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  • The Best of London's September Exhibitions – 伦 …

    2018.10.21 · 发表评论

    As the summer comes to a close, we shuffle back indoors to replenish in the soothing shadows; switch on the neon lights and/or projectors, print out press releases, and settle in for a new season of shows. – 夏天快要结束了,我们拖着脚步回到室内,在柔和的阴影中补充能量;打开霓虹灯和/或投影仪,打印新闻稿,安顿下来迎接新一季的节目。

  • Mourning and Melancholy in the History of Class Struggle i …

    2018.10.19 · 发表评论

    Vast sky overhead, plains stretching toward the horizon – O, pioneers! For centuries, in the US, a myth of the West has been a cudgel to beat onward a national (and nationalist) idea of prosperity and freedom, wrested in blood. It’s a fairy tale largely told through popular films, television programmes and novels. In these stories, cowboys and homesteaders embody a loner ideal of rugged individualism inextricably linked to a surging free market, striking gold for Christ in the Mormon State of Deseret. But, against this perception of a boundless US interior, the actual political history of the Plains offers up countless examples of the limits capitalism has placed on the region and its political imagination. Given that much of this history plays almost no part in our popular images of the West, we might turn to recent and newly restored art and, in particular, film and photography, for images that re-assert the primacy of the working class in this region. These works also resist the melancholy that has been pervasive in the leftist retelling of the rise and fall of the US labour movement. There are two histories of the region – a landscape conjoined in desert, plains, beaches and old-growth forest, stretching west of the Mississippi to the glinting Pacific and curtailed only by the artificial borders with Canada and Mexico. First, one of so-called manifest destiny; second, one of work. – 浩瀚的天际,平原向地平线延伸—-O,拓荒者!几个世纪以来,在美国,西方的神话一直是一根棍子,用来打败在鲜血中挣扎的民族(以及民族主义者)的繁荣和自由观念。这是一个童话故事,主要通过流行的电影、电视节目和小说来讲述。在这些故事中,牛仔和家园主们体现了一种孤独的理想,这种理想与激增的自由市场密不可分,在摩门教的笛斯特州为基督敲出金牌。但是,与这种认为美国内陆无边无际的观点相反,大平原的实际政治历史提供了无数的例子,说明资本主义对该地区及其政治想象力的限制。鉴于这段历史中的大部分几乎不在我们对西方流行的印象中扮演任何角色,我们可能会转向最近和新近恢复的艺术,尤其是电影和摄影,来寻找那些重申该地区工人阶级首要地位的图像。这些作品也抵御了美国劳工运动兴衰的左翼复述中弥漫的忧郁情绪。这个地区有两段历史——沙漠、平原、海滩和古老的森林交织在一起,从密西西比州西部一直延伸到闪烁的太平洋,只因与加拿大和墨西哥的人工边界而受到限制。首先,一个所谓的命运;第二,一个工作。

  • Lacrima: Viviane Sassen’s Specially Commissioned Homage to …

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    The title of my visual essay is the Latin word for tear. When Lee Miller left her lover Man Ray, he created one of his most famous photographs, Larmes (Tears, 1930–32), which depicts a woman whose weeping has been transformed into glass beads. The image embodies the idea of sorrow or trauma – a driving force for both Miller and myself and one that continues to inform my work. – 我的视觉散文标题是拉丁语的眼泪。当李·米勒离开她的情人曼雷时,他创作了一张他最著名的照片,拉姆斯(泪水,1930-32),描绘了一个女人的哭泣已经变成了玻璃珠。这幅画体现了悲伤或创伤的思想——一种对米勒和我都具有推动力的力量,一种继续影响我工作的力量。

  • From Negatives to Pixels: Alternative Histories at the V&a …

    2018.10.18 · 发表评论

    On a recent train journey, I overheard a woman, inspired by an especially picturesque landscape, remark to her travelling companion: ‘I should get a photo of that…where’s my phone?’ There is nothing immediately unusual about this in 2018. Though in no history of photography that I’ve ever encountered has Alexander Graham Bell’s name appeared. Despite this, for the past decade, the most common implement used to make photographs is indeed a telephone. And the perception is that the camera is in the phone, not the other way round. Nobody ever says, ‘I need to make a call, where’s my camera’. – 在最近的一次火车旅行中,我偶然听到一位受风景特别优美启发的妇女对她的旅伴说:“我应该拍张照片……我的手机在哪里?”在2018,这件事没有什么不寻常的地方。虽然我从未见过摄影史,但亚历山大·格拉汉姆·贝尔的名字却出现了。尽管如此,在过去的十年中,最常用的制作照片的工具实际上是一部电话。感觉是相机在电话里,而不是反过来。没有人会说:“我需要打个电话,我的相机在哪里。”

  • Women in the Arts: Pearl Lam – 艺术中的女性:Pearl Lam

    2018.08.06 · 发表评论

    ‘My struggle has not been an issue with gender; my struggle has been that I started out when there wasn’t really an established art world’ – “我的奋斗并不是一个性别问题,我的奋斗是在没有真正建立起来的艺术世界的时候开始的。”

  • Than Hussein Clarks's Politics of Melodrama – …

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    The artist queers the canonical histories of art and theatre, pointing to how things might actively and fantastically engage in being otherwise – 艺术家怪异于艺术和戏剧的典范历史,指出事物是如何积极地和不可思议地参与其他事物的。

  • The US’s Delay in Naming an Artist for the Venice Biennale …

    2018.08.04 · 发表评论

    Trump’s State Department is more than 3 months late in announcing its national pavilion – testament to the chaos engulfing the administration – 特朗普国务院在宣布其国家馆晚了3个多月,这证明了混乱吞噬了政府。

  • Is the Writing on the Wall for Beijing’s Caochangdi Art Di …

    2018.08.04 · 发表评论

    A number of galleries have recently been marked for demolition, and a number more fear for their long-term survival – 最近,一些画廊被标示为拆除,更多的人担心他们的长期生存。