伟伟个展 (个展)

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    青年艺术家关伟伟1986年生于山西长治,本科和研究生毕业于天津美术学院。此前与我们在Hi21 新锐艺术市集上有过多次合作,此次在上海hiart space的展览是关伟伟的第一次个展,共带来近三年来创作的的35件作品。

  • Lapis Lazuli in Medieval Nun’s Teeth Reveals Forgotten His …

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    Flecks of rare blue pigment found in a skeleton show women were also skilled manuscript painters 900 years ago – 骨骼中发现的罕见蓝色斑点表明,900年前,女性也是熟练的手稿画家。