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  • Crudo: An Exclusive Extract from Olivia Laing's Firs …

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    The frieze columnist’s first novel is an homage to, and embodiment of, the late, great Kathy AckerKathy, by which I mean I, was getting married. Kathy, by which I mean I, had just got off a plane from New York. It was 19:45 on 13 May 2017. She’d been upgraded to business, she was feeling fancy, she bought two bottles of duty-free champagne in orange boxes, that was the kind of person she was going to be from now on. Kathy was met at the airport by the man she was living with, soon to become the man she was going to marry, soon, presumably, to become the man she had married and so on till death. In the car, the man told her that he had eaten dinner with the man she, Kathy, was sleeping with, along with a woman they both knew. They had also been drinking champagne, he told her. They laughed a lot. Kathy stopped speaking. This was the point at which her life took an abrupt turn, though in fact the man with whom she was sleeping would not break up with her for another five days, on headed writing paper. He didn’t think two writers should be together. Kathy had written several books – Great Expectations, Blood and Guts in High School, I expect you’ve heard of them. The man with whom she was sleeping had not written any books. Kathy was angry. I mean I. I was angry. And then I got married. – 弗里泽专栏作家的第一部小说是对已故伟大的Kathy AckerKathy的敬意和化身,我的意思是,我要结婚了。凯茜,我的意思是,刚从纽约起飞的飞机。2017年5月13日19时45分。她已经升级为生意,她感觉很新奇,她在橙色盒子里买了两瓶免税香槟,这是她从现在开始的样子。凯茜在机场遇到了她和她一起生活的男人,不久就要成为她即将结婚的男人,很快,她大概会成为她已婚的男人,直至死亡。在车里,那个男人告诉她,他和她一起睡的男人一起吃饭,还有一个她们都认识的女人。他还告诉她,他们也一直在喝香槟。他们笑了很多。凯茜停止说话。这是她生活突然转向的一个转折点,尽管事实上,她和她睡觉的那个男人再也不会和她分手五天了。他认为两个作家不应该在一起。凯茜写了好几本书——高中时的期望、血和胆量,我想你已经听说过了。和她睡觉的那个人没有写任何书。凯茜很生气。我是说I.,我很生气。然后我结婚了。

  • Bones, Thugs, Harmony – 骨头、暴徒、和声

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    X-ray records in the Soviet UnionArtistic offerings in Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union were highly regulated, to put it lightly. Literature was redacted, radio frequencies were blocked and Stalin himself was appointed chief film censor. As German Marxist theorist and activist Clara Zetkin recalled, Lenin had pioneered this approach some years before: ‘Every artist’, he said, ‘has the right to create freely […] But then, we are Communists, and ought not to stand idly by and give chaos free rein.’ – 苏联Joseph Stalin在苏联苏联提供的艺术作品中的X射线记录受到了高度的管制。文学被修改,无线电频率被封锁,斯大林本人被任命为电影审查员。正如德国马克思主义理论家和活动家克拉拉·蔡特金回忆的那样,列宁几年前就开创了这种方法:“每一个艺术家,”他说,“有权利自由地创造……但是,我们是共产主义者,不应该袖手旁观,放任混乱。”

  • ‘I Get the Feeling You’re Completely Indestructible’: Elai …

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    The poet on the ‘strange portability’ of life on the road ‘Don’t say “What”’, the customs agent barks at me through the plexiglass membrane dividing France from the UK. I hadn’t made out his question and now I’m frozen in the face of this unexpected puzzle. What do I say besides ‘what?’ – 诗人在路上的“奇怪的便携性”上说:“不要说“什么”,海关代理人通过把法国和英国分开的有机玻璃对我吠叫。我还没有提出他的问题,现在我面对这个意想不到的难题被冻结了。除了“什么”之外,我还能说什么?’

  • In Toronto’s Don Valley a Public Art Project Exploring Wor …

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    Every night they dissembled the shed; every morning they built it anewToronto’s Don Valley is a lush, hybrid ecosystem in the city’s east end. It cradles the Don River and now runs underneath the winding expanse of the Don Valley Parkway, its concrete, parallel artery. There is a path – an abandoned railway – many have followed to the Don from Toronto’s ultra-rich Rosedale neighbourhood: Milkman’s Lane, so named because of the delivery people who once traversed this path back and forth from the Valley, formerly a bustling industrial area with factories and farms. Currently, Milkman’s Lane leads to Evergreen Brick Works, a retrofitted brick factory and surrounding environs where curator Kari Cwynar has been programming innovative, temporary public art for the past year. This route and destination contain significant class, race and ecological tensions: histories of colonial displacement and resource extraction, pollution, neglect, so-called invasive species and squatters, including those with addiction and mental-health issues, whose alternative society has, for years, resisted Toronto’s WASPy frigidity and increasingly impossible expense. – 每天晚上,他们都会把棚屋拆散,每天早上,他们在唐东河流域建造一个郁郁葱葱的混合生态系统。它摇动着顿河,现在在奔河峡谷公园蜿蜒的宽阔的土地下奔跑,它是混凝土的、平行的动脉。有一条路——一条废弃的铁路——许多人从多伦多超富豪罗斯代尔街区走到了唐人街:米尔克曼巷,之所以命名,是因为曾经有人从山谷中来回穿行这条小路,以前是一个繁忙的工业区,有工厂。D农场。目前,Malkman的泳道通向常青砖厂,改建的砖厂和周边环境,馆长Kari Cwynar在过去一年里一直在策划创新的、临时的公共艺术。这条路线和目的地包含了显著的阶级、种族和生态紧张:殖民地迁移和资源开采、污染、忽视、所谓入侵物种和寮屋者的历史,包括那些有成瘾和精神健康问题的人,他们的替代社会已经为Y。耳朵,抵制了多伦多可怕的冷漠和越来越不可能的花费。

  • The Vengeful Genie: a Report from the Inaugural Lahore Bie …

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    Grouping 50-plus artists from across the subcontinent and beyond, LB01 brought to light the charged links between art and politics – 将50个以上的艺术家从整个次大陆以及其他地区分组,LB01揭示了艺术与政治之间的联系。

  • A Graphic Novel on the 2018 Man Booker Longlist Can’t Hide …

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    The continued dominance of UK-US writers makes a mockery of the Man Booker’s ‘global outlook’It is perhaps not the most glowing endorsement of contemporary literature that what Zadie Smith declared ‘the best book – in any medium – I have read about our current moment’ contains very few words. Nick Drnaso’s Sabrina (Granta, 2018) is a 204-page graphic novel set in a fledgling Trump hellscape; through the chilling tale of a missing woman, it etches out a contemporary condition rinsed clean of intimacy, trust and truth. Like a tattered dove in an open hand, Drnaso’s storyboards offer up the many small cruelties inflicted upon us by an impersonal contemporary world that remains intent on leaving us speechless. Perhaps the laconism is apposite, after all. – UK-US作家的持续统治使得布克的“全球视野”成为一种嘲讽。它也许不是当代文学最耀眼的认可,扎迪·史密斯在任何媒介中宣称“最好的书”——我读过关于我们当下时刻的报道,其中包含了非常有限的内容。W字。Nick Drnaso的《萨布丽娜》(格兰塔,2018)是一本204页的平面小说,在一个初出茅庐的特朗普地狱中,通过一个失踪女人的冷酷故事,刻画出一种当代环境,净化了亲密、信任和真理。像一只破烂的鸽子张开的手,Drnaso的故事板提供了许多小残酷,我们被一个非个人化的当代世界,仍然致力于让我们无言以对。说到底,拉康主义也许是恰当的。

  • The Political Lens of Dorothea Lange and Vanessa Winship & …

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    At the Barbican, a double bill of two great photographers reveals radically different approaches to social documentary  – 在巴比肯,两位伟大摄影师的双张钞票揭示了社会纪录片的根本不同的方法。

  • Anna Moschovakis’s Remarkable Debut Novel Searches For a W …

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    In Eleanor, or The Rejection of the Progress of Love, two women repudiate the long-held expectation: get a husband, make babies – 在埃利诺,或是拒绝爱情的进展,两个女人否定了长久以来的期望:生丈夫,生孩子。