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  • Mystic Drawings and Designing for Extinction: 2019 Highlig …

    2019.01.17 · 发表评论

    The thoughts of design critic Alice Rawsthorn, author of Design as an Attitude (2018), curator Helen Nisbet, artistic director of Art Night, and Martin Clark, director of Camden Arts Centre, London. – 设计评论家Alice Rawsthorn,《作为一种态度的设计》(2018年),艺术之夜馆长Helen Nisbet,伦敦卡姆登艺术中心主任Martin Clark。

  • From V&A Dundee to South London Gallery, The Year in B …

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    ‘London is Re-Open’, an updated version of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s 2016 slogan should read, following the recent completion of renovations, refurbishments and low-key extensions across a flurry of the city’s cultural institutions. Most successful among them has been Haworth Tompkins’s 12-year project at Battersea Arts Centre, the scope of which was dramatically expanded after a catastrophic fire in 2015. The firm’s work on the Grand Hall is a masterful combination of conservation and reconstruction – the space’s charred walls remain as testament to the blaze, while the new plywood ceiling abstracts the destroyed plaster pattern of its 19th century predecessor, once part of the town hall.   – “伦敦重新开放”,这是萨迪克·汗市长2016年口号的更新版本,最近完成了整修、翻新和城市文化机构的低调扩建。其中最成功的是哈沃斯·汤普金斯在巴特西艺术中心的为期12年的项目,在2015年的一场灾难性火灾后,该项目的规模大大扩大了。该公司在大厅的工作是保护和重建的巧妙结合-空间的烧焦的墙壁仍然作为火焰的证明,而新的胶合板天花板抽象出其19世纪前任,曾经是市政厅的一部分被破坏的石膏图案。γ

  • The Highs and Lows of Scotland’s Year in Art 2018 – …

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    There are two starkly contrasting images that operate as a kind of visual shorthand for the highs and lows of Scotland’s year in the visual arts. One is the forlorn yet still strangely beautiful sight of the Glasgow School of Art’s gutted Mackintosh building, a haunting, skeletal reminder of the devastation wreaked on the night of 15 June as fire ripped through it and the neighbouring 02 ABC music venue. The other is the brand new Kengo Kuma-designed V&A Dundee – which opened to the public on 15 September – a bold and imposing presence on this east coast city’s waterfront that speaks of civic ambition and cultural soft power. Old and new, renewal and destruction – it’s been a sometimes fraught and rarely dull year. – 在视觉艺术中,有两幅截然不同的图像作为苏格兰年份高低的视觉速记。其中一幅是格拉斯哥艺术学院那座被摧毁的麦金托什大楼的凄凉而又奇妙的美丽景象,它令人难以忘怀,让人想起6月15日夜里发生的大火,以及邻近的02ABC音乐会场。另一个是九月十五日向公众开放的全新肯戈·库马设计的V&A Dundee,在这个东海岸城市的滨水区,它大胆而雄伟地展现了公民的雄心壮志和文化软实力。新旧交替,更新和毁灭——这一年有时很紧张,也很少枯燥。

  • 随着爱丁堡城市立天文台的重建,当代艺术和传统能结合起来吗?

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    在五个不同大小的独立建筑中,新的空间结合了许多常见的艺术建筑元素——两个画廊、一个餐厅、商店、图书馆、教室——以及它自己独有的地方,例如新近重新粉刷的1831年的天文望远镜;经过修复的1818年由爱丁堡建筑师威廉·亨利·普莱费尔William Henry Playfair设计的古典希腊风格城市天文台的东部门廊,它生动地提醒人们这座建筑为什么存在——望远镜主要用于通过观测天空来精确设定时间。现在的目标则是将艺术带入一个新的语境,或者正如视觉艺术共和所说:“公共体将自己定位为一种新型的天文台,邀请公众通过当代艺术的镜头观察周围的世界。”

  • Margaret Tait’s Beguiling Films Show a Dogged Commitment t …

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    The Scottish filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait made films that hum with humanity. Her gently persuasive work is both intensely personal and engagingly social, the apparent simplicity of her everyday imagery belying her dogged commitment to the act of looking. Tait, who died in 1999, was born in Kirkwall, Orkney 100 years ago on 11 November 1918, and between 1951 to 1998 created more than 30 films. The exhibition ‘Stalking the Image: Margaret Tait and her Legacy’ is part of a series of events across Scotland marking the centenary of her birth. Featuring nine of her films that vary in length from two to 32 minutes, also included at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art are vitrines filled with archive material such as typed letters, hand-drawn story boards and the filmmaker’s 16mm Bolex camera. – 苏格兰电影制片人和诗人Margaret Tait制作了充满人性的电影。她温柔而有说服力的作品既具有强烈的个人魅力,又具有吸引力的社会性,她日常形象的明显朴素背离了她对观看行为的坚定承诺。泰特于1999年去世,100年前1918年11月11日出生于奥克尼的柯克沃尔,1951年至1998年间创作了30多部电影。“跟踪图像:玛格丽特·泰特和她的遗产”展览是苏格兰各地一系列纪念她诞辰100周年活动的一部分。她拍摄的9部电影长度从2分钟到32分钟不等,同样包括在格拉斯哥现代艺术画廊(Gallery of Modern Art)中,其中有玻璃杯,里面装满了档案材料,如打字信、手绘故事板和电影制作人的16mmBolex相机。

  • 在芝加哥试图卖掉他的壁画后,Kerry James Marshall结束了他的 …

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    In further news: Italian government cracks down on art crime; and screening live arts performances fails to diversify audiences  – 另辟蹊径:意大利政府严厉打击艺术犯罪,现场放映艺术表演未能使观众多样化 

  • Decolonial Documents: Part Three – 非殖民化文件:第 …

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    In the third of a series, timed with the specially-themed November-December issue of frieze, we asked five artists, curators and writers, whose work has been involved with the challenges of decolonizing culture, to discuss the projects that have informed their thinking – from exhibitions and publications to more intangible and transient networks, whose effects are often more felt than documented, though no less significant. – 在系列文章的第三期,以特别主题的11月至12月的弗里兹杂志为时间点,我们邀请了五位艺术家、策展人和作家,他们的作品涉及非殖民文化的挑战,来讨论从展览和公共场所了解他们思想的项目。更多的无形和瞬态网络,其效果往往比记录的感觉,虽然不那么重要。

  • The Best of London's September Exhibitions – 伦 …

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    As the summer comes to a close, we shuffle back indoors to replenish in the soothing shadows; switch on the neon lights and/or projectors, print out press releases, and settle in for a new season of shows. – 夏天快要结束了,我们拖着脚步回到室内,在柔和的阴影中补充能量;打开霓虹灯和/或投影仪,打印新闻稿,安顿下来迎接新一季的节目。

  • The Overlooked Radicalism of Impressionist Mary Cassatt &# …

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    In 2015, London’s National Gallery mounted the exhibition ‘Inventing Impressionism: The Man Who Sold a Thousand Monets’. I was deeply irritated by it. It is half a century since women art historians challenged the myth of a women-free art history and made visible both the women and the men who co-created not only Impressionism but modern art as a whole. Yet, the National Gallery was pedalling the tired and discredited tale of a heroic ‘band of brothers’ in modern art: a phrasing that was actually used for the publicity of the BBC series in 2006 called ‘The Impressionists’ when an elderly Claude Monet (Julian Glover) reminisced over the lives and loves of his pals Edgar Degas, Camille Pissarro and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.  – 2015,伦敦国家美术馆举办了“印象派”的展览:卖了一千个莫奈的人。我被它深深地激怒了。半个世纪以来,女性艺术史家对女性自由艺术史的神话发起了挑战,使女性和男性不仅共同创造了印象主义,而且共同创造了整个现代艺术。然而,国家美术馆却在抨击现代艺术中一支英雄的“兄弟乐队”的疲惫不堪、名誉扫地的故事:2006年,当年老的克劳德·莫奈(朱利安·格洛弗)回忆起这支名为“印象派”的英国广播公司系列节目时,这个短语实际上被用来宣传。他的朋友埃德嘉·德嘉、卡米耶·毕沙罗和Pierre Auguste Renoir的爱和爱。