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  • "A Sold-Out Success" – "a售完成功"

    2019.02.20 · "A Sold-Out Success" – "a售完成功"已关闭评论

    We could not have hoped for a better inaugural edition of Frieze Los Angeles in terms of attendance, atmosphere and sales – Victoria Siddall, Director of Frieze Fairs – 从出席人数、气氛和销售情况来看,我们不可能希望洛杉矶Frieze的开幕式能有一个更好的版本——Frieze Fairs总监Victoria Siddall

  • Frieze周:周五概况

    2019.02.14 · Frieze周:周五概况已关闭评论


  • 纽约弗里兹雕塑:洛克菲勒中心的新公共艺术计划

    2019.02.06 · 纽约弗里兹雕塑:洛克菲勒中心的新公共艺术计划已关闭评论

    2019年2月5日至2019年4月至6月,纽约弗里兹雕塑将由布雷特·利特曼(Brett Littman)策展,并与世界顶尖画廊合作,开展为期两个月的大型艺术活动,为纽约人和曼哈顿市中心的国际游客提供一系列令人兴奋的艺术作品。

  • 第24届国际现代与当代艺术博览会 MIART 2019发布

    2019.02.03 · 第24届国际现代与当代艺术博览会 MIART 2019发布已关闭评论

    由米兰国际艺术博览会(Fiera Milano)主办的第24届国际现代与当代艺术博览会 MIART 2019 将于4月5日至7日在米兰举行。Alessandro Rabottini宣布,来自19个国家的186个画廊将分为七个部分,将展出现代大师、当代知名艺术家、新兴人才和设计师的作品。

  • The Long March: Marking 40 Years of Reform and Development …

    2018.12.28 · The Long March: Marking 40 Years of Reform and Development in China – 长征:中国改革开放40年已关闭评论

    The year 2018 marked 40 years of reform and development in China. However, a gloomy reality has overshadowed the democratic aspirations that many within and outside of the country had associated with the implementation of a market economy. Initially reform and opening up served as an engine to transform China from an impoverished state to a formidable economic power. Yet the process of de-politicization following the student movement in 1989 set the ball rolling on a singular economic track. In 2018, mirroring the rise of right-wing strongmen across the world, everyday life and intellectual discussion have been increasingly subject to tightened surveillance and controls as President Xi consolidates his own powerbase. – 2018年是中国改革开放40年的一年。然而,令人沮丧的现实掩盖了国内外许多人与实行市场经济有关的民主愿望。最初,改革开放是中国从一个贫穷国家转变为一个强大经济力量的引擎。然而,1989年学生运动之后的去政治化进程使经济走上了一条奇特的轨道。2018,反映了右翼强人在世界各地的崛起,日常生活和知识分子的讨论越来越受到严密的监视和控制,因为席总统巩固了自己的权力基础。

  • “Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New C …

    2018.12.25 · “Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New Curators for Frieze New York 2019 – “推动艺术博览会的界限”:纽约2019年新馆长已关闭评论

    Patrick Charpenel, Courtney J. Martin and Franklin Sirmans will join Frieze New York 2019An unprecedented number of museum leaders will collaborate on new themed sections and artist commissions at the 2019 edition of Frieze New York.  – Patrick Char.l、Courtney J. Martin和Franklin Sirmans将加入Frieze纽约2019博物馆。数量空前的博物馆领导人将在2019年版的《Frieze New.》上就新的主题部分和艺术家委员会进行合作。

  • Announcing Frieze Projects Los Angeles – 洛杉矶Friez …

    2018.12.25 · Announcing Frieze Projects Los Angeles – 洛杉矶Frieze项目公告已关闭评论

    At the launch edition of Frieze Los Angeles (February 15-17, 2019), artist projects will be encountered around the New York Street backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios, in buildings, streets, and interior spaces that have been captured countless times on screen. Frieze Projects will create a disorienting atmosphere where visitors are in two places at once: an artificial New York City within Los Angeles. – 在《弗里德斯·洛杉矶》(2019年2月15-17日)的启动版上,派拉蒙电影制片厂纽约街的背景区、无数次在银幕上被捕捉的建筑、街道和室内空间中,将会遇到艺术家项目。Frieze Projects将创造一种迷惑人心的氛围,游客同时身处两个地方:洛杉矶的人造纽约市。

  • Weekend Reading List: As Brazil’s Far-Right Takes Power wi …

    2018.12.25 · Weekend Reading List: As Brazil’s Far-Right Takes Power with Bolsonaro, What Should the Art World Do? – 周末阅读清单:当巴西的极右派与博尔索纳罗齐头并进,艺术世界应该怎么做?已关闭评论

    The importance of art classes; Egon Schiele’s legacy and Hito Steyerl’s favourite films: what to read this weekend – 艺术课的重要性;伊冈·希尔的遗产和海藤·斯蒂尔最喜欢的电影:这个周末读什么

  • Looking Back 2018: The Year in TV – 回顾2018年:电视年

    2018.12.25 · Looking Back 2018: The Year in TV – 回顾2018年:电视年已关闭评论

    About a decade ago, I took part in a panel discussion at Frieze Art Fair that centred on what television scholars call the ‘qualitative turn’, that which is more popularly referred to as ‘the golden age of television’. In short, TV that behaves like ‘art’, which is to say: TV that showcases the bourgeois socio-aesthetic gestures and postures that once set the novel apart from the fable, pictorialism apart from photography as mere recording, Italian neorealism from Hollywood, and so on. I was joined by the philosopher Aaron Schuster, the artist Melanie Gilligan and the BBC producer Jonty Claypole and, in spite of our individual disciplines, we all acknowledged this trend. We did not, however, see eye-to-eye on what it entailed: mode of narration, visual register, character study, tone, production values, politics? – 大约十年前,我在Frieze艺术博览会上参加了一个小组讨论,集中讨论电视学者们称之为“质变”的问题,也就是更普遍地称为“电视的黄金时代”。简而言之,表现得像“艺术”的电视,也就是说:展示曾经使小说与寓言相区别的资产阶级社会审美姿态和姿态的电视,与摄影相区别的仅作为录音的图画主义,来自好莱坞的意大利新现实主义等等。哲学家亚伦·舒斯特、艺术家梅兰妮·吉利根和BBC制片人乔蒂·克莱波尔也加入了我的行列,尽管我们各自有自己的学科,但我们都承认这种趋势。然而,我们没有就它所包含的内容达成共识:叙事模式、视觉语域、人物研究、语调、生产价值、政治?