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  • Looking Back 2018: Brazil and the Body-Electric – 回 …

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    2018 was a year marked by flames. From California’s recent wildfires to the extinction of the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro in a devastating fire this past September, this was, to say the least, a gruelling year. I suspect that the Brazilian government’s slovenliness with landmark architecture and historical preservation is not far from Trump’s biased blind eye towards climate change; their actions are the outcome of neglect and greed. – 2018年是一个充满火焰的年份。从加利福尼亚最近的野火到去年9月里约热内卢国家博物馆在一场毁灭性的大火中被扑灭,至少可以说,这是一个令人生厌的一年。我怀疑,巴西政府在标志性建筑和历史保护方面的迟缓,离特朗普对气候变化的偏见视而不见不远;他们的行为是忽视和贪婪的结果。

  • Your Guide to Amsterdam Art Weekend 2018 – 2018阿姆 …

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    David Claerbout, the “confetti” piece, 2018, film still. Courtesy: the artist and Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam – David Claerbout,《五彩纸片》,2018,电影依旧。礼貌:艺术家和安奈特Gelink画廊,阿姆斯特丹

  • The Best Art Exhibitions in Seoul – 汉城最佳艺术展

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    Choi Jeong Hwa, ‘Blooming Matrix’ MMCA SEOUL 5 September 2018 – 10 February 2019Choi Jeong Hwa is the fourth artist to be selected for the annual MMCA Hyundai Motor Series to show ambitious new works in the Korean capital. Filling MMCA’s cavernous galleries can be a tall order for most artists, but Choi is no stranger to filling vast spaces, usually employing great quantities of cheap, disposable items found on the streets and at local flea markets. – Choi Jeong Hwa,“开花矩阵”

  • Condo Unit Athens 2018 比艺术节拥有更多群展,共享画廊展登 …

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    共享画廊展于2016年在伦敦开始,试图在常规的艺术模式之外形成一个以画廊结构为主体的,艺术行业中的“couch surfing”——一种国际性质的免费互助,年轻的商业画廊为其国际同行们提供地板和墙面的展示空间,分享联系和扩展国际网络,而无需缴纳参加艺术博览会的高昂费用。共享画廊已经走向了全球,在纽约,墨西哥城和上海都有产生销售,参与者人数正在增加:去年在纽约,16家曼哈顿画廊接纳了从中国到墨西哥的20家海外画廊。其中,总部位于伦敦的Carlos / Ishikawa画廊是常设参展机构:Condo共享画廊展即由其联合创始人Vanessa Carlos建立。


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    Ahmed Mater – Stand in the Pathway and See exhibition view Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, 2018. Photo Oak Taylor-Smith

  • A Guide to Brussels Gallery Weekend – 布鲁塞尔画廊周 …

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    ‘Wiggle’ Galerie Greta Meert 7 September – 20 OctoberUnfurling across Galerie Greta Meert’s three floors, ‘Wiggle’ showcases the work of 15 international artists who use sculpture to interrogate the notion of materiality beyond simple denotation. Donald Judd uses stacks and blocks to create non-referential works of art while Terry Adkins assembles locally found objects such as musical instruments and reintroduces them as resounding installations. Katinka Bock experiments with natural materials, using clay ceramic liquid and webbing to articulate thoughts on history and geography and on the other end of the spectrum, Diane Simpson’s work transfigures clothing, furniture and industrial architecture into sculptures that are an observation of the architectonic vs. the domestic. Countering painter Ad Reinhardt’s modernist joke that a sculpture is a thing that you ‘bump into while you back up to look at a painting’, the group show pushes back against convention, giving the form more leeway than tradition has previously allowed. – “摇摆”

  • What to See at DC Open and Okey-Dokey II – 在DC开放 …

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    Natalie Häusler, ‘Honey’ KIT (Kunst im Tunnel), Düsseldorf 23 June – 23 SeptemberAt KIT, an unused tunnel under the Rhine, Natalie Häusler makes use of the special spatial situation to create a kind of idyllic underwater garden. The central work is the 10-metre long Kneipp basin Bethsabée reste au bains ((Bathsheba at her Bath, 2018), whose outer tiles make up a text that can be read by walking round the basin several times. But the story can also be followed on headphones: the artist has rewritten the biblical story of Bathsheba and David to give the woman an active role in rejecting the horny voyeuristic King. Loving the motor-cycle (2017) also speaks of the difficulty of obsessions. Visitors sit on a stationary Honda racing bike listening to a kind of podcast in which Häusler and a friend talk about her friend’s young daughter who has a fascination with motorbikes, at the same time as being insanely scared of them. I won’t give away whether or not little Ada overcomes her fear. Suffice to say that even in the garden of desire, every rose has its thorn. – 娜塔利·H·苏斯勒:“亲爱的”

  • Highlights from Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2018 – 华沙画 …

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    In late September, as Warsaw was easing into autumn with its regular protests, marathons and detours, its local and visiting galleries joined forces to open their doors for the eighth edition of Warsaw Gallery Weekend. Following a move in which a number of galleries established an enterprise with the aim of structuring the organizational duties and responsibilities, the three-day event brought exhibitions from 29 participating galleries. Here’s a look at some of its highlights. – 9月下旬,随着华沙定期举行抗议、马拉松和绕道进入秋天,当地和来访的画廊联合起来,为第八版《华沙画廊周末》敞开大门。在许多画廊建立了一个旨在组织职责和职责的企业之后,为期三天的活动带来了29个参展画廊的展览。下面是它的一些亮点。

  • Carnivorous Politics, Defiant Bodies: Harare Painting in T …

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    In the face of ‘hyena politics’, five artists from the Zimbabwean capital who explore the human form as a symbol of resistance  – 面对“鬣狗政治”,来自津巴布韦首都的五位艺术家探索人类形态作为反抗的象征。