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  • The Best Art Exhibitions in Seoul – 汉城最佳艺术展

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    Choi Jeong Hwa, ‘Blooming Matrix’ MMCA SEOUL 5 September 2018 – 10 February 2019Choi Jeong Hwa is the fourth artist to be selected for the annual MMCA Hyundai Motor Series to show ambitious new works in the Korean capital. Filling MMCA’s cavernous galleries can be a tall order for most artists, but Choi is no stranger to filling vast spaces, usually employing great quantities of cheap, disposable items found on the streets and at local flea markets. – Choi Jeong Hwa,“开花矩阵”

  • With the Election of Jair Bolsonaro as President, Brazilia …

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    It was a regular Sunday in October in São Paulo – sunny and chilly. My original plan was to walk towards Paulista Avenue – one of the city’s main thoroughfares – to see the exhibition ‘Afro Atlantic Histories’ at MASP (the São Paulo Art Museum), which was closing that day. The survey – included 450 works by 214 artists from Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe, and spanned five centuries – promised to weave together multiple strands of Afro-Atlantic visual culture and provide a starting point for discussing colonial legacies and identity politics. Brazil was one of the last major countries in the world to abolish slavery and has the largest African-descendent population in the planet – it’s about time these pressing issues appear in art programmes. On my way to the show, I bumped into a demonstration in support Jair Bolsonaro – the far-right politician who was, after this writing, elected President by a wide-margin – that stretched for a few blocks of the avenue’s extension. Speakers, placed in front of the museum, amplified his delusional and repulsive speech and blasted it toward anyone entering MASP. I suspect this was deliberate. – 这是十月Paulo的一个晴朗的星期日,阳光明媚,寒冷刺骨。我最初的计划是步行到保利斯塔大街——这个城市的主要通道之一——去看那天即将关闭的MASP(圣保罗艺术博物馆)的“非洲大西洋历史”展览。这项调查包括了来自非洲、美洲、加勒比和欧洲的214位艺术家创作的450幅作品,跨越了五个世纪。调查承诺将把非洲-大西洋视觉文化的多条线交织在一起,为讨论殖民遗产和身份政治提供一个起点。巴西是世界上最后一个废除奴隶制的主要国家之一,也是这个星球上非洲后裔人口最多的国家之一——这些紧迫的问题应该出现在艺术节目中了。在我去演出的路上,我碰巧遇到了支持Jair Bolsonaro的示威游行,Jair Bolsonaro是极右派政治家,在写完这篇文章后,他以很大的优势当选总统。站在博物馆前面的发言者放大了他的妄想和令人反感的演讲,并向任何进入MASP的人猛烈抨击。我怀疑这是故意的。

  • Mourning and Melancholy in the History of Class Struggle i …

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    Vast sky overhead, plains stretching toward the horizon – O, pioneers! For centuries, in the US, a myth of the West has been a cudgel to beat onward a national (and nationalist) idea of prosperity and freedom, wrested in blood. It’s a fairy tale largely told through popular films, television programmes and novels. In these stories, cowboys and homesteaders embody a loner ideal of rugged individualism inextricably linked to a surging free market, striking gold for Christ in the Mormon State of Deseret. But, against this perception of a boundless US interior, the actual political history of the Plains offers up countless examples of the limits capitalism has placed on the region and its political imagination. Given that much of this history plays almost no part in our popular images of the West, we might turn to recent and newly restored art and, in particular, film and photography, for images that re-assert the primacy of the working class in this region. These works also resist the melancholy that has been pervasive in the leftist retelling of the rise and fall of the US labour movement. There are two histories of the region – a landscape conjoined in desert, plains, beaches and old-growth forest, stretching west of the Mississippi to the glinting Pacific and curtailed only by the artificial borders with Canada and Mexico. First, one of so-called manifest destiny; second, one of work. – 浩瀚的天际,平原向地平线延伸—-O,拓荒者!几个世纪以来,在美国,西方的神话一直是一根棍子,用来打败在鲜血中挣扎的民族(以及民族主义者)的繁荣和自由观念。这是一个童话故事,主要通过流行的电影、电视节目和小说来讲述。在这些故事中,牛仔和家园主们体现了一种孤独的理想,这种理想与激增的自由市场密不可分,在摩门教的笛斯特州为基督敲出金牌。但是,与这种认为美国内陆无边无际的观点相反,大平原的实际政治历史提供了无数的例子,说明资本主义对该地区及其政治想象力的限制。鉴于这段历史中的大部分几乎不在我们对西方流行的印象中扮演任何角色,我们可能会转向最近和新近恢复的艺术,尤其是电影和摄影,来寻找那些重申该地区工人阶级首要地位的图像。这些作品也抵御了美国劳工运动兴衰的左翼复述中弥漫的忧郁情绪。这个地区有两段历史——沙漠、平原、海滩和古老的森林交织在一起,从密西西比州西部一直延伸到闪烁的太平洋,只因与加拿大和墨西哥的人工边界而受到限制。首先,一个所谓的命运;第二,一个工作。

  • Directors' Choice: Pick One Significant Work by a Wom …

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    Art Institute of Chicago  Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon Courtauld Institute of Art, London Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Kunstmuseum Bern Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York Louvre Museum, Paris  Magasin III, Stockholm Museum Ludwig, Cologne National Gallery, London National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare National Portrait Gallery, London Norval Foundation, Cape Town Parrish Art Museum, Long Island Tate Britain, London Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton – 芝加哥艺术学院

  • Activists’s Subversion of ‘I’m Too Sexy To Have AIDS’ Slog …

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    On Sunday 6 October members of ACT UP London, activists fighting the HIV pandemic, spray-painted over a series of posters by the late artist and HIV-AIDS activist David McDiarmid. Art space Studio Voltaire had been celebrating his work by posting his colourful ‘Rainbow Aphorisms’ (1993–95) slogans across South London. But the activists took exception to one which read: ‘I’M TOO SEXY TO HAVE AIDS’. They painted over the message, so it read instead: ‘I’M TOO SEXY AND I HAVE HIV’. – 10月6日星期日,伦敦艾滋病防治行动的成员们,为已故艺术家和艾滋病防治活动家David McDiarmid的一系列海报喷漆。伏尔泰艺术空间工作室在伦敦南部张贴了五彩缤纷的“彩虹格言”(1993-95)来庆祝他的作品。但是活动家们对一个例外说:“我太性感了,没有爱滋病。”他们在邮件中画了一个字母,所以它读到:“我太性感了,我得了HIV”。

  • Chelsea Manning To Make First Public UK Appearance at Lond …

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    The whisteblower and former intelligence analyst will speak on algorithms’s impact on democracy, LGBTQ rights and Cambridge Analytica – WististBulter和前情报分析家将谈到算法对民主的影响,LGBTQ权利和剑桥分析。

  • The Strange Roots of the Homophobic Trump-Putin Kissing Me …

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    There are perils in deploying bigotry to score political points, but meanings also shift from West to East – 部署偏执政治得分有危险,但意义也从欧美地区转移到东部。