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  • Ai Weiwei Accuses Producers of Feature Film ‘Berlin I Love …

    2019.02.22 · 发表评论

    The artist alleges that the Cities of Love franchise cut his section to avoid upsetting the Chinese government ahead of a planned project in Shanghai  – 这位艺术家声称,爱之城特许经营权削减了他的部门,以避免在上海的一个计划项目之前让中国政府感到不安。

  • 凯琳·威尔逊·戈尔迪:比达耶

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  • US Vice President’s Wife Karen Pence ‘Excited’ to Teach Ar …

    2019.01.17 · 发表评论

    The US Second Lady has agreed to teach art at a Christian school in Virginia that bans LGBTQ+ students, teachers and parents – 美国第二夫人同意在弗吉尼亚州的一所基督教学校教授艺术,该学校禁止LGBTQ+学生、教师和家长。

  • Looking Back on the Year in Art and Protest in Cuba – …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    ‘Within the Revolution everything, against the Revolution nothing,’ declared Fidel Castro to the Cuban intelligentsia in 1961. Those words put an end to a debate over whether the state was justified in its censure of a film about nightlife at Havana’s port and led to the closure of Cuba’s premiere cultural magazine, Lunes de Revolución. While that infamous phrase has defined Cuba’s cultural policy ever since, its interpretation has varied depending on the political climate of the country. Nowadays Cuba enjoys international prestige for its free art education and its roster of home-grown art stars, but abstract painting, homoerotic fiction, scatological performances, anti-authoritarian poems, political punk rock and rap have fallen outside the boundaries of acceptability at many stages of the revolution, leading to arrests, the social death of several intellectuals and the confiscation of art works.       – 1961年,卡斯特罗向古巴知识分子宣称:“在革命中,一切都是反对革命的,什么都不是。”这些话结束了关于哈瓦那政府对一部关于哈瓦那港口夜生活的电影的批评是否正当的辩论,并导致古巴首映的文化杂志《Lunes de Revolucin》的关闭。尽管这个臭名昭著的词组自那时起就界定了古巴的文化政策,但其解释因政治而异。国家的气候。如今,古巴因其自由的艺术教育和本国艺术明星的名册而享有国际声誉,但抽象绘画、同性恋小说、讽刺表演、反独裁诗歌、政治朋克摇滚和饶舌在革命的许多阶段都已超出了可接受的范围,导致社会被捕。一些知识分子的死亡和艺术品的没收。

  • Natural History Museum Under Fire Over Saudi ‘Blood Money’ …

    2018.11.15 · 发表评论

    The museum received tens of thousands of pounds to host the Saudi embassy just days after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi  – 在Jamal Khashoggi被谋杀后几天,该博物馆接收了数万英镑来招待沙特大使馆。

  • Where Do We Go From Here: The Global Visual Economy – …

    2018.11.02 · 发表评论

    In the postcolonial study of Asia and the non-Western world, the act of comparison has usually meant using Euro-American standards to judge non-Euro-American cultures. In the academic realm of literary studies, this has translated into questions such as: does China have the epic? Does India or Japan have the novel? Does Korea have science fiction? These enquiries echo earlier European views that cultures in Asia and Africa have no history, philosophy, religion or literature to speak of. We are now at some distance from such ethnocentric views but the longterm effects of their comparative assertions remain influential. – 在亚洲和非西方世界的后殖民研究中,比较行为通常意味着使用欧美标准来评判非欧美文化。在文学研究的学术领域,这一问题转化为:中国有史诗吗?印度或日本有这部小说吗?韩国有科幻小说吗?这些调查反映了早期欧洲人的观点,即亚洲和非洲的文化没有历史、哲学、宗教或文学可言。我们现在与这种以种族为中心的观点相去甚远,但他们比较论断的长期影响仍然存在。

  • 你如何避免把一个政治艺术奖变成一个最佳的选美比赛?

    2018.10.30 · 发表评论

    There is a crucial distinction between art that addresses important subjects and important art. It can become difficult not to confuse the two. Art that engages with social injustice, human rights abuse, repressive regimes, environmental disaster, systematic prejudice and the myriad other vile ills of the current world can often wear its righteousness like a critical force field. – 重要的艺术和重要的艺术之间有着至关重要的区别。很难不混淆这两者。涉及社会不公正、践踏人权、专制政权、环境灾难、系统偏见和当今世界无数其他邪恶弊病的艺术,往往会像关键力量领域一样佩戴其正义。

  • The Best of London's September Exhibitions – 伦 …

    2018.10.21 · 发表评论

    As the summer comes to a close, we shuffle back indoors to replenish in the soothing shadows; switch on the neon lights and/or projectors, print out press releases, and settle in for a new season of shows. – 夏天快要结束了,我们拖着脚步回到室内,在柔和的阴影中补充能量;打开霓虹灯和/或投影仪,打印新闻稿,安顿下来迎接新一季的节目。

  • Eye in the Sky: What a Surveillance Blimp in Amish Country …

    2018.10.19 · 发表评论

    On 28 October 2015, a US military surveillance blimp rampaged across rural Pennsylvania after breaking its tether above Maryland  – 2015年10月28日,一艘美国军用侦察飞艇在马里兰州上空打破束缚,横扫宾夕法尼亚州的农村地区。