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  • "A Sold-Out Success" – "a售完成功"

    2019.02.20 · 发表评论

    We could not have hoped for a better inaugural edition of Frieze Los Angeles in terms of attendance, atmosphere and sales – Victoria Siddall, Director of Frieze Fairs – 从出席人数、气氛和销售情况来看,我们不可能希望洛杉矶Frieze的开幕式能有一个更好的版本——Frieze Fairs总监Victoria Siddall

  • “It’s important to bring dirt into museum and gallery spac …

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    Rafa Esparza grew up painting and drawing but was more familiar with the murals and crafts within his family and community than with contemporary galleries or museums. As he got older, he nurtured a relationship to performance by joining his East L.A. neighbors’ sweat lodges and ceremonies, questioning their creation myths and rigid gender roles while enacting their ancient traditions. The modern institution would become more alienating, so he went back outside. – 拉法埃斯帕扎在绘画和绘画方面长大,但他对家庭和社区中的壁画和工艺品比对当代画廊或博物馆更熟悉。随着年龄的增长,他加入了他的东洛杉矶邻居的汗流浃背和仪式,在继承他们古老的传统的同时质疑他们的创造神话和僵化的性别角色,从而培养了与表演的关系。现代制度会变得更加疏远,所以他回到外面去了。

  • Jenn Nkiru: 'Black to Techno' – Jenn Nkiru …

    2019.02.15 · 发表评论

    A cursory glance at the history of techno music suggests paradoxes. The product of an intersection of factors and influences resolutely local to a certain time in the urban American Midwest, it soon found a passionate audience halfway around the world, in West Berlin. Embedded in black, working and middle class experience, it became an expression of revolutionary hope and optimism.  In Black to Techno, Jenn Nkiru explores the origins and impact of the radical musical movement that originated in Detroit in precisely this complexity. – 粗略地看一眼技术音乐的历史,就会发现悖论。由于各种因素和影响的交集,在美国中西部城市的某个特定时间内,它很快在世界各地的西柏林找到了热情的听众。在黑人、工人和中产阶级的经验中,它成为了革命希望和乐观主义的一种表达。在《从黑人到技术》中,Jenn Nkiru探讨了起源于底特律的激进音乐运动的起源和影响,正是这种复杂性。

  • Frieze周:周四概况

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  • Removal of Parthenon Marbles Was a ‘Creative Act’, Says Br …

    2019.01.30 · 发表评论

    Hartwig Fischer has caused anger with his ‘imperialist’ statements after ruling out returning the marbles to Greece – 在排除将大理石归还希腊后,哈特维格·费舍尔对他的“帝国主义”言论感到愤怒。

  • US Vice President’s Wife Karen Pence ‘Excited’ to Teach Ar …

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    The US Second Lady has agreed to teach art at a Christian school in Virginia that bans LGBTQ+ students, teachers and parents – 美国第二夫人同意在弗吉尼亚州的一所基督教学校教授艺术,该学校禁止LGBTQ+学生、教师和家长。

  • Q&A: @gangculture – 问&A: @帮派文化

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    Frieze has collaborated with Los Angeles-based photographer Trevor Hernandez on a photo series to launch Frieze Los Angeles. Celebrated as @gangculture on Instagram, Hernandez’s commission for Frieze reframes Paramount Pictures Studios from the artist’s distinctive, surrealist perspective, exposing uncanny compositions on the working lot and within the urban Los Angeles landscape. Hernandez’s work for Frieze Los Angeles will be featured on frieze.com, across social media and on visual advertising world-wide. – Frieze与洛杉矶的摄影师Trevor Hernandez合作拍摄了一系列照片,推出了Frieze Los Angeles。Hernandez的Frieze委员会以“Instagram上的帮派文化”而闻名,它从艺术家独特的超现实主义视角重新塑造了派拉蒙电影制片厂,揭露了工作场所和洛杉矶城市景观中不可思议的构图。Hernandez为Frieze Los Angeles所做的工作将在frieze.com、社交媒体和全球视觉广告上展出。

  • Announcing Frieze Projects Los Angeles – 洛杉矶Friez …

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    At the launch edition of Frieze Los Angeles (February 15-17, 2019), artist projects will be encountered around the New York Street backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios, in buildings, streets, and interior spaces that have been captured countless times on screen. Frieze Projects will create a disorienting atmosphere where visitors are in two places at once: an artificial New York City within Los Angeles. – 在《弗里德斯·洛杉矶》(2019年2月15-17日)的启动版上,派拉蒙电影制片厂纽约街的背景区、无数次在银幕上被捕捉的建筑、街道和室内空间中,将会遇到艺术家项目。Frieze Projects将创造一种迷惑人心的氛围,游客同时身处两个地方:洛杉矶的人造纽约市。

  • First Woman Director Appointed to US National Gallery of A …

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    ‘I’m a feminist, and I have long advocated for gender equality’: Kaywin Feldman will succeed Earl A. Powell III in March 2019 – “我是一名女权主义者,我一直主张男女平等”:凯文·费尔德曼将于2019年3月接替伯爵A·鲍威尔三世。

  • Weekend Reading List: As Brazil’s Far-Right Takes Power wi …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    The importance of art classes; Egon Schiele’s legacy and Hito Steyerl’s favourite films: what to read this weekend – 艺术课的重要性;伊冈·希尔的遗产和海藤·斯蒂尔最喜欢的电影:这个周末读什么