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  • Critic’s Guide to Berlin Art Week – 评论家柏林艺术周 …

    2018.10.18 · 发表评论

    Candice Breitz, TLDR, 2017, 13-channel video installation. Courtesy: Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, Kaufmann Repetto, Milan, KOW, Berlin – Candice Breitz,TLDR,2017, 13通道视频安装。礼貌:Gooman画廊,约翰内斯堡,Kaufmann Repetto,米兰,KOW,柏林

  • What to See at DC Open and Okey-Dokey II – 在DC开放 …

    2018.10.18 · 发表评论

    Natalie Häusler, ‘Honey’
    KIT (Kunst im Tunnel), Düsseldorf
    23 June – 23 SeptemberAt KIT, an unused tunnel under the Rhine, Natalie Häusler makes use of the special spatial situation to create a kind of idyllic underwater garden. The central work is the 10-metre long Kneipp basin Bethsabée reste au bains ((Bathsheba at her Bath, 2018), whose outer tiles make up a text that can be read by walking round the basin several times. But the story can also be followed on headphones: the artist has rewritten the biblical story of Bathsheba and David to give the woman an active role in rejecting the horny voyeuristic King. Loving the motor-cycle (2017) also speaks of the difficulty of obsessions. Visitors sit on a stationary Honda racing bike listening to a kind of podcast in which Häusler and a friend talk about her friend’s young daughter who has a fascination with motorbikes, at the same time as being insanely scared of them. I won’t give away whether or not little Ada overcomes her fear. Suffice to say that even in the garden of desire, every rose has its thorn. – 娜塔利·H·苏斯勒:“亲爱的”

  • Why the Art World Needs to Stand Up to the UK’s ‘Humiliati …

    2018.08.15 · 发表评论

    With authors, curators and musicians recently denied entry, the UK is fast painting itself as a cultural pariah – 由于作者、策展人和音乐家最近拒绝进入,英国正在迅速将自己描绘成一个文化贱民。

  • Judy Chicago Hits Back at ‘Dinner Party’ Criticism – …

    2018.08.14 · 发表评论

    In further news: UK class gap impacting young people’s engagement with the arts; Uffizi goes digital; British Museum helps return Iraqi antiquities – 另一则新闻:英国阶级差距影响年轻人与艺术的接触;Uffizi走向数字化;大英博物馆帮助返回伊拉克古物

  • Performing Ian White: A Choice in the Matter or The Room W …

    2018.08.06 · 发表评论

    Watching Sharon Hayes and Evan Ifekoya pay homage to the late artist at Camden Arts Centre and remembering his ‘structured anarchy’ – 看着Sharon Hayes和Evan Ifekoya向卡姆登艺术中心的已故艺术家致敬,并回忆起他的“结构化无政府状态”。

  • Than Hussein Clarks's Politics of Melodrama – …

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    The artist queers the canonical histories of art and theatre, pointing to how things might actively and fantastically engage in being otherwise – 艺术家怪异于艺术和戏剧的典范历史,指出事物是如何积极地和不可思议地参与其他事物的。

  • ‘I Get the Feeling You’re Completely Indestructible’: Elai …

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    The poet on the ‘strange portability’ of life on the road ‘Don’t say “What”’, the customs agent barks at me through the plexiglass membrane dividing France from the UK. I hadn’t made out his question and now I’m frozen in the face of this unexpected puzzle. What do I say besides ‘what?’ – 诗人在路上的“奇怪的便携性”上说:“不要说“什么”,海关代理人通过把法国和英国分开的有机玻璃对我吠叫。我还没有提出他的问题,现在我面对这个意想不到的难题被冻结了。除了“什么”之外,我还能说什么?’

  • Earth Overshoot Day: What Can Artists Do? – 地球超调 …

    2018.08.04 · 发表评论

    Five of the best recent artist projects that show alternatives to unsustainable practicesToday is Earth Overshoot Day, which means that humankind has now used more natural resources since 1 January than the planet can regenerate in an entire year. This year, Earth Overshoot Day comes two days earlier than it did last year – its earliest date since it was first marked in 2006, in October. Since then, the world has been using up its yearly provision at an ever-increasing rate; we currently use 1.7 Earths per year. – 最近五个最好的艺术家项目展示了不可持续实践的替代品是“地球过冲日”,这意味着人类自1月1日以来使用的自然资源比整个地球一年都能再生。今年,地球超调日比去年提前了两天,这是自十月首次在2006开始的最早日期。从那时起,世界一直在以每年不断增加的速度使用它,我们目前每年使用1.7个地球。

  • The US’s Delay in Naming an Artist for the Venice Biennale …

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    Trump’s State Department is more than 3 months late in announcing its national pavilion – testament to the chaos engulfing the administration – 特朗普国务院在宣布其国家馆晚了3个多月,这证明了混乱吞噬了政府。