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  • 在威尼斯双年展上,一支由50艘红色帆船组成的舰队将着眼于气候 …

    2019.01.28 · 发表评论

    The artwork on the Venice waterfront will serve as a reminder that the city’s waterways could soon endanger its existence – 威尼斯海滨的艺术作品将提醒人们,威尼斯的水路很快就会危及它的存在。

  • Looking Back 2018: Brazil and the Body-Electric – 回 …

    2019.01.08 · 发表评论

    2018 was a year marked by flames. From California’s recent wildfires to the extinction of the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro in a devastating fire this past September, this was, to say the least, a gruelling year. I suspect that the Brazilian government’s slovenliness with landmark architecture and historical preservation is not far from Trump’s biased blind eye towards climate change; their actions are the outcome of neglect and greed. – 2018年是一个充满火焰的年份。从加利福尼亚最近的野火到去年9月里约热内卢国家博物馆在一场毁灭性的大火中被扑灭,至少可以说,这是一个令人生厌的一年。我怀疑,巴西政府在标志性建筑和历史保护方面的迟缓,离特朗普对气候变化的偏见视而不见不远;他们的行为是忽视和贪婪的结果。

  • Twisted Realities and Speculative Futures: The Year in Lit …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    Considerations of time and speculative worlds kept coming up this year. Carlo Rovelli’s The Order of Time (Allen Lane) helped in my latest effort to understand entropy, and the meaning of time past, present and future in any story that we may try to tell. With chapter titles like ‘The Inadequacy of Grammar’ and ‘The Scent of Madeleine’, Rovelli presents the science with welcome literary and stylistic clarity. In Richard Powers’ arboreal novel, The Overstory, shortlisted for this year’s Booker Prize, Neelay Mehta dedicates his life to a project of world-building and ‘raising decaying corpses’. Neelay is a computer programmer whose simulations grow into full-blown Earth simulacra that will allow future humans to experience the prelapsarian natural world – before it was so blithely destroyed by our species. – 对时间和投机世界的考虑今年不断出现。卡洛·罗维利的《时间秩序》(艾伦·莱恩)帮助我最近努力理解熵,以及过去时间、现在时间以及未来时间在我们试图讲述的任何故事中的意义。罗维利以“语法的不足”和“玛德琳的气息”这样的章节标题向人们展示了科学,在文学和文体上都非常清晰。在理查德·鲍尔斯(Richard Powers)的《树栖小说》中,今年布克奖(Booker Prize)的入围者,尼尔·梅塔(Neelay Mehta)把他的一生献给了一个建设世界和“养育腐烂的尸体”的项目。Neelay是一个计算机程序员,他的模拟成长为成熟的地球模拟,这将允许未来人类体验先天自然世界——在它被我们物种如此快乐地摧毁之前。

  • Weekend Reading List: The Class Divide that Plagues the Ar …

    2018.11.23 · 发表评论

    Rereading Mark Fisher with the publication of his collected writings; Olivia Laing’s Crudo makes the NYT’s ‘100 Notable Books’ – 重新阅读马克·费希尔的作品集;奥利维亚·莱因的《鲁多》成为纽约时报的“100本名著”。

  • Your Guide to Amsterdam Art Weekend 2018 – 2018阿姆 …

    2018.11.23 · 发表评论

    David Claerbout, the “confetti” piece, 2018, film still. Courtesy: the artist and Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam – David Claerbout,《五彩纸片》,2018,电影依旧。礼貌:艺术家和安奈特Gelink画廊,阿姆斯特丹

  • Weekend Reading List: What is Art’s Responsibility in the …

    2018.11.16 · 发表评论

    Stan Lee’s comic book universe; Cerith Wyn Evans on complexity; and is the art world really just about the money? – 斯坦李的漫画书《宇宙》;Cerith Wyn Evans论复杂性;艺术世界真的只是钱吗?

  • One Month After Jamal Khashoggi’s Killing, What’s Left of …

    2018.11.16 · 发表评论

    Earlier this year, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), the effective ruler of Saudi Arabia, went on a diplomatic tour of the United Kingdom and the United States. His aim was to rebrand the Saudi monarchy as an enlightened, reforming institution, and to attract the Western investment that his country desperately needs if it is to end its dependence on oil. On his trip, MBS not only shook hands with Donald Trump and Theresa May, but also met with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Disney CEO Bob Iger. Media coverage, on the whole, was credulously positive, as the supposed young reformer was held up as the new bright hope for Saudi Arabia, and perhaps for the Middle East itself. – 今年早些时候,沙特阿拉伯的有效统治者穆罕默德·本·萨尔曼王储(MBS)对英国和美国进行了外交访问。他的目标是重塑沙特君主制为一个开明的、改革的机构,并吸引西方投资,如果沙特要结束对石油的依赖,西方国家就迫切需要这些投资。在访问期间,MBS不仅与唐纳德·特朗普和特丽莎·梅握手,还与Facebook的马克·扎克伯格、演员德韦恩·约翰逊、迪斯尼的CEO鲍勃·伊格尔会面。总的来说,媒体报道是令人信服的积极的,因为这位所谓的年轻改革者被视作沙特阿拉伯,或许还有中东的新希望。

  • Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee Dies Aged 95 – 奇迹漫画《斯 …

    2018.11.13 · 发表评论

    In further news: Berlin cultural institutions rally against far-right; Tate Liverpool to stage first UK show dedicated to Keith Haring – 进一步的消息:柏林文化机构联合起来反对极右派;泰特·利物浦为基思·哈林举行英国首场演出

  • 从欧洲移民危机看“黑色地中海”

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