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  • Gallery Applications Now Open – 图库应用程序现在打开

    2018.12.25 · Gallery Applications Now Open – 图库应用程序现在打开已关闭评论

    International galleries are invited to apply for Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture 2019 until 24 January – 邀请国际画廊申请弗雷兹伦敦、弗雷兹大师和弗雷兹雕塑2019年至1月24日

  • New Database ‘A Space of One’s Own’ Celebrates the Women A …

    2018.11.02 · New Database ‘A Space of One’s Own’ Celebrates the Women Artists Written Out of History Books – 新数据库“自己的空间”纪念历史书中的女性艺术家已关闭评论

    Researchers have compiled an illustrated resource that throws light on overlooked female artists from the 15th to 19th centuries – 研究人员已经编纂了一个图示的资源,从第十五到第十九个世纪吸引了被忽视的女性艺术家。

  • Frieze Donates to Children & the Arts – 弗里泽捐 …

    2018.11.01 · Frieze Donates to Children & the Arts – 弗里泽捐赠给儿童和艺术已关闭评论

    We are pleased to announce that Frieze has been able to donate £19,000 to Children & the Arts, the Charity Partner for Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2018 through proceeds from the cloakrooms onsite at the fairs. – 我们很高兴地宣布,FrIEZE已经能够通过FLAEZE伦敦和Fruez Mrand 2018的慈善伙伴捐赠19000英镑给儿童和艺术。

  • Just 14% of English Heritage’s Blue Plaques Celebrate Wome …

    2018.11.01 · Just 14% of English Heritage’s Blue Plaques Celebrate Women – Here are Five Women Artists Who Deserve a Spot – 英国传统的蓝色匾额中只有14%用于庆祝女性——这里有五位值得一点的女性艺术家。已关闭评论

    English Heritage has conceded that there are not enough commemorative blue plaques for women and is calling on the public to nominate celebrated women from history to be included in the scheme. – 英国文化遗产组织承认没有足够的蓝色纪念牌匾供妇女纪念,并呼吁公众从历史上提名有名的妇女参加该计划。

  • Laura Hoptman to curate Spotlight – Laura Hoptman到 …

    2018.10.24 · Laura Hoptman to curate Spotlight – Laura Hoptman到聚光灯下已关闭评论

    Executive Director of The Drawing Center will oversee section at Frieze New York and Frieze Masters 2019 – 素描中心执行董事将监督弗里泽纽约和弗里泽大师2019节

  • Female Patrons Throughout History – 历史上的女性赞助人

    2018.10.19 · Female Patrons Throughout History – 历史上的女性赞助人已关闭评论

    For more than 3,000 years, patronage of art and architecture has been a noteworthy path for women’s agency and self-expression. Over recent decades, patronage studies – which bring together issues of personal and group identity, political power and cultural production – have come to occupy a significant place in the history of art. It is well known that, in many cases, informed and intelligent patrons took an active role in shaping the character of the works they commissioned. The English term ‘patron’ comes from the Latin patronus (protector of clients or dependents, specifically freedmen), which is, in turn, derived from pater (father). Thus, the term ‘patronage’ is inherently gendered and, in nearly all cases, female patrons worked within the limitations of patriarchal societies. Yet, from Antiquity to the present day, women have requested (and collected) works of art and have commissioned buildings and urban interventions. It is important to stress that the patronage systems of the past were based on social stratification and inequalities in power and economic standing – so, in general, patronage by both women and men was the province of elites, who had the means to extend commissions. Some art historians have used the neologism ‘matronage’ when discussing women patrons but, along with most scholars working on the topic today, I prefer to use the traditional – albeit gendered – term patronage.  – 3000多年来,赞助艺术和建筑一直是妇女自我表现和代理的重要途径。近几十年来,赞助研究——将个人和群体身份、政治权力和文化生产等问题结合在一起——在艺术史上占据了重要的地位。众所周知,在许多情况下,知情和聪明的赞助人在塑造他们委托的作品的性格方面起到了积极的作用。英语术语“patron”来源于拉丁语的patronus(客户或受抚养人的保护者,特别是自由人),而后者又来源于pater(父亲)。因此,术语“赞助”具有固有的性别,在几乎所有情况下,女性赞助人在父权社会的限制下工作。然而,从古代到现在,妇女已经要求和收集艺术品,并委托建筑和城市干预。必须强调的是,过去的资助制度是建立在社会分层、权力和经济地位不平等的基础上的——因此,一般来说,男女资助都是精英阶层的所在地,精英阶层有扩大佣金的手段。一些艺术历史学家在讨论女性赞助人时,使用了新词“主客观”,但与大多数学者讨论今天的话题相比,我更喜欢使用传统的——尽管是性别的长期赞助。

  • Frieze艺术博览会:把摄政公园改造成世界创意之都‘Transformin …

    2018.10.12 · Frieze艺术博览会:把摄政公园改造成世界创意之都‘Transforming Regent’s Park Into The World’s Capital of Creativity’ –已关闭评论


  • 图片中的弗里兹·伦敦艺术博览会Frieze London 2018

    2018.10.12 · 图片中的弗里兹·伦敦艺术博览会Frieze London 2018已关闭评论

    Photos by Linda Nylind.Frieze London and Frieze Masters will return to Regent’s Park in October 2019. – Linda Nylind的照片,弗里兹伦敦和弗里泽大师将于2019年10月返回摄政公园。

  • Interview: Ronan Bouroullec – 采访:Ronan Bouroullec

    2018.08.13 · Interview: Ronan Bouroullec – 采访:Ronan Bouroullec已关闭评论

    The Paris-based designer’s drawings for the 2018 campaign celebrate the beauty of line and formThis year’s marketing campaign for Frieze Fairs celebrates the beauty of line and form, with drawings by Paris-based designer Ronan Bouroullec for Frieze London and a focus on drapery in classical art at the National Gallery, for Frieze Masters.  – 基于巴黎的设计师为2018运动的绘画庆祝线条和形式的美丽今年的Freeses博览会的营销活动庆祝线条和形式的美丽,由巴黎设计师弗里泽伦敦Ronan Bouroullec的图纸和重点在古典艺术的帷幕。在国家美术馆,为弗里泽大师。