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  • What Lena Dunham Writing a Syrian Refugee Film Tells Us Ab …

    2018.11.21 · 发表评论

    Last month it was announced that Lena Dunham, the American actor and creator of the hit US show Girls (2012–17) would adapt the book A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea (2017) by Melissa Fleming, the head of communications for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea tells the harrowing story of Syrian refugee Doaa al-Zamel, who survived the sinking of the boat she was on, attempting to cross from Egypt to Italy in 2014. Zamel was stranded for four days at sea, ending the ordeal holding two babies who had been entrusted to her by their dying families. Her only support was a child’s inflatable life ring given to her by her fiancé, who drowned in front of her in the choppy waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This year alone that same body of water has claimed the lives of nearly 2,000 people. – 上个月,据宣布,美国影星列娜·邓纳姆(Lena Dunham)将改编《希望比海洋更强大》(2017年)一书。《希望比海更强大》讲述了叙利亚难民多阿·扎梅尔(Doaa al-Zamel)的悲惨故事,她在2014年试图从埃及横渡到意大利的船只沉没中幸存下来。扎梅尔在海上搁浅了四天,结束了抱着两个孩子的苦难,这两个孩子是他们垂死的家人托付给她的。她唯一的支持是她的未婚夫送给她的一枚充气生命戒指,她被淹没在地中海波涛汹涌的海面上。仅今年一年,同样的水就夺去了将近2000人的生命。

  • Natural History Museum Under Fire Over Saudi ‘Blood Money’ …

    2018.11.15 · 发表评论

    The museum received tens of thousands of pounds to host the Saudi embassy just days after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi  – 在Jamal Khashoggi被谋杀后几天,该博物馆接收了数万英镑来招待沙特大使馆。

  • The Artificial Divide Between Fine Art and Textiles is a G …

    2018.11.14 · 发表评论

    An imposing wooden structure bisected with lines of thread greets visitors head-on at the entrance of the current Anni Albers show at the Tate Modern. The contraption – a shaft countermarch loom – is echoed at the end of the exhibition, with a Structo Artcraft loom that was used by Albers herself. As the UK’s first major retrospective of Alber’s work, the galleries are filled with over 350 objects, ranging from her geometric wall hangings to textiles for interiors and architecture, her writing, and prints and drawings. Bookending the exhibition with the tools of her trade ensures the method of creation is kept at the very heart of the show: this is unapologetically about a textile artist.  – 在泰特现代美术馆举办的当前安妮·阿尔伯斯展览的入口处,一座雄伟的木结构被线条分割成两半,迎面迎接来访者。这个装置——轴式逆行织机——在展览结束时与阿尔伯斯自己使用的结构艺术织机相呼应。作为英国对艾伯作品的第一次主要回顾,画廊里摆满了350多件物品,从她的几何壁挂到室内和建筑用纺织品、她的写作、印刷品和绘画。用她所从事的行业的工具预订展览会确保了创作方法始终是展览的核心:这毫无疑问是关于一个纺织艺术家的。

  • Students Warned Reading 3rd-Year Politics Essay Could Fall …

    2018.11.12 · 发表评论

    An essay by the respected Professor Norman Geras has been flagged by the University of Reading as ‘sensitive’ under UK’s Counter-Terrorism scheme – 英国雷丁大学(University of.)日前宣布,英国著名教授诺曼·格拉斯(Norman Geras)的一篇论文在英国反恐计划下显得“敏感”。

  • Do Museum Wall Labels Hide Artists’ Misogyny? Gauguin and …

    2018.11.08 · 发表评论

    Artist Michelle Hartney has created #MeToo-inspired wall labels to call out the abusive actions of art history’s icons – 艺术家Michelle Hartney创建了一个由Myoto启发的墙面标签,以唤起艺术史图标的辱骂行为。

  • 摄影师在日益自动化的图像文化中扮演什么角色?

    2018.11.08 · 发表评论

    Who are photographs for? Who are photographs by? Increasingly, the answer to both questions is, more or less, machine: images are captured by autonomous, or semi-autonomous devices in the act of gathering data for artificial intelligences. – 照片是给谁的?照片是谁的?这两个问题的答案或多或少地越来越多地是机器:图像是由自主或半自主设备在为人工智能收集数据时捕获的。

  • Black Lives Matter Takes on the Art World with New Culture …

    2018.11.07 · 发表评论

    Black Lives Matter Arts+Culture has been launched in a bid to promote African American artists ‘changing the world’ – 黑人艺术、文化、文化等都是为了促进非裔美术家改变世界而发起的。

  • Frederick Wiseman's ‘Beating Heart’ of Rural American …

    2018.11.07 · 发表评论

    Frederick Wiseman’s new documentary, Monrovia, Indiana (2018) opens with a series of bucolic shots of rural Americana before moving inside to a meeting of a small church group. ‘Remember,’ a middle-aged man wearing a cross tells those gathered, ‘when He started this whole thing, everything was perfect. We messed it up. We brought the tribulations.’ – 弗雷德里克·怀斯曼的新纪录片《印第安纳州蒙罗维亚》(2018)以美国乡村的一系列田园风光开场,然后进入一个小型教会团体的会议。“记住,”一个背着十字架的中年人告诉那些聚集在一起的人,“当他开始这一切时,一切都很完美。”我们把事情搞糟了。我们带来了苦难。

  • Could UNESCO World Heritage Status Help Refugee Camps?  …

    2018.11.06 · 发表评论

    Today’s world heritage practices have come a long way since their heady days of Orientalist fetishization and imperialistic supremacy, becoming more sensitive to both material and immaterial cultures as well as differences in societal structures. Still, there remains much contestation with regards to what constitutes world heritage and the benefits that can come from such designations. As the procedures for selection evolve and struggle to place local practices into universal frameworks, proponents of conservation will also have to come to terms with how heritage can have negative impacts on communities. UNESCO sites such as Erbil, Hampi and Wutaishan, for example, have all experienced mass displacement as a result of government-led campaigns to convert ancient settlements into tourist destinations. – 从东方主义拜物教和帝国主义至上的时代开始,今天的世界遗产实践已经走过了漫长的道路,对物质和非物质文化以及社会结构的差异更加敏感。尽管如此,关于世界遗产的构成和来自这些命名的好处,仍然存在很多争议。随着选择程序的发展和努力将地方实践纳入到普遍的框架中,保护的拥护者也将不得不考虑遗产如何对社区产生负面影响。例如,联合国教科文组织(UNESCO)的埃尔比勒(Erbil)、汉皮(Hampi)和五台山(Wutai.)等遗址都经历了大规模的流离失所,这是政府领导的、将古代聚落转变为旅游目的地的运动的结果。