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  • Cameron Rowland and the Carceral Laboratory – Camero …

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    On 21 August, prisoners in facilities across the US and Canada launched a strike in response to a riot at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. They issued a list of ten demands, including: the end of prison slavery, life sentences and felon voter disenfranchisement; improved prison conditions; and the re-instatement of Pell Grants for education. Meanwhile, from Greece to California, the world  is literally going up in flames as a result of droughts and rising global temperatures. In California, incarcer ated firefighters are conscripted  to contain these wildfires – one of the many ways that the neoliberal state  relies on the labour of warehoused populations to manage capital’s negative ‘externalities’. The strike began, fittingly, on the 47th anniversary of the killing of George Jackson, the American black activist and author, by prison guards  in San Quentin, San Francisco.  – 8月21日,由于南卡罗来纳州李惩教所发生骚乱,美国和加拿大各地监狱的囚犯发起了罢工。他们提出了一份十项要求,包括:结束监狱奴役、无期徒刑和剥夺重罪选民的权利;改善监狱条件;以及重新发放佩尔教育补助金。同时,从希腊到加利福尼亚,由于干旱和全球气温上升,世界实际上正在熊熊燃烧。在加利福尼亚,被监禁的消防队员被征召去控制这些野火,这是新自由主义国家依靠仓库人口的劳动力来管理首都的负面“外部性”的许多方式之一。这场罢工恰好开始于美国黑人活动家George Jackson和旧金山圣昆廷监狱监护人杀害第四十七周年纪念日。

  • India’s Art World Hit by Sexual Assault Claims; Kochi Bien …

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    In further news: world’s biggest arts venue lands in Taiwan; Brooklyn’s Signal gallery to closeRiyas Komu. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons – 另一则新闻是:世界上最大的艺术会场在台湾登陆;布鲁克林的信号画廊。礼貌:维基媒体共享

  • One Take: Luke Willis Thompson ‘_Human’ – 一个拍摄: …

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    The final line of Frantz Fanon’s impassioned anti-colonial book, Peau noire, masques blancs (Black Skin, White Masks, 1952), is rendered, in English, as follows: ‘O my body, make of me always a man who questions!’ 1 Published in the same year that the term Third World was coined by anthropologist Alfred Sauvy, Fanon’s closing prayer forged a new link between anatomy and the destiny of those that Europe colonized, whose bodies were trafficked into bondage. Routing a sense of corporeal novelty through his own vexed identification with manhood, Fanon’s prayer undermines any attempt to privilege normative masculinity. In asking his body to make of him ‘a man who questions’, Fanon sets himself in opposition to the colonial father who expects a body to mutely follow. As we continue to reckon with the malignant colour-coded hierarchies that we have inherited from slavery and colonialism, so Fanon’s declaration echoes. His term for this legacy’s lingering presence upon the body, ‘a racial epidermal schema’ 2, remains a crucial theoretical phrase for working through our own era, one in which, as cultural theorist Paul Gilroy notes: ‘screens rather than lenses now mediate the pursuit of bodily truths.’ 3 – 弗朗茨·法农充满激情的反殖民主义著作《黑色的珠儿,白色的面具》(黑皮肤,白色的面具,1952)的最后一行用英语写道:“我的身体,让我永远成为一个有问题的人!”同年,人类学家阿尔弗雷德·索维(Alfred Sauvy)创造了“第三世界”这个术语,法农的闭幕式祈祷在解剖学与欧洲殖民者的命运之间建立了新的联系,欧洲殖民者的尸体被贩卖成奴隶。范农的祈祷通过自己对男性身份的烦恼认同,消除了肉体上的新奇感,削弱了任何赋予男性规范特权的企图。在要求他的身体使他成为一个“有问题的人”时,法农把自己置于殖民地父亲的对立中,他希望一个身体默默地跟随他。当我们继续考虑我们从奴隶制和殖民主义中继承下来的恶性的颜色编码等级制度时,范农的宣言引起了共鸣。他对这种遗留物在身体上挥之不去的存在“种族表皮图式”2,仍然是贯穿我们这个时代的关键理论用语,正如文化理论家保罗·吉尔罗伊指出的那样,在这个理论用语中,“屏幕,而不是镜头,现在调解了对身体真理的追求。”

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    Art Institute of Chicago  Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon Courtauld Institute of Art, London Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Kunstmuseum Bern Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York Louvre Museum, Paris  Magasin III, Stockholm Museum Ludwig, Cologne National Gallery, London National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare National Portrait Gallery, London Norval Foundation, Cape Town Parrish Art Museum, Long Island Tate Britain, London Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton – 芝加哥艺术学院

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    Karin Schneider, Sabotage, 2017, installation view CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco. Courtesy: the artist – Karin Schneider,破坏,2017,安装视图CCA WATIS研究所,旧金山。礼貌:艺术家

  • What to See at DC Open and Okey-Dokey II – 在DC开放 …

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    Natalie Häusler, ‘Honey’ KIT (Kunst im Tunnel), Düsseldorf 23 June – 23 SeptemberAt KIT, an unused tunnel under the Rhine, Natalie Häusler makes use of the special spatial situation to create a kind of idyllic underwater garden. The central work is the 10-metre long Kneipp basin Bethsabée reste au bains ((Bathsheba at her Bath, 2018), whose outer tiles make up a text that can be read by walking round the basin several times. But the story can also be followed on headphones: the artist has rewritten the biblical story of Bathsheba and David to give the woman an active role in rejecting the horny voyeuristic King. Loving the motor-cycle (2017) also speaks of the difficulty of obsessions. Visitors sit on a stationary Honda racing bike listening to a kind of podcast in which Häusler and a friend talk about her friend’s young daughter who has a fascination with motorbikes, at the same time as being insanely scared of them. I won’t give away whether or not little Ada overcomes her fear. Suffice to say that even in the garden of desire, every rose has its thorn. – 娜塔利·H·苏斯勒:“亲爱的”

  • Critic’s Guide: Cologne – 评论家指南:Cologne

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    Ahead of the 52nd edition of Art Cologne, your guide to the best shows to see in the cityAna Jotta, ‘DAS – IST – DAS ?’, 2018, invitation card. Courtesy: the artist and Temporary Gallery, Cologne – 在第五十二版科隆艺术展之前,你在《纽约城》的最佳节目《DAS – IST-DAS》中的指南是什么?2018张请柬。礼貌:艺术家和临时画廊,Cologne