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  • Actress Lucy Liu’s Handmade Books and Movie Monsters: the …

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    State of Motion: A Fear of Monsters National Library Building and 11 Kampong Bugis 23 January – 24 February 2019 – 运动状态:对怪物的恐惧

  • How the Instagram Egg Broke the Internet and Became a Stud …

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    A few months ago, a friend went on a technology-free retreat in rural Sweden. Run by an organization called Home, it was billed as a five-day course in ‘making sense of the mess the world is in’. The screen-free aspect of the programme was intended to bring people together and, in freeing them from distractions, stimulate a discussion about the ‘broken culture’ that we live in. Needless to say, it did not end well for this friend. – 几个月前,一位朋友在瑞典农村进行了一次无需技术的静修。它由一个名为“家”的组织管理,被称为“了解世界的混乱状况”的五天课程。该节目的无屏幕部分旨在将人们聚集在一起,并在将他们从分心中解放出来的同时,激发人们对我们所生活的“破碎文化”的讨论。不用说,这个朋友的结局并不好。

  • 新倾向——尉洪磊 (个展)

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  • Blow it to Smithereens? The Fate of Berthold Lubetkin’s Mo …

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    ‘Perhaps it’s time to blow it to smithereens’ – with this comment Sasha Lubetkin, the daughter of modernist architect Berthold, has reignited the debate over what to do with the Penguin Pool at London Zoo, which has sat abandoned for more than a decade after its little waddling inhabitants were removed. The fate of this tiny Grade I listed structure, frivolous and avant garde in equal measure, is a microcosm of the legacy of modernist architecture in the UK, which for some reason is still capable of stirring up culture war angst almost a century later. – “也许是时候把它炸成碎片了”——现代主义建筑师伯托德的女儿萨沙·鲁贝特金(Sasha Lubetkin)发表了这一评论,重新引发了关于如何处理伦敦动物园企鹅池的争论。在伦敦动物园的企鹅池被移走后,企鹅池被遗弃了十多年。这座小小的一级建筑的命运,同样是轻浮前卫的,是英国现代主义建筑遗产的缩影,出于某种原因,它在近一个世纪后仍然能够激起文化战争的焦虑。

  • 黎光顶——净土 (个展)

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  • Architects: Unsuitable Cases for Stardom? – 建筑师: …

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    By the time Philip Johnson died in 2005, aged 98, his architectural influence and patronage had stretched from (modernist) post to (postmodern) pillar and beyond. Frank Gehry delivered his funeral address. Mark Lamster’s nimble new biography,The Man in the Glass House (2018; Little, Brown), tells two parallel stories: one a Gatsby-like parable of wealth, beauty and immorality (as a fascist and Hitler supporter in the 1930s); the other, the tale of a man who knew that, above everything in life, he wanted influence. Triumphantly, Johnson was to become more notorious than Le Corbusier, as much in the spotlight as Frank Lloyd Wright. He was the first ‘starchitect’.  – 菲利浦·约翰逊于2005年去世,享年98岁,他的建筑影响力和赞誉已经从(现代主义)后柱延伸到(后现代主义)后柱。弗兰克·盖里发表了他的葬礼地址。马克·拉姆斯特(Mark Lamster)灵活的新传记《玻璃屋中的男人》(The Man in the Glass House)(2018;Little,Brown)讲述了两个类似的故事:一个是盖茨比式的财富、美丽和道德败坏的寓言(1930年代是法西斯和希特勒的支持者);另一个是一个男人的故事,他知道,在生活中最重要的是,他想要影响力。成功的是,约翰逊将变得比勒柯布西耶更臭名昭著,正如弗兰克劳埃德赖特一样在聚光灯下。他是第一个“星体”。

  • DENNIS DE BEL—— “搂着点儿您”:蹲在频率、面部识别和粪便之间 …

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    在尼尔·斯蒂芬森1999年出版的传奇小说《编码宝典》中中,数学天才Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse向他的上司厄尔·康斯托克中校炫耀他的新机械发明。康斯托克问:

  • The Boys’ Club Gives Their Last Laugh – 男孩俱乐部发 …

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    Anyone doubting the resurgence of stand-up comedy need look no further than Netflix. In 2013, the streaming service produced five original stand-up specials; in 2018, they released 69 of these hour-long stand-up shows, as well as 25 episodes of stand-up from three discrete series. And popularity isn’t just measured in numbers. In the past few years, comedians have entered mainstream consciousness in a way we haven’t seen since the nineties. – 任何怀疑独立喜剧复兴的人都不需要再看Netflix了。2013年,流媒体服务制作了五个原创展台特辑;2018年,他们发布了69个小时长的展台节目,以及25个独立系列的展台节目。人气不仅仅是用数字来衡量的。在过去的几年里,喜剧演员以一种自90年代以来我们从未见过的方式进入了主流意识。

  • ‘A Chance to Bring Global Communities Together‘ – “ …

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    From the LUMA Foundation in Arles, France, to the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, USA to M Woods in Beijing: some of the most significant – and exciting – art spaces in the world today are private museums – open for the benefit of the public but supported and, to some extent, directed by private individuals. – 从法国阿尔勒的LUMA基金会,到美国本顿维尔的水晶桥艺术博物馆,到北京的M Woods:当今世界上最重要和最令人兴奋的艺术空间中有一些是私人博物馆——为了公众利益而开放,但在一定程度上是由私人引导的。