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  • 凯琳·威尔逊·戈尔迪:比达耶

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  • From V&A Dundee to South London Gallery, The Year in B …

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    ‘London is Re-Open’, an updated version of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s 2016 slogan should read, following the recent completion of renovations, refurbishments and low-key extensions across a flurry of the city’s cultural institutions. Most successful among them has been Haworth Tompkins’s 12-year project at Battersea Arts Centre, the scope of which was dramatically expanded after a catastrophic fire in 2015. The firm’s work on the Grand Hall is a masterful combination of conservation and reconstruction – the space’s charred walls remain as testament to the blaze, while the new plywood ceiling abstracts the destroyed plaster pattern of its 19th century predecessor, once part of the town hall.   – “伦敦重新开放”,这是萨迪克·汗市长2016年口号的更新版本,最近完成了整修、翻新和城市文化机构的低调扩建。其中最成功的是哈沃斯·汤普金斯在巴特西艺术中心的为期12年的项目,在2015年的一场灾难性火灾后,该项目的规模大大扩大了。该公司在大厅的工作是保护和重建的巧妙结合-空间的烧焦的墙壁仍然作为火焰的证明,而新的胶合板天花板抽象出其19世纪前任,曾经是市政厅的一部分被破坏的石膏图案。γ

  • The Best Art Exhibitions in Seoul – 汉城最佳艺术展

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    Choi Jeong Hwa, ‘Blooming Matrix’ MMCA SEOUL 5 September 2018 – 10 February 2019Choi Jeong Hwa is the fourth artist to be selected for the annual MMCA Hyundai Motor Series to show ambitious new works in the Korean capital. Filling MMCA’s cavernous galleries can be a tall order for most artists, but Choi is no stranger to filling vast spaces, usually employing great quantities of cheap, disposable items found on the streets and at local flea markets. – Choi Jeong Hwa,“开花矩阵”

  • Time Interrupted at Toulouse’s Contemporary Art Biennial & …

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    Springtime in September – the defining concept of the Toulouse contemporary art biennial – seems, right now, like an immensely pleasing prospect. At the blustery conclusion of a summer that has been, depending on your predicament or point of view, either a blissful heatwave haze or an unsettling foretaste of the apocalyptic climate to come, there might be few things more attractive than the impossible dream of turning back time, putting the weather in rewind, hitting refresh on spring. Such, it might seem, is the fanciful aspiration of ‘Le Printemps de Septembre’. Under the directorship of veteran curator Christian Bernard, this richly varied biennial once again invites us to share in an autumn-replacing printemps: an abundant flowering of art across a city and its environs – an offer that has, on the face of it, an upbeat, benevolent civic generosity. Art, we might presume, is like spring: with it comes revival, new life, more light. – 九月的春天——图卢兹当代艺术双年展的定义性概念——看起来,现在,像是一个非常令人愉快的前景。根据你的困境或观点,在即将到来的夏天即将到来的狂风暴雨的结束之时,不管是喜庆的热浪阴霾,还是令人不安的末日气候的预感,没有什么事情比倒退时间的不可能的梦想更有吸引力了。天气倒退,在春天打刷新。这样看来,这可能是“九月”的幻想。在资深馆长克里斯蒂安·伯纳德的指导下,这个丰富多彩的两年一度的展览会再次邀请我们分享一个秋天取代的王子们:一个城市及其周边地区艺术的盛开——表面上,这个提议是一个乐观、仁慈的公民慷慨。我们可以想象,艺术就像春天:伴随着复兴,新的生命,更多的光。

  • Rebecca Belmore: The Aesthetics of Indigenous Protest R …

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    In the summer of 1990, the Canadian government deployed the largest number of troops since the Korean War. Tanks and guns and jackbooted soldiers arrived not overseas but in the small Quebecois town of Oka to enforce the construction of an additional nine holes on a local golf course. The extension of the leisure class’ grass playground would mean further destruction of The Pines, a traditional burial ground of the nearby Mohawk communities of Kanehsatàke and Kahnawake. In response to this threat, approximately 30 Mohawk men erected a barricade to block entrance into The Pines. After confrontation with local police, this blockade swelled. Canadian media and official record called it the Oka Crisis; for the Mohawks, it was the Oka Uprising. This, too, is how it is remembered by the hundreds of Native peoples throughout North America who followed the blockade on television, or travelled to join in arms, or learned about it years later, as I did from a future elder. As the artist Rebecca Belmore has said: ‘All Native people were affected by that summer.’ Like the shooting down of General George Custer during the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876, it is one of our beloved victories. – 1990夏季,加拿大政府自朝鲜战争以来部署了最多的军队。坦克、枪支和轻便马靴的士兵没有到达海外,而是到达了魁北克小镇奥卡,在当地的高尔夫球场上建造了另外九个洞。休閒阶层的草地游乐场的扩展将意味着松树园的进一步破坏,松树园是邻近的莫霍克社区Kanehsatàke和Kahnawake的传统墓地。为了应对这一威胁,大约30名莫霍克人竖起路障阻止松树进入。在与当地警察发生冲突后,封锁加强了。加拿大媒体和官方记录称这是OKA危机;对于莫霍克人来说,这是奥卡起义。这也是北美各地数百个土著民族如何记住的,他们跟随电视上的封锁,或前往参加武装,或多年后了解它,就像我从未来的长辈那里做的那样。正如艺术家丽贝卡·贝尔莫尔(Rebecca Belmore)所说:“所有原住民都受到那个夏天的影响。”就像1876年在小巨角战役中乔治·卡斯特将军被击毙一样,这是我们最爱的胜利之一。

  • The Best of London's September Exhibitions – 伦 …

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    As the summer comes to a close, we shuffle back indoors to replenish in the soothing shadows; switch on the neon lights and/or projectors, print out press releases, and settle in for a new season of shows. – 夏天快要结束了,我们拖着脚步回到室内,在柔和的阴影中补充能量;打开霓虹灯和/或投影仪,打印新闻稿,安顿下来迎接新一季的节目。

  • A Guide to Brussels Gallery Weekend – 布鲁塞尔画廊周 …

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    ‘Wiggle’ Galerie Greta Meert 7 September – 20 OctoberUnfurling across Galerie Greta Meert’s three floors, ‘Wiggle’ showcases the work of 15 international artists who use sculpture to interrogate the notion of materiality beyond simple denotation. Donald Judd uses stacks and blocks to create non-referential works of art while Terry Adkins assembles locally found objects such as musical instruments and reintroduces them as resounding installations. Katinka Bock experiments with natural materials, using clay ceramic liquid and webbing to articulate thoughts on history and geography and on the other end of the spectrum, Diane Simpson’s work transfigures clothing, furniture and industrial architecture into sculptures that are an observation of the architectonic vs. the domestic. Countering painter Ad Reinhardt’s modernist joke that a sculpture is a thing that you ‘bump into while you back up to look at a painting’, the group show pushes back against convention, giving the form more leeway than tradition has previously allowed. – “摇摆”

  • Women in the Arts: Charlotte Day – 艺术中的女性:Cha …

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    ‘We need more advocates across gender lines and emphatic leaders in museums and galleries to create inclusive, supportive and generative spaces’ – 我们需要更多的跨越性别界限的倡导者和博物馆和画廊的强调领袖来创造包容性、支持性和生成性的空间。

  • What's Free About Free Space? Around the 2018 Venice …

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    From Assemble’s marbled floor tiles to Peter Zumthor’s mixed-media miniatures, Emily King reports from the main exhibition – 从组装大理石地板砖到彼得·卒姆托的混合媒体缩影,Emily King从主要展览报告