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  • 摩登巴黎1914—1945:建筑、设计、电影、时尚

    2023.08.22 · 发表评论

    摩登巴黎1914—1945:建筑、设计、电影、时尚 展期:2023年7月22日—10月20日 地点:上海当代艺术博物馆   2023年7月22日至10月20日,上海当代艺术博物馆将举办展览“摩登巴黎1914—1945...

  • 权河允——咫尺天涯 | 个展

    2019.02.25 · 发表评论

    阿拉里奥画廊上海荣幸宣布,将于2019年2月28日至2019年5月5日举办韩国女性艺术家权河允(b.1981, Hayoun KWON)个展《咫尺天涯 Si proche et pourtant si loin》。权河允现居法国,以影像为主要形式进行创作,作品围绕记忆中的空间探索展开。艺术家曾获法国东京宫新锐艺术家奖(Prix Découverte des Amis du Palais de Tokyo,法国,2015),第62届德国奥博豪森国际短片电影节金奖(The 62nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen,德国,2016)及奥地利电子艺术大奖优异奖(Prix Ars Electronica Distinction,奥地利,2018)。

  • 重蹈现实——来自王兵的影像收藏 | 群展

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  • 庄辉——公元前1650年 | 个展

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  • Ai Weiwei Accuses Producers of Feature Film ‘Berlin I Love …

    2019.02.22 · 发表评论

    The artist alleges that the Cities of Love franchise cut his section to avoid upsetting the Chinese government ahead of a planned project in Shanghai  – 这位艺术家声称,爱之城特许经营权削减了他的部门,以避免在上海的一个计划项目之前让中国政府感到不安。

  • Frame: Emerging Galleries from Across the World – 框 …

    2019.02.20 · 发表评论

    Explore highlights from Frieze New York’s section for solo projects by galleries aged 10 years or younger – 探索Frieze New York的专区中10岁或10岁以下画廊的个人项目的亮点

  • Artist Anri Sala Revisits an Old Communist Hymn – 艺 …

    2019.02.19 · 发表评论

    The opening notes of Eugène Pottier’s L’Internationale would be familiar to many: the song has been utilized as the official communist and socialist song for movements worldwide since the mid-nineteenth century. It was the Second International and Third International Communist Parties’ hymn, after taking its title from the First International; the Soviet Union’s national anthem from 1918 to 1944. L’Internationale was originally intended to share the tune with La Marseillaise, France’s national anthem, but by 1888, it had its own melody. The lyrics’ translation into so many other languages, becoming a de facto anthem for leftist movements throughout China, Germany, England, numerous South Asian countries, as well as independent socialist, Marxist, and anarchist movements called for a distinctive sound. – 尤格·波蒂埃的《国际歌》的开场白对很多人来说都是耳熟能详的:自19世纪中叶以来,这首歌一直被作为官方的共产主义和社会主义歌曲用于世界各地的运动。这是继第一国际之后的第二次国际和第三次国际共产党的赞歌;1918年至1944年的苏联国歌。《国际歌》原本打算和法国国歌《马赛曲》分享这首曲子,但到了1888年,它有了自己的旋律。这首歌词翻译成许多其他语言,成为中国、德国、英国、许多南亚国家的左翼运动以及独立的社会主义运动、马克思主义运动和无政府主义运动的一首事实上的颂歌,要求有一种独特的声音。

  • Artist Tala Madani Enters the Theatre of Our Minds – …

    2019.02.19 · 发表评论

    Tala Madani’s men seem to bring out the worst in each other. When they get together in her paintings and films, they reveal a juvenile sensibility of perversion, or hazing – shaming, alienating, or deceiving each other into entering or creating humiliating or destructive scenarios for themselves. Though generally nondescript, their varying stages of male pattern baldness, paunch, and the occasional moustache disclose their middle age, even in the expressive brushstrokes of her animations. They are feral hybrid creatures crawling and meowing in the alley in Cats and Cat Men (all works 2018); they form a menacing little mob in The Crowd – screened as part of the artist’s compilation ‘The Audience’ at Frieze Los Angeles. – 塔拉·马达尼手下的人似乎把彼此最坏的一面展现出来。当他们在她的绘画和电影中聚在一起时,他们会表现出一种幼稚的变态感,或是欺负-羞辱,疏远,或是欺骗对方进入或为自己创造羞辱或破坏性的场景。虽然一般说来难以形容,但他们不同阶段的男性模式秃顶,大腹便便,偶尔的胡须透露出他们的中年,甚至在她的动画中富有表现力的笔触。它们是一种野生的混合动物,在猫和猫人的小巷里爬行和喵喵叫(所有作品2018年出版);它们在人群中形成了一个威胁性的小暴徒——作为艺术家在洛杉矶弗里泽的“观众”汇编的一部分进行了放映。

  • Tom Sachs and Werner Herzog Discuss Their Film ‘Paradox Bu …

    2019.02.18 · 发表评论

    ‘Do the easy thing first,’ Tom Sachs’s film Paradox Bullets (2018) begins, while a time-lapse video follows workers moving around an artist’s studio with the efficiency of a pit crew. ‘Do the easy thing first. As a warm-up to ease into the hard thing.’ After a moment of reflection on the approach, the scene starts up again. ‘The opposite is equally valid,’ continues the unmistakable voice of Werner Herzog. ‘Do the hard thing first because it takes more time, you are fresh, you can work in daytime, stores are open, and help is not out to dinner.’ In the studio, a team constructs and erects the geodesic dome that they had struggled with just a few seconds earlier.  – 汤姆·萨克斯(TomSachs)的电影《悖论子弹》(2018年)以“先做容易的事”开始,而一段延时视频则关注着工人们在艺术家工作室里以一个维修站工作人员的效率移动。“先做简单的事。作为一个热身,轻松进入困难的事情。’经过一段时间的思考,接近,场景又开始了。“相反的情况同样有效,”维尔纳·赫尔佐格明确的声音继续说道。“首先要做困难的事情,因为这需要更多的时间,你是新鲜的,你可以在白天工作,商店是开放的,帮助不是出去吃饭。”在工作室,一个团队建造和安装了测地穹顶,他们刚刚挣扎了几秒钟。

  • Additional Sunday Tickets Released Now – 额外的周日 …

    2019.02.17 · 发表评论

    A limited number of additional Gallery + Program tickets for Sunday 12-2pm and Program Only tickets for Sunday have just been released due to popular demand. Buy now to avoid disappointment! – 受大众需求的影响,仅周日12-2pm和仅周日节目门票的额外画廊+节目门票数量有限。立即购买以避免失望!