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  • Who’s the Real Ideologue? On Jordan Peterson’s Communist A …

    2018.08.15 · 发表评论

    Why does the ‘men’s rights’ guru to the alt-right surround himself with Soviet-era memorabilia, which he doesn’t even class as art? – 为什么《男性权利》的《奥尔特右派》围绕着苏维埃时代的纪念品,而他甚至不把它当作艺术呢?

  • HBO’s ‘Succession’ Holds up a Dark Mirror to our Political …

    2018.08.14 · 发表评论

    Landing only months before the US midterm elections, it’s impossible not to understand the show foremost in the context of the Trumps and Kushners of the world – 在美国中期选举前的几个月内,不可能在世界名流和库什纳斯的背景下了解最重要的节目。

  • Interview: Ronan Bouroullec – 采访:Ronan Bouroullec

    2018.08.13 · 发表评论

    The Paris-based designer’s drawings for the 2018 campaign celebrate the beauty of line and formThis year’s marketing campaign for Frieze Fairs celebrates the beauty of line and form, with drawings by Paris-based designer Ronan Bouroullec for Frieze London and a focus on drapery in classical art at the National Gallery, for Frieze Masters.  – 基于巴黎的设计师为2018运动的绘画庆祝线条和形式的美丽今年的Freeses博览会的营销活动庆祝线条和形式的美丽,由巴黎设计师弗里泽伦敦Ronan Bouroullec的图纸和重点在古典艺术的帷幕。在国家美术馆,为弗里泽大师。

  • 侠客行 (群展)

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  • A Picasso Nude is the Latest to Fall Foul of Facebook Cens …

    2018.08.08 · 发表评论

    ‘It’s ridiculous. It’s Picasso’: social media platform to review nudity policy after blocking Montreal Museum of Fine Arts ads – 这太荒谬了。这是Picasso:社交媒体平台,在封锁蒙特利尔美术馆广告后回顾裸体政策

  • 王蓬个展——洞察之律 (个展)

    2018.08.08 · 发表评论

    2018年8月10日(周五)下午4点30分,艺术家王蓬个展《洞察之律》(Wang Peng—Law of perspective)将在华侨城盒子美术馆开幕。本次展览由华侨城盒子美术馆主办,大良文化中心协办。

  • 马文婷个展——去荒野 (个展)

    2018.08.08 · 发表评论

    继个展《惶然录》后,马文婷将于8月12日在成都千高原艺术空间呈现其最新个展《去荒野》。作为艺术家今年的第二次个人展览,如果说《惶然录 》侧重于对当下社会现实的个人生存体验,《去荒野》则来源于艺术家早期创作中对荒芜之地精神维度的偏爱和内心潜意识的表征,本次展览由二十余件绘画、摄影及装置作品组成,在她富有浪漫主义和象征主义色彩的画面中,充满着对生存的焦灼和无望的失落,她将现实景物从混沌的世界中提取、分离出来,通过艺术的手法截取并切断它们与本来周遭环境的联系,将现实碎片重新组织并赋予了新的意义,围困、封闭、隔离和控制,向我们编织了一个支离破碎的反乌托邦世界。

  • 乱了乱了——大卫 · 史瑞格里展 (个展)

    2018.08.08 · 发表评论

    2018年8月18日至11月14 日,上海当代艺术博物馆设计中心(psD)将携手英国文化教育协会共同举办英国著名艺术家大卫·史瑞格里(David Shrigley)的中国首次个人展览——“乱了乱了”,呈现他过往三十余年创作的近400幅《无题画作》、充气装置《真赞》,以及其跨越艺术、设计与大众文化等多领域的代表作,以期突破单一认知与固化思维,开启一场头脑风暴。

  • The Mystery of the Eichstatt Tapestry – 艾希斯塔特挂 …

    2018.08.07 · 发表评论

    The first public exhibition of a 15th-century altar-hanging prompts the question: who made it?In Sam Fogg gallery’s latest exhibition of medieval and renaissance textiles in London, a German tapestry went on public display for the first time in its recorded history. Dated at around 1480 and woven from wool and linen in varying colours and configurations, it unrolls to reveal five scenes from the Life of Christ, vertically separated by column-like bands. Read from left to right, the scenes chronicle Christ (identified by his cruciform halo) appearing to his followers after his resurrection. Dressed in radiant white, he lifts his hand in benediction to a kneeling Mary Magdalene; disguised in a grey cloak, he greets two disciples on the road to Emmaus; reduced to no more than his feet, he disappears from the frame and ascends to heaven; rematerializing in the form of a dove on the day of Pentecost, he imbues the Virgin and apostles with the Holy Spirit; and, finally, enthroned on a rainbow during the Last Judgment, he displays his wounds before a sea of bodies. – 第一次公开展示十五世纪祭坛悬挂的问题是:谁做的?在Sam Fogg画廊最近在伦敦展出的中世纪和文艺复兴时期的纺织品展览中,德国挂毯首次在其历史记录中公开展出。日期约为1480,并由羊毛和亚麻织成不同颜色和配置,它展开揭示五个场景从基督的生活,垂直分离的柱状带。从左向右读,基督复活后的纪事纪事(由十字架光环所辨认)出现在他的追随者身上。他身穿白皙的衣服,跪在跪着的Mary Magdalene身上,装扮成灰色斗篷,在埃玛斯的路上迎接两个门徒;他只不过是从脚下消失了,然后爬上了天堂,在一天的时间里以鸽子的形式重新化身。五旬节,他将圣母和使徒灌输给圣灵;最后,在最后一次审判中,在彩虹上登基,在一片尸体面前展示他的伤口。